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Heaven Is a Rate on Earth. The Belinda Carlisle Rate. Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. I hear Heaven, Circle In The Sand and Mad About You regularly here in Connecticut. Then I Get Weak, and much less frequently Leave a Light On. The first three are the ones I consciously knew of prior to getting her greatest hits album in the late 2000’s. I was born in 93 so I didn’t experience any of her success in real time, but its interesting what songs had penetrated my own awareness compared to chart positions.
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  2. Interesting! I know “Summer Rain” was a moderate pop hit but I don’t think I ever personally heard it on the radio. I bought the 12” years later and it was such a wonderful surprise.

    And I absolutely love that you wrote a sequel to “Circle In the Sand”! This was of course the first thing I thought of lol.

  3. In commercials once in a while. Never heard it on the radio, though it’s not like I listen to the radio much.
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  4. From my limited (post-1996, central European) perspective Heaven, La Luna, and Leave a Light On seem to be her most enduring hits. Though, looking at some old airplay charts, it does look like La Luna was the runaway winner closely followed by Circle in the Sand, Heaven, and Light (that middle 8 was stuck in my head long before I even knew who Belinda was, so yeah, must've been quite an airplay staple.)
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  5. Remember when I expected Love in the First Degree to win the Bananarate and instead it came fourth?

    Belinda didn't even fare that well in the Court of Popjustice...

    14. I Plead Insanity - 8.86
    Live Your Life Be Free

    Highest score: 10 x 3 (@Hatbar, @Cundy, @Remorque)
    Lowest score: 7 (@Seventeen Days)​

    Haha I had this write-up two-thirds of the way done and then accidentally deleted it. Fuck.

    Insanity was written by Rick, David Munday (Valentine, Feels Like I've Etc., You Came Out of Nowhere), and Kushla Prasad (nothing else ever, apparently), and was produced by Rick and David. It was planned to be a single before (I'm guessing) the label decided to move on to The Best of Belinda and chose the superior Little Black Book to promote it instead.

    It was an early favorite for me on the album, but nowadays I'm not that hot on it. I gave it an 8, but a 7 would've been more appropriate, looking back. Truthfully I've been waiting to be rid of it for a little while now. That said, Belinda's delivery on the line "it's just a crime of passion, babe" is amazing.

    @Hudweiser (9) "learned this was all packed and ready to go as the 4th single then scrapped, despite the video and radio edits being made. Weird." Welcome to the discography of Girls Aloud! @CasperFan (8.5) calls it "an obvious single choice that nearly happened but didn’t, very similar production-wise to Do You Feel Like I Feel. Makes you wonder with songs like these available why did they go with Half The World? (Variety I guess?)" Um, because Half the World is amazing and you all did it wrong? Seriously, I can't comprehend how this placed higher. I think the production on this is sharper than on Do You Feel though.

    Speaking of Do You Feel, @Seventeen Days (7) thinks Belinda & co. were "veering more back towards the 'early 90s dance' sound. It’s a little generic, but still enjoyable." On the other hand, @pop3blow2 (9.2) says it was "a rock bop, fore sure." Either way, @bonnieetclyde (8) notes it was "another track where the style is quite different from what we've heard from Belinda previously. A lot more electric guitars in play and programmed drums. Clearly stepping outside of the typical 'love song' style, which is refreshing."

    Hot off her previous hit "yass at the dragging of men's looks. I live," @Untitled (9.5) asks, "Why is this such a fucking banger? I do love a bit of predatory lyrics every now and then." This is why we get along tibb.

    @tylerc904 (9) "would unironically prefer this and Black Book to the two big singles from the album, very on brand for meeeeee." Book > Free > Insanity > Feel, huny lets b cler.

    And it yet another "our MINDS" moment, @unnameable (8) says, "No 'Love in the first degree' it's still a bop."

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  6. Why is there a music video if it wasn't a single then?
  7. Well, friends, I'm afraid the time has come...

    Ah, but is it yours?
    Did it though? Did it really?

    ... Yes to both ddddd.

