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Heaven Is a Rate on Earth. The Belinda Carlisle Rate. Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Ddd can someone translate math to human better than me?

    I understand math* well enough to get it on a visceral level, but not enough to explain it to someone else.

    *Stats and algebra, anyway. We don't talk about calculus. Which is kind of ironic since I did AP Calc but never took a stats class in my life.
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  2. Well... all good things must come to an end. Sigh.

    15. I Get Weak - 8.76
    Highest score: 10 x 5 (me, @Untitled, @Robsolete, @unnameable, @Remorque)
    Lowest score: 5 (@Hatbar)​

    Ugh. I just checked and we did indeed get the HoE singles in the right order for the singles rate, with I Get Weak placing eighth and Circle down at sixteenth. Then again, Heaven crashed out at FOURTH, so you win some, you lose some, I suppose.

    I Get Weak is, in some ways, a tale of two Dianes. It was written by Diane Warren, who had intended it for Ms. Nicks, but when she played it for Rick, he suggested Belinda instead. Thank god, because while I like Stevie, Belinda nails this. Belinda wrote of their meeting in her memoir:

    Dianne [sic] Warren came into the studio one day and played me "I Get Weak." Few people know the quality of Dianne's voice; it's gravelly and soulful and always moves me. "I Get Weak" was a perfect example. As she sang the final chorus, I literally felt weak myself. ... I wondered how I got so lucky.

    Meanwhile, the video was directed by one Diane Keaton, returning from her work on Heaven. While not as terrifying as Heaven, and doubtless a better visual composition, it's never been among my favorites. First of all, there's not enough Belinda in it, especially in the choruses. Look at the clip in my Belegenda: A Visual History reel and she barely even appears! Second, the video is all about Belinda in competition with a bunch of other women for the affection of a hot dude. If you think I'm about to call that sexist, well, ordinarily you'd be right, but actually my objection here is how utterly ugly the man is. Like, look at him:
    We're seriously supposed to believe that Belinda is losing her mind, and multiple other women are literally getting the vapors, over this dude? Uh, I think the fuck not, you trick-ass bitch. Wikipedia tells me he's a model-turned-actor named Tony Ward, who had previously appeared in ABC's video for King Without a Crown and would go on to be in Justify My Love, Say You'll Be There, Erotica, Fastlove, and others. His most recent role was the horror/gay porn movie L.A. Zombie, as "Homeless Person #1." Apparently Madonna even dated him?! Come on, Madge, I know you've always had questionable taste in men, but you could've done so much better.

    For a time I even preferred this to Heaven, and even now, if and when I ever manage to do Belinda at karaoke, I'll go with this over Heaven, because I think it's possibly the best showcase of her voice in her whole discography, making it easier to mimic that timbre. It's either this or Light, really.

    Do you want to know the really frustrating thing? If we take out that 5 from @Hatbar, the average shoots up to 9.08 (despite the next-lowest score still being a 6), which would have tied it in seventh place, actually bettering its previous performance by one spot. So what's his excuse? "I know it’s one of her biggest hits but I have never warmed to I get weak. It seems to drag on for ages and can be hard work to get through." I'm... this is a woman with Love Never Dies in her discography. On the same album, no less! And this is the one that drags and is hard to get through? My goodness.

    @Hudweiser (7.5) also needs to be reinstructed in the ways of the Warren. "Another big hit I’ve never been wild(er shores) about. This is good n’ all, but never really picks up enough for me."

    @CasperFan (8.5) deems it "a good follow-up to Heaven, probably not as immediate but shows a different side with a more mid-tempo sound - the highlight being the growled-‘I Get Weak’ post chorus!" Extremely true.

    @bonnieetclyde (9) notes "Another fantastic chorus and this song has some really great lyrics: 'Convincing eyes, persuasive lips. The helpless heart just can't resist their power'."

    "Phenomenal vocals, beautiful video," says @Seventeen Days (9.5). Great gowns, beautiful gowns. "Should have been a #1, but it was held off by Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. Belinda was the first person to get Rickrolled, confirmed."

    Anyway, let's hear from some sensible people who gave this the correct score of 10. @Untitled calls it "absolutely monolithic," which made me chuckle as it's such an unusual descriptor and because it reminds me of the "look at the size of this lad - absolute unit" meme.

    "God, the woman's ballads were on fucking point at the time, weren't they?" asks @Remorque. A question for you, dear sis: we're calling this a ballad? "She sounds bloody fantastic and the production's exquisite. I've always been a fan of this one, but listening to this one after World Without You really makes you think of the fucking quality control of it all. Yes, I'm rambling."

