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Heaven Is a Rate on Earth. The Belinda Carlisle Rate. Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Vision of Love, @VivaForever?! This ain't the Mariah rate!!!
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  2. Don't be silly, I was born in 1992 and of course I know George Harrison's a legend.

    He played guitar on Leave a Light On and Deep Deep Ocean.
    That's a generous descriptor. (I know I'm dragging Lea for that album a lot, but I do love her. Her solo stuff just isn't very good. Aside, oddly, from her Christmas album.)
    Holy shit this is amazing. This should be the opening to a horror film.
    It's not? I can't read suddenly. I don't know.
  3. Anyway, Vision of You is utterly sublime. I didn't much care for it initially, but it's without question my favourite Belindaballad now. Her vocals are out of this world. I actually use the album version as my go-to now, but all Belinda's versions are great because of that voice.

    As for Fool For Love, it's fine but to quote the song, "I don't care" about its exit.
  4. Vision of Love is totally gorgeous. It should be one of her signature hits.
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  5. I liked her album some when I was younger. Y'know, when my taste was maybe less discerning. (Though, since I've been the high scorer in every Sabrina Carpenter elimination so far in @Music Is Life 's rate, my taste is probably as up for question as its ever been!)
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  6. Wow! That takes talent.
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  7. I just went back to the 1989 Part 2 rate to add this link in, and god, that really was my best moment. And kii at me using almost the same language to introduce the covers:
    I'm also screaming at this:
    Also, on how to tell the difference between Vision of You '90 and '91:
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  8. You have great taste, don't listen to the haters. You only have a few scores that I looked at with a "huh?" face. And thanks for tagging me in here, I might be interested, though I only know the one song.
    Yes it does. Thankfully, the rate has been going pretty well for me so far. Will that change today? We'll see.
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  9. 23. World Without You - 8.33
    Heaven on Earth

    Highest score: 10 x 3 (@Seventeen Days, @unnameable, @Remorque)
    Lowest score: 6 (@Hatbar)​

    Heaven on Earth's fourth single in the UK and Europe (where it replaced I Feel Free, released in the US and Canada) leaves us now. It was written by Diane Warren, also responsible for I Get Weak, Not-Jefferson Starship's Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (the actual hit single from Mannequin), the aforementioned Ms. Dion's Because You Loved Me, Louise's In Walked Love (buy Stretch on iTunes), Cher's If I Could Turn Back Time, and a shitton of other ballads and bangers. Fun fact, as a kid I had a hard time with celebrities with similar names, like Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, and Magic Johnson, so I always mixed up Diane Warren with Dionne Warwick, and even as I type this sentence my fingers are trying to put two n's in Diane's name.

    Like the rest of the album, it was produced by Rick, but for the single release, it was remixed by a gent called William Orbit, whom you may know of thanks to his work with a lady named Madonna. In a glimpse of things to come, this "NEW MIX BY WILLIAM ORBIT" was misprinted as "NFW MIX" on the record label, which in turn led to its being labeled as NFW Mix elsewhere. I have to laugh.

    It's another single that I have a kind of cool copy of: this box set of the 7" with two postcards and a fold-out lyric sheet. I found it randomly at a record store in my adoptive hometown. God, I miss that store. (I miss that city, disgustingly Republican though it is.) The single itself is just fine in my opinion. You've ranked the HoE singles correctly thus far, so congrats on that, but I would definitely put this below Fool for Love and We Can Change, and probably Nobody Owns Me as well. The single effect? Perhaps, perhaps not.

    @Untitled (8.5) calls it "sweet and gushing," which is accurate. Diane has certainly never lacked for earnestness, and Belinda, particularly at the time, was definitely in the mold of starry-eyed (copyright Ellie Goulding) romance.

    "The adlibs at the end. Scream sissy," says @tylerc904 (8). Her screams on I Get Weak though... World Without You could never.

    "Mid-tempo Belinda kinda goes one of two ways for me," says @bonnieetclyde (8.5), "either pure brilliance or somewhat meandering. This has such a strong chorus with such strong vocal melodies it's an earworm that doesn't leave you quickly."

    @CasperFan (9.5) might be disappointed by this result. "Just gorgeous from start to finish! So much better than Circle In The Sand so can’t understand why this flopped and that was a huge hit. I have to say I don’t recall any promo or radio play for this at the time which probably didn’t help it-one of her greatest ballads and I hope this rate gives this song the justice it deserves." Circle is, eh, not among my favorite Belinda songs despite being arguably her second-biggest hit, but I do rank it above this, largely because it's at least interesting, while I find World very tired. I feel like Diane tends to be either totally brilliant or boringly trying to recreate her better moments, and unfortunately this is one of the latter where I Get Weak is among the former.

    Interestingly, our three 10's were also our final three voters, all of whom provided commentary! Let's have a listen.

    "After listening to this on repeat, I can easily say that this was my most favorite discovery of this rate. That key change during the chorus just gets me every time." - @Seventeen Days

    "A glossy slice of 80s power balladry. The 21st century needs more of this." - @unnameable

    "I used to think this was one of the weakest tracks on The Best Of Belinda Vol. 1, but through the years I've really come to love it. She sounds fucking fantastic and it showed how much she'd actually matured vocally from her Go-Go's days." - @Remorque

  10. Oof I didn't realize it had already started. Let me go through it when I have more time.
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  11. Oh?

    It's eleven time!

    22. You're Nothing Without Me - 8.38
    Live Your Life Be Free

    Highest score: 11 (@Hatbar) / 10 x 2 (@bonnieetclyde, @Cundy)
    Lowest score: 5.5 (@Seventeen Days)​

    With this elimination, all songs remaining either were singles, or were planned to be singles. I'd say "maybe the singles effect is real," but honestly I think it's just evidence that, with a couple of exceptions (they're called I Feel Free and Love Never Dies), Belegenda's labels have been pretty good at picking her singles. Despite racking up an 11, it's also our final song to leave with only two 10's.

