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Heaven Is a Rate on Earth. The Belinda Carlisle Rate. Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. #SOON
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  2. Yay!

    You'll probably have two rates done by the time I complete Mandy. Haha! At least everyone seems mostly on board with my emotional mess of stannery, going on there.
  3. I meant what I said - Little Black Book deserves to be studied by future generations. This is one of the few things that can save us from a future of endless Sheeran knock-offs.
  4. I'm please Little Black Book made it so far. It's pretty low-key but such a great song.
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  5. This gif is from Earshot and I love that episode. Thank you, I'm done.
  6. I was bopping to Runaway Horses* when Summer Rain came on and just blew me away (again) with those odd minor key verses and that big sneaky chorus. I'm rooting for it to go top 5 at the very least!

    I skipped La Luna, as usual
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  7. 8. Do You Feel Like I Feel? - 9.04
    Live Your Life Be Free

    High score: 11 (@Remorque) / 10 x 3 (@Hatbar, @Robsolete, @Cundy)
    Lowest score: 7.5 (@Untitled)​

    Yeah, I have no idea how this placed so high. Definite echoes of Sexy! No No No... accidentally making third place in the Girls Aloud rate because literally no one hates it. That being said, I gave this an 8, which was at least one point too generous. I think I used to like it more than I do now - these days it just sounds generic and rather bored. That being said, the video - which, OF COURSE, isn't available in the US - features perhaps Belinda's best look EVER, dressed all in black with that auburn hair, towering over buildings, dancing like she's Cathy "English Moves" Dennis.

    Somewhat incredibly, it was written by Rick and Ellen, and produced by Rick. I guess even geniuses chase a hit from time to time.

    @CasperFan (9) gives us balanced realness. "Despite my still high score I’m always a little underwhelmed by this- I mean I like it but it doesn’t have the same bite as some of her previous work. Not sure why the US had this as the lead over the superior title track? Having said that it’s still a bit of a bop and catchy and I do love it-missing some guitars in the chorus to make it really sound more Belinda (another great middle 8 though!) Would love to hear this in her concert setlist though - she seems to have forgotten it. An extra 0.5 for the fake fade out on the album version!" Oh honestly that is my least favorite part of the whole thing!

    @pop3blow2 (9) calls it a "Belinda bop! Just a great pop song that makes me smile." @bonnieetclyde (8.5) praises it for "another solid chorus. The 'hey, hey, hey' sticks in your head and I love the urgent tempo of this."

    For @Seventeen Days (9), it's "a fun dance bop. I’ve always liked how blatantly early-90s-dance this track is, like Belinda just felt a need to draw a line between the two decades of her material." Well, that's certainly an opinion.

    Did @Remorque give any commentary for his 11? No, and neither did any of our 10's. So we'll end with @unnameable (9), who terms it "the curiously synthpop gem that reminds me a little of Stevie Nicks' I Can’t Wait in its production." I would never in a hundred years think to make that comparison on the basis of the production - but I can hear it in the songwriting.

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  8. Do you feel is another powerhouse of a song and I love it so glad it came top of the LYLBF tracks. I would probably have given it my 11 if not for You're nowt without me.
    Glad to see Emotional highway at the bottom of the list where it belongs.
  9. I feel like the order is mostly right for the album, though scream at me being the lowest scorer!
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  10. Argh. Should've been top 3!

    I've always loved Do You Feel, and as I said before, it was second in line for my 11 after Valentine. It's just so euphoric in the way that amazing pop songs should be. It gives me chills. Plus it bops for days.

    My dad accidentally bought the CD single of this back in the day, mistaking it for Live Your Life. I eventually strong armed him into handing it over to me. It's still wonderful.
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  11. Well, I didn't.

    7. La Luna - 9.08
    Runaway Horses

    Highest score: 10 x 4 (@Hudweiser, @Cundy, @unnameable, @Remorque)
    Lowest score: 8 x 2 (@Hatbar, @tylerc904)​

    Wow, talk about a song I've warmed up to. It used to be one of my least favorite Belinda singles - I was the joint-lowest scorer in the singles rate with a 4! - yet now I gave it a 9. I also said in the 1989 rate (I think) that I didn't find it the least bit sexy, as opposed to Summer Rain and Runaway Horses. I was wrong about this as well. Honestly though, the thing I always think of when listening to this song is @A&E's comment in the 1989 rate: "When I was a kid I used to think she was singing about a lalunia, [the Polish word for] a pretty/fancy doll."

    It's one of six Nowels/Shipley co-writes on the album, and while it's certainly different from the likes of Heaven, Light, and Horses (though does have a certain resemblance to Circle), I think it can definitely stand proud next to them. The Marie Antoinette-/Les liaisons dangereuses-esque video is really odd, though. The shots of Belinda rolling around in bed make sense with the song - though I stand by my comment in the 1989 rate that her makeup is frighteningly garish and makes her look like Siobhan Fahey in the Stay video - but the people in French outfits and white wigs dancing? A choice. It predated Annie Lennox's Walking on Broken Glass by like three years though, so work, I guess.

    "Although I do love La Luna it should never have been the second single - it killed the album pretty much dead until We Want The Same Thing revived it briefly!" @CasperFan (8.5) recalls. "An irresistible chorus but a bit left-field for single no. 2, maybe should’ve been single 5 or 6? Anyway, still a fun song (another great middle 8), great in concert!"