    Play us out, @unnameable. "A wonderful, wonderful expression of having a crush. Listening to this has brought me back to the time I first tried cider, and wound up tripping over on to my knees in front of my crush. I did actually go weak."

    US single mix by Mr. Shep Pettibone (my personal favorite version of the song):
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  3. I only know of Tony Ward from Madonna but he is certainly not the type of guy I'm attracted to. Isn't it his ass Madonna is licking in the infamous photo?
  4. I was ridiculously addicted to I Get Weak when the album was first released. It had the same feel as Talk To Me by Stevie Nicks, so the fact this was written with her in mind always made sense.
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  5. I've never heard of this Infamous Photo (linking me to it will result in a ban from the rate, fyi), so I wouldn't know. And is he the type of guy anyone's attracted to, and if so, HOW?!
    Oh, this is very true! I actually heard that in the supermarket the other day and had a moment of "Hey, I recognize this... gosh, she has a distinctive voice, but who is it... it's not Belinda... I don't think it's Susanna... oh, it's Stevie!"
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  6. Oh no! I've had a hunch we would be losing this earlier today, but really? Before Little Black Book, before Valentine? Sometimes I don't get y'all's taste...

    But yass at the dragging of men's looks. I live, etc.
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  7. Heh, I have a friend who was a male model and looks a lot like Tony Ward and women still go nuts for him in his 50s. I think it’s that Roman nose. One of his co-workers told me she requested to get her desk moved away from him because that’s the only way she could prevent herself from staring at him dddd.
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  8. A mess.
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  9. I have absolutely no problem acknowledging when a man is hot. But this man is the opposite of hot. His face is so FLAT.

    Actually, he doesn't look nearly as bad in this photo (backstage in 1990 with Madge and Donna DeLory), but he is still not actually attractive:
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  10. I hated I Get Weak at the time of its release, and I suppose I still think it was a poor follow-up to Heaven (which I'm not a massive fan of any more). I think its number 10 peak in the UK was probably about right.

    I like it more now than I did, but it's still nowhere near a favourite. I think it's that awful, 80s power ballad (one of the very few 80s genres I don't really like) production that kills it for me, as the song and melody are pretty enjoyable.
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  11. I Get Weak not in the top 10?

  12. Her second biggest American hit!
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  13. Yet strangely Circle in the Sand seems to be the one best remembered after Heaven these days. I suppose it was more enduring than the higher peaking I Get Weak?
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  14. I'd have assumed that Leave A Light On was her second most remembered hit in the US.
  15. Yeah, it’s funny, “I Get Weak” felt like it was everywhere at the time. I actually thought it had hit number one in America until I checked Wikipedia. But I think that’s because it was just so caught in the updraft of “Heaven Is a Place on Earth.”
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  16. Other than my own plays I don’t think I’ve ever heard “Leave A Light On” since it’s Top 40 reign ended? I’d be curious if other Americans feel the same. But “Mad About You” and the first three “Heaven On Earth” singles all occasionally crop up for me on 80s radio and at grocery stores, dentist offices, etc. I’m actually really enjoying this rate because it gives me a chance to learn so much about her post ”Heaven” career.
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  17. Nope, it didn't even make the Top 10. The US label began to bail out of promoting Runaway Horses after that.
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  18. I’ve heard Heaven and Circle a couple times, as well as We Got the Beat and Our Lips Are Sealed. That’s it.
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  19. No “Vacation”? If I add in Go-Go’s stuff that one comes up for me a lot, almost as often as “We Got the Beat.” I even hear “Head Over Heels” occasionally. It’s so weird how she has all these 80s songs that seem to be have reached the classic pantheon but it all evaporated here in the USA the minute the decade turned over.
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  20. Well, this is right in my wheelhouse & a fave niche topic: Department Store Pop.

    One reason I love 'Circle In The Sand' so much is because I literally heard it almost every day when I worked in a department store for a few years. It was already my fave Belinda song, but it became comforting to hear it that often. As such, I studied the structure of it more & more... and even wrote a fairly horrible pseudo-sequel song to it in the 00s'. (Circle In The Sand has been a bit of a pop obsession for me since I was very young.)

    They also occasionally played 'Leave A Light On For Me' & 'Summer Rain' on the dept store satellite radio. That was a fun occurrence, because it was rare. Of course, Heaven got played all the time, too... as it should be everywhere... all the time.
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