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Heaven Is a Rate on Earth. The Belinda Carlisle Rate. Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Oh man, to me “Mad About You” just feels like what summers are like growing up here in California. I hear it and all I can think of are swimming pools and barbecues and aimlessly driving around for hours in the warm nights.
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  2. Great write-up @VivaForever! I knew it was potential song for the Go-Go's last album, but all the rest...whew.
  3. Mad About You is great. I think I gave it a 9? It's a shame it wasn't a hit in the UK, and like many other Brits I thought Belinda's career began with Heaven Is A Place On Earth. I didn't even know about the Go-Gos, so little impact did they have in the UK.

    I bought the debut album in the 90s when I stumbled across it in Andy's Records, having no idea it existed.

    Still, Mad About You is really the only worthwhile song on there.
  4. Hmm I think I'll need to re-assess Mad About You after learning its history.

    To me it just always seemed like an odd fixture to her discography, possibly due to when it was released here.
  5. 17. All God's Children - 8.68
    Extras (A Place on Earth, 1999)

    Highest score: 10 x 3 (@Robsolete, @Cundy, @Remorque)
    Lowest score: 7 x 2 (@Untitled, @Seventeen Days)​

    This is where I was going to embed a clip from the A Place on Heaven EPK where Belinda talks about this song, but I forgot to upload it last night. Tell you what, I'll try to remember to whack the whole thing up this evening.

    Anyway, the relevant bit is Belinda saying that when she first heard the song, "After the first verse and first chorus, it was like, 'Yeah. That's mine. It sounds like me, feels like me,'" which is a kii considering just how calculated the whole thing was. It was written by three incredibly accomplished songwriters: Paul Barry (one of the approximately 2800 co-writers of Believe), Billy Lawrie (Lulu's brother!), and Mark Taylor (one of the two producers of Believe - and the wonderful person who granted us the Proper Shaniafied Version of Yoü and I). And, like A Prayer for Everyone, it was produced by Metro, Mark's group with fellow dance-pop luminaries Graham Stack and Brian Rawling (and his brother Jeff, whom I've never heard of). Brian was in fact Believe's other producer; they'd also produced the criminally underrated All or Nothing and the album track Takin' Back My Heart. As a group, Metro had remixed Gina G's Ti Amo, Aqua's Doctor Jones, and Céline's That's the Way It Is, among others.

    In short, they were going for an all-out commercial dance-pop approach, presumably in hopes of mimicking Believe. After you've finished laughing, you may wish to consider how the thing actually sounds. Belinda says in the EPK that "it's not a complete dance song, but it does have a different sort of rhythm. ... I think, stylistically, that it might be a little different than what people expect." But honestly, if I hadn't been listening for the alleged dance influence, I would never have picked up on it. For ages, I heard it as a more AC approach to Belinda's sound in contrast to Real (while more interesting than AWAAM), not as a dancier approach.

    There's also the matter of the lyrics. I'm honestly not sure if they're meant to be religious or not - I know I use the phrase "all God's children" a lot with no religious intent, just as an equivalent to "everybody and their brother" or the like. But especially coming after the line "so please bless my dreams," I can totally get why it would sound ... off, especially for Belinda. I always think of @aquaplex's comment in the singles rate: "it seemed odd for Belinda to suddenly (kind of) start singing about God."

    Meanwhile, the video was pretty but weird and sort of at odds with the potentially Jesussy lyrics, with Belegend and a bunch of attractive young things standing under waterfalls, swimming around, and making out with their wet clothes plastered to their skin. It reminds me a lot of the In Too Deep video (right down to the heavy blue tones), but more sexed up.

    The lyrics were a sticking point for several of you. "Classic Belinda sound, but I think the lyrics needed an overhaul. She sounds a little bored," notes @Hudweiser (9.5). I agree - some of the lines were so simplistic as to be ridiculous ("Do you believe in me? Please say you do"). "I don't like songs about God but this is cute," says @tylerc904 (7.5).

    "Minus a point for trying to church it up, but plus a couple points for making it bop a bitsy. well-there-we-are.gif," @Seventeen Days (7) says. A final word on the lyrics: they're "a little twee, but it’s a bop," according to @unnameable (8).

    @bonnieetclyde (9) believes "it has such a great, euphoric chorus." And finally, @CasperFan (9.5) tells us, "What a BOP!!! This should’ve been a huge hit, pity she was past her commercial peak by this point - one of her very best singles. Has she ever done this in concert, cos she needs too!" I'm seeing in that singles rate thread that she didn't often perform it live, supposedly because she didn't like it. On the other hand, the CD single was such a regular fixture at her merch store at concerts that it became yet another running joke in the fandom. Presumably they had a shitton of copies left as it didn't sell, peaking at #66 in the UK. Poor it.

    And just for the hell of it:
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  6. 16. Live Your Life Be Free - 8.72
    Live Your Life Be Free

    Highest score: 11 (@CasperFan) / 10 x 3 (@bonnieetclyde, @Seventeen Days, @Remorque)
    Lowest score: 7 x 3 (@Cundy, @tylerc904, @Cundy)​

    I'd like to apologize to @CasperFan for his 11 going out immediately after that amazing comment on All God's Children. But then, this one outlasted its welcome for me (gave it an 8, should've gone for a 7 or 7.5) - though on the other hand, how the hell did Do You Feel Like I Feel outrank it? - so, honestly I can't deny I'm a bit pleased to see the back of it.

    Somewhat surprisingly, it was a Rick/Ellen co-write and a Rick production, but Heaven (or even Circle) it ain't. It's cute, but I don't feel like it was strong enough to lead the album. Then again, I'm not sure what they could have released as a lead single instead; although LYLBF is statistically my favorite Belindalbum (and qualitatively tied with Runaway Horses), I don't think it was exactly overflowing with single material. For me, the main problem is that the chorus just isn't strong enough, despite the amazing pre-chorus.