    13. Circle in the Sand - 8.88
    Heaven on Earth

    Highest score: 11 x 3 (@bonnieetclyde, pop3blow2, Seventeen Days)
    10 x 3 (@Untitled, @unnameable, @Remorque)
    Lowest score: 6 (@Hudweiser... they're coming for you sis)​

    This was quite a surprise, honestly, given my impression (as noted above) that it was Belegend's second-biggest hit behind Heaven. Then again, it came in SIXTEENTH (?!) in the singles rate, so who knows really.

    In actuality, it was Belinda's fourth-highest US chart peak at #7, behind Heaven (#1), Weak (#2), and Mad About You (#3). Pity it didn't get #4 to fill out that run! The Saturdays remain unbothered, I suppose. On the other hand, it ties with Leave a Light On as her second-biggest in the UK (#2), followed by The Same Thing and In Too Deep at #6.

    (Side note, while I was looking up those UK chart stats, I found this "article", and I never realized till now how much Geri looked like Belinda in the Look at Me video/promo campaign - I actually thought for a moment it was a photo of Belinda! Two of my idols serving ginger justice. I stan I stan I stan.)

    In terms of chart success, Circle is perhaps even more important for how it set up Heaven, marking Belinda's first time working with Rick and Ellen. She writes in her memoir:

    Rick Nowels ... had scored major triumphs working with Stevie Nicks, another MCA artist. In fact, Stevie had suggested he try to work with me. In a way, we may have been destined to partner. It sure felt like it when we met. We had instant chemistry.

    Rick was tall and blond, a Californian from head to toe, very passionate and a little eccentric. He wrote songs with Ellen Shipley, an amazing artist in her own right.
    [Okay, Belinda, so why aren't you talking about her in this book except in passing? @ohnostalgia fix this female producer erasure. - Ed.] They created songs specifically for my voice. For me, it was a brand new and exciting way of working. I had never been anyone's muse.

    When Rick and I talked about the album and how we envisioned it - what we wanted it to feel like and how we wanted the listener to feel - I had the sense he was reaching into my soul, removing tiny pieces, and magically turning them into songs.
    [So how did you want the listener to feel, Belinda? - Ed.] I was at his house when I first heard "Circle in the Sand," and I thought, Oh my God, this is so good.

    Myself, I've always thought it was just okay. It's nowhere near as instant as Heaven or Weak, and not as fun as either of those or Light, or for that matter Summer Rain, The Same Thing, or La Luna. Did that stop me from grinning madly and bopping when I heard it once in the grocery store? Absolutely not. Congratulations to Tops Friendly Markets for being second only to Wegmans in the "amazing grocery store music" game; I also heard Dead or Alive's Lover Come Back to Me and Debbie Gibson's We Could Be Together (?!) there. Lyrically, it's cute. Very wide-eyed and sweetly naïve, which was Belinda's M.O. at the time, even though it didn't really make much sense for her.

    "Weirdly never enjoyed this one," @Hudweiser (6) confesses. It's okay, Hud. It's not one of my favorites either. @CasperFan (7) likewise says, "This has never really been a favourite of mine - one that I tend to skip over when listening to one of her many hits compilations. I just find it a little dull and doesn’t really go anywhere - not horrible by any means but just not for me."

    On the other hand, @unnameable (10) says, "such a perfect melody combined with Belinda’s voice at its best, I always adore this song." @Remorque (10) calls it "fantastically atmospheric and right up there with La Isla Bonita in my book as summer jams that stood the test of time. Belinda sounds fucking gorgeous in her lower register and the production's top notch. That guitar during the outro never fails to give me the feels."

    In a happy moment, all of our 11's submitted commentary! Let's start with @Seventeen Days: "I discovered this song at some point when I was in my teens, and I just took an instant liking to it. To this day, it remains my all-time favorite Belinda track. Her voice has never sounded better on it, and the music evokes the feeling of walking on a cold beach at night. I especially love the outro, as it just feels so atmospheric and gorgeous."

    @bonnieetclyde has an... interesting take on the song. "This was my first ever album and this song was always my favourite track. It could just be a sweet love song but musically I've always felt this underlying sinister vibe - almost as if Belinda is 'the other woman' and taunting a 'married man' with her sexuality and threat."