    You're Nothing Without Me was written and produced by Rick, and is arguably one of Belinda's sassiest moments ever. "You're nothing without me / But the person that you used to be / Do you remember what a drag it was / Being so lonely?" Damn, Belegend, go for his jugular a bit.

    Unsurprisingly, given the intensity and antagonism of the lyrics, @Hudweiser (9) "played this a lot after a bad break up." I played Wilson Phillips' You Won't See Me Cry and Lara Fabian's I Will Love Again after mine ddd. @unnameable (8) calls it "pleasingly pop-rock and full of attitude." Alanis eat your heart out!

    @CasperFan (9) "love(s) that this wrong-foots you, thinking it’ll be a La Luna style Spanish mid-tempo and then the hard beats and guitar come in. Belinda sounds angry on this – and all the better for it! Love it - really hope she does a Live Your Life anniversary tour, as unlikely as that may be - would love this live!" @bonnieetclyde (10) has a similar take. "Spanish guitar again in that intro, then electric guitar and heavy drums - wow. Love the melodies in this and those verses are fierce! This is a somewhat different vibe for Belinda but suits her vocal style so well."

    Let's take a quick detour for someone who wasn't as impressed. "Usually this fast-paced style track is my thing, but this one feels a bit out of place here. Her vocals sound a bit off during the chorus, or maybe it’s just me," says @Seventeen Days (5.5). In fairness, I can see why you wouldn't like it, because it is rather different in style and attitude from most of Belinda's catalogue. Getting us back on track, @pop3blow2 (9.5) offers kind of a backhanded compliment: "Incredibly basic in some ways, but so good."

    And where do we end up after that detour? With this brilliant comment from @Untitled (9.5): "This is very 'angry driving through the desert in your black truck terrorising tourists' and I'm loving it." As someone whose actual hometown is always overrun in the summer with stupid-as-fuck tourists, to the point that the locals can't even enjoy their town, I approve.

  12. Did Shades of Michelangelo go already?
  13. We should bring it back a couple of times for a kii, just like the CD singles.

    In rate-related talk, World Without You has actually become my second-favorite discovery of the rate. Since sending in my scores, that honor now goes to the iconic 'Valentine'.

    Still, I can see why people maybe don't like it. Diane Warren tends to be the queen of cloyingly cheesy ballads, but I think the key change in the chorus is catchy.
  14. 21. Lay Down Your Arms - 8.42

    Highest score: 10 x 3 (@Untitled, @Hudweiser, @Cundy)
    Lowest score: 6.5 (@Remorque)​

    This was my joint-lowest score remaining at 7, so I only have one song in the top twenty that's lower than an 8. Yay!

    Charlotte, Ellen, and Ralph Schuckett wrote this song for The Graces, Charlotte's band with Meredith Brooks (!!) and Gia Ciambotti (IDKH). Their version hit #56 in the US in 1989. (And I only learned this while preparing for this rate, so do a shot.) Belinda then covered it, with Ralph producing, on Real, hitting #27 in the UK and failing to chart in the US. Surprisingly, it was the final single released from the album, making Real her only album to produce only two singles.

    As an aside, the song title always makes me think of Jenny "Her From Ace of Base" Berggren's 2011 DMGP (Danish Eurovision competition) entry, Let Your Heart Be Mine, which featured the line "Lay down your arms and let your heart be mine," but Jenny's song is a lot better. I'm still pissed that she and Le Freak both lost to a generic boyband. Jenny even went full "pander to the gays"!

    Yeah, I'm totally babbling because I don't really have anything interesting to say about the song. So let's hear from the folks at home!

    "Not a classic Belinda single and one she pays dust to, it deserves a live performance (guess we’ll have to wait for the Real anniversary tour ha ha!). Like this more than I thought actually!" says @CasperFan (7.5). I actually liked it more than I remembered too. Because I thought I hated it.

    "OK verses, but a top chorus boosts this," says @unnameable (7.5). *makes an O.K. Corral joke*

    "This one is giving me '90s alt girl but throw in some surf guitars'," says @Seventeen Days (7.5). Appropriate considering Ms. Meredith's excellent alt-girl credentials? "I had never heard the original version before this, but I definitely like Belinda’s version more." I mean, considering the vocals on The Graces' version, who wouldn't?

    @pop3blow2 (9) also "love(s) the polished indie rock sound of a lot of this. I think I only ever heard a couple songs off this album… and that was forever ago. Why don’t I own this. I need to buy this. Going to eBay now." You didn't own it because it's her worst album.

    "Really, really should have been the lead single," says @tylerc904 (9). Hahahahahahaha.


    "Superb vocals and some interesting melodies, especially in the second half and middle-8. A clear single choice," @bonnieetclyde (9) opines.

    Finally, @Hudweiser (10) tells us, "It’s love. What an amazing song, that drawly guitar that brings up visions of an old west style video - oh look, we got one, but it had a budget of about $10!" And here it is, my friends:

  15. [​IMG]

    (For those of you keeping score, that's one from Belinda, three from Heaven on Earth, six from Runaway Horses, five from Live Your Life Be Free, one from Real, two from A Woman and a Man, and two extras.)
  16. And to celebrate making it this far, let's take a few minutes to look back at most of Belinda's videos.

    I call it Belegenda: A Visual History.

  17. Dddd at the Graces version of Lay Down Your Arms possibly being better than Belle's.
  18. Wait, I had never heard it until just now and I agree.
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  19. You can't really argue with that top 20 really, can you? Though i'd be quite happy for Circle In The Sand to make a swift exit now please!
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