    And look at our first commenter agreeing with me. "'If you want me I'll be there to run my fingers through your hair' is one of the greatest pop moments ever. If only it wasn't stuck in such a heavy song," laments @Untitled (7). @Hudweiser (9) takes the "compare the lead singles" approach: "Great but never quite soars to the same heights as Leave A Light On."

    Then, um, there are a lot of people who are going to be pretty unhappy with this elimination. @bonnieetclyde (10) begs to differ with my assessment of its place in the Nowels/Shipley canon, saying it's "up there with Heaven Is a Place on Earth, Leave a Light On and (We Want) The Same Thing. Total classic." Likewise, @unnameable (8) begs to differ with my assessment of its chorus, saying, "The opening chorus really fills me with joy."

    @Seventeen Days (10) also praises "that anthem of a chorus, whew Belinda sis get your boot off my neck! I really loved her style during this album era, it seemed more polished. (Cosmopolitan, I guess you could say?)" This I will unequivocally agree with. She looks incredible in the video - she is possibly my #1 style icon in all honesty, and I think this album campaign was the most stylish she's ever been.

    "She can open a song, I tell you," @pop3blow2 (9.3) tells us. "Don’t bore us... get to the chorus... Belinda lives that mantra!" Roxette ha impact, and five years before Per would even work with Belinda. When will your faves? "What great song. It’s sonically a bit of a sequel to Heaven… but not as good. Still fantastic, though. I got this album out of a used bin ages ago & always really liked it… not really realizing it was a such a flop here in the US. Oddly this, might be my most played Belinda album in my youth."

    We will, of course, wrap up with our 11, @CasperFan. "My 11 was never in doubt (though there could have been many contenders). This song means so much to me - I relate to the lyrics so much and it is a tune. From the opening chorus to the thundering guitars in the intro, the glorious bridge-the middle 8 breakdown to the final chorus - just pure perfection. An anthem!"

  7. Oh, tomorrow we'll be bidding adieu to a song that got five 10's. Including one from me. Which would have made the top ten if it weren't for ONE person's score.

    Sad reacts only.
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  8. Does anyone know why there wasn’t any kind of official extended or remix version for “All God’s Children”? It didn’t feel like they did any kind of promotion to club DJs for it. I mean in 1999 pretty much anything being pushed to UK clubs was still coming out on vinyl promos and surely Metro must have at least done an extended version but I’ve never seen or heard of a 12” for ”All God’s Children.” Even Discogs only lists CD promos with the radio mix.
  9. Ah All God's Children is so misunderstood. I love it, but I agree with our rate host that it's definitely not a dance song like Believe. I always find it really odd when the two are compared. I see no similarities whatsoever, despite the crossover of personnel. Anyway, it's amazing.

    Live Your Life Be Free is fine, but I always think of it as this big, lumbering behemoth of a creature. It's almost as if it's not quite fast enough. I can understand why some people find it anthemic, but it tries a bit too hard in that sense.

    Do You Feel Like I Feel should've been the lead single everywhere, as it was in the US!
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  10. All God's Children is a very cute bop. It absolutely reminds me of Believe/When The Heartache Is Over in a "Stars from the 80's trying to have a big dance hit moment" melodically, even if it isn't a Believe in production.

    Live Your Life Be Free is one of those songs that goes so hard in an attempt to sound like a massive anthem, but ultimately it just collapses under its own weight. Never loved it, and also prefer Do You Feel Like I Feel.
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  11. What sort of buggery bollocks is this! I demand a recount! You're all dead to me!
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  12. See, this is how I feel about Do You Feel.
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  13. Here's the EPK:

    She starts talking about the three new songs at 8:40.

    "They're pretty much songs about people and life and attitudes, and I think they're sort of timely as far as this whole millennium thing going on" is truly some Britney-level word salad. Then again, I'm 90% sure she was either high or drunk while filming it, so it's probably impressive she was as cogent as she was.
  14. I'm with @VivaForever , that's how I..er..feel about Do You Feel, whereas if anything the chorus of Live Your Life is almost too big for the song.

    (I'd have given both a 10...or Do You Feel a 9.5).
  15. I've just done a @Verandi-style comparison of how songs performed in this rate compared to how they did in the 2014 rate, and the results are... interesting. I broke the results down using two metrics. The first is raw change in position, e.g., Since You've Gone placed 32nd in 2014 and 29th among the songs rated both times in 2019, a three-place rise.

    The second is change in percentile. To use the same example, Since You've Gone was in the 6th percentile in 2014 (100% minus 32/34), meaning it was rated better than 6% of the songs in that rate. This time, it was in the 30th percentile (100% minus 60/86). That's a rise of 24 percentage points, which sounds more impressive, but consider how much shit we rated here that was obviously going to be rated below the vast majority of the singles.

    The most improved song is the same under both metrics. And that song? Is my 11. Rise, Lotus, rise.

    And while several songs fell in raw placements (given that mathematically, an equal* number of songs have to fall as rise), only one actually fell in percentile score. And that... whoa, boy, that's going to be a kii. And the one that only scraped an improvement of one percentage point will also be a kii, albeit for very different reasons.

    *Theoretically, anyway. It didn't actually happen quite that way because of ties in the 2014 rate. 15 songs fell while 14 rose, and 4 were constant.
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  16. Hang on...I've just realised that my 11 has gone top 15! Hurrah!
  17. I gave it a 10!

    I can't really see how anyone would rate it lower than at least an 8...
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  18. Terribly disappointed that no one has replied to this with
  19. I thought about it (well the confused woman one) but my eyes just kinda glossed over.
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