    And my spreadsheet simply says "COPY FROM PM" in @pop3blow2's column, which made me laugh just now, so let me do just that...

    One of those songs from my youth that haunted me. Still haunts me. I don't know, there was just this undercurrent of sadness & desperation in this song that always got to me... before I probably even understood sadness or desperation.

    I remember listening to some of 'request line' radio shows when I was younger & people would dedicate this. I'd be like, 'really? This song is fucking sad!'. I mean, there are some basic 'romantic lines' in here I guess the GP latched onto ('Never ending love is what we've found', etc.), but the emotional collateral damage of the rest lyrics & Belinda's desperate delivery, her realizations of mistakes & allusions loss makes the song sad to me. Maybe I was just a sad, fucked up little kid, haha! Along with Time After Time & Too Many Walls, those three songs formed a weird trinity of ‘emotional anti-ballads’ in my head when I was younger. All three are perfect & are both oddly comforting, while making me feel sad at the same time. I love lyrics that stir emotion & seem simple on the surface, but are actually sort of ambiguous.

    I mean, this could just be a simple 'summer's end romance song', but I don't know. The ending lines on each of the main verses, always seemed so dramatic to me. 'I won't walk away again'... 'somethings are forever'... 'I will wait for you right here' ....'We belong together'... my goodness, their impact.

    I adore the production in this song, so much. The fade out on this song seals the door for my 11. I’ve heard that ending thousands of times & it still gets me. That stutter of electric guitar fading into the distance. It's a perfect pop song.

    And because @pop3blow2 mentioned it and it's one of my favorite songs OF ALL TIME:
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  8. Because it was planned to be before they canceled it. It was remixed too.

    No 11's tomorrow as we move into the top ten, but we will wave goodbye to another album. Extras? A Woman and a Man? Live Your Life Error Free? Heaven on Earth (!!)? Stay tuned.
  9. Goodbye Circle in the Sand, my love.
  10. Insanity! What a banger. The lyric change in the chorus shakes me every time.

    Circle is nice and chill but glad it's not Top 10.
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  12. I didn’t really “Circle in the Sand” when it first came out, I think I just associated it too much with the kind of music I heard at the orthodontist’s office. But over the years it’s really grown on me. Probably because I still hear it at places like an orthodontist’s office dddd.

    It made me check out what was on the maxi-singles and I was pleasantly surprised to find this mellow extended mix by William Orbit from his post-Torch Song, pre-Madonna years when he was doing more remixes for outside projects.

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  13. Oh, nice find
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  15. Well this is exciting as it means my 11 made the top 10 which I was totally not expecting.

    I'm with @CasperFan regarding I Plead Insanity. It really should have been a single over Half The World, which is a bit dreary and lacklustre. Plus, Insanity is one of her best songs. I'd have picked it over Little Black Book (which I do love) and lumbering old Live Your Life Be Free as well. That breakdown and guitar solo in the middle eight are phenomenal.

    I use to like Circle In The Sand more than I do now, but it remains very evocative and a bit eerie. I also don't think of it as a straightforward love song. It has a certain creepy quality that makes me think the subject of the song maybe doesn't agree that they should be together forever, but Belinda's having none of it. In that sense, it could be seen as a precursor to I Plead Insanity or You're Nothing Without Me.

    And what's with all the Do You Feel Like I Feel hate? Are we seriously saying it's not one of her top 3 songs?! It was second in line for my 11!
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  16. I don't know about "we," but I am absolutely saying that it's not even in her top 23 songs.
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  17. The depth of my past hatred for La Luna is shocking even me.
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  18. Oh my God! You hated the sublime La Luna too?! That was also in the running for my 11.

    Next you'll be telling me you don't rate Runaway Horses either?!
  19. Nah, Runaway Horses was my runaway favorite off the album for a long time. These days I love La Luna, so I'm stymied by my past comments!
    *checks spreadsheet for your 11* Yeah, that was a surprise. A very pleasant one, though.
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  20. I really left no wig intact did I dddddddd

    I was reaching, your honor.
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