    "Mmm yes, we love a Spanish guitar," @Seventeen Days (8) drawls. "I really enjoy the Latin style of this song, it works quite well." @bonnieetclyde (9.5) is also a fan of one of the greatest instruments in pop, saying, "Catchy as hell. Spanish guitars are always warm and welcoming, add in Belinda's reserved vocal delivery and the light bongo drums... fantastic. When that chorus kicks in it's impossible not to sing along." Maybe that Spanish guitar, and the wild violin before the final chorus (and key change!) is what inspired this from @pop3blow2 (8.5): "I remember always thinking this was an interesting song when I was younger. It just sounded so different. It still holds up well."

    @unnameable (10) reminisces about another Latin aspect of the song. "Ah, the 80s, when Latin machismo was sexy rather than problematic." Speaking of problematic, @Untitled (9.5) is on board the PJSJW train with me: "This is the one I remember loving when I was a child. I mean, I have to deduct half a point cause she's not promoting consent, but this is a fucking classic, that's all I have to say." I'm assuming the lyric at issue is "You didn't ask me, you just took me to your tiny bed in your tiny room," and while I don't object to it at all actually, I totally get why others would.

    "So close to being my 11," says @Hudweiser (10). "This whole campaign was marred (in Europe) by releasing summery songs in December! Just another gorgeous tune with great imagery in the lyrics, those drum fills, the key-change, and outro. Only flaw is that it seems to be set in France but the title is Spanish (one letter difference, but still…)."

  12. I remember getting Runaway Horses in my youth & thinking the start of 'La Luna' sounded a bit like Kokomo by the Beach Boys & then it launched into the Spanish guitar. I was like 'this song is so weird!'.... and then that chorus. I still find it all weirdly appealing, especially since it was decided to be a single.

    It lasted a bit longer here, than I thought it would.
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  13. It totally does!
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  14. I think In Too Deep will be up for the chop next but I'd love it to make top 5.
  15. In Too Deep should not have outlasted the last couple of classics that have just exited. It's a lovely song, but nowhere near her best.

    Anyway, La Luna? Fucking immense. Was also in the running for my 11 for some time! When I first got the Best Of Belinda album (my first) it didn't really make much of an impression, but within a couple of months it was my absolute favourite. It's creepy. And joyous. And a bit odd. But fuck me, if that chorus doesn't eviscerate you when it kicks in.

    I maintain that it's top 2 on Horses, along with my sadly departed 11. The top 3 being rounded off by the awesome title track, which I'm now pulling for! It was an odd choice to release it in winter, and I think the aforementioned title track would have been a better follow-up to (the slightly overrated) Light, as they're in a much more similar vein. Still, this totally deserved to be a massive spring/summer smash. Despite it's slightly leftfield sound, it's still catchy as fuck. I can see why the label thought it was so strong and wanted to push it as an early single.
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  17. I'm surprised anyone thinks In Too Deep is that good, but clearly they do! It probably wouldn't even make my top 20 Belinda songs. It's just that bit too MOR. I honestly thought Always Breaking My Heart would be the clear winner of AWAAM on this 'ere Popjustice!
  18. As Sarah Brightman would say, it's time to say goodbye...

    ... to my 11.

    6. In Too Deep - 9.31
    A Woman and a Man

    Highest score: 11 (me)
    10 x 6 (@Hatbar, @bonnieetclyde, @tylerc904, @CasperFan, @unnameable, @Remorque)
    Lowest score: 7 (@Hudweiser)​

    I'm pretty sure I gave this a 5 in the singles rate. It was actually during that rate that @aquaplex's stanning for the song got me to pay more attention to it, and it quickly grew on me, eventually becoming, as you can see, my favorite Belinda song. Her voice is immaculate on it ("and how we crashed... I'll never know"), and the lyrics in the first verse are so evocative.

    It was written by Rick for Australian singer Jenny Morris (IDKH), then recorded by Belinda the following year. I had no idea of this until @Hatbar's commentary, so time for a shot - I believe the last of the rate!

    "I was really surprised she scored a big chart hit with this, having thought she was pretty much done after Real. I’ve never loved it, but it’s good enough," says @Hudweiser (7). It is good enough. Good enough to make the top five, damn it.

    "I love this song. They used to play this occasionally in the store I worked at." Yes, friends, it's @pop3blow2 (9.5). "I love the MOR production. Her voice is so versatile. I really though this was a bigger hit than it was, in the US, after looking up the wiki." I mean, it would be impossible for it to have been less a hit in the US, considering it wasn't even released here, though it made #6 in the UK. The UK charts in 1996 were lit.

    "It seems like this track is a return to the more adult contemporary style after veering in a different direction for ‘Real’. The more I listen to it, the more I like it," says @Seventeen Days (7.5). I should have made you wait to vote until you liked it enough to give it a 10.

    Speaking of 10's, let's hear from some.

    "Adult contemporary catnip but I use and abuse it." @tylerc904 giving me a me tea.

    @unnameable "love(s) that piano opening, and classic Carlisle ballad territory."

    "I was so happy when Bel returned with a top ten hit and the song is great. Surprised to find out it was a cover although Belinda’s version is miles better," relates @Hatbar.

    "This is classic Belinda and, for me, this is just as strong as those earlier big hit singles. I loved this so much at the time is was released (plus the B-side Jealous Guy, which should also have made the album.)" It shouldn't have, but thank you for your score, @bonnieetclyde.

    @CasperFan finds it "a return to form after the stripped back Real. Although it’s more of a mid-tempo lead single release it’s up there with her best. I didn’t realise it was a cover, but Belinda’s version is much better." Glad we all agree on this.

  19. Didn't realise it was a cover.

    And YES Jealous Guy was better than some of the clunkers on the main album.
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