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Heaven Is a Rate on Earth. The Belinda Carlisle Rate. Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. I don't think we even have to guess what #1 will be, because... oprah-sweeping-gesture.gif. I didn't realize Runaway Horses was so loved by the fans though - I guess it was mostly just because it was new to me that I didn't feel the need to give it a 10.
  2. Oh, I wouldn't say that.

    Some chart facts:
    • #1 and #2 are separated by .02 points. (For comparison, there was .32 between #3 and #4, .03 between #4 and #5, and .11 between #5 and #6.)
    • #1 got more 10's than #2.
    • It also got an 11, which #2 didn't.
    • The standard deviation among scores for #1 is more than twice that of #2. (Higher standard deviation = more polarizing.) However, it is still lower than those of Summer Rain and The Same Thing.
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  3. 2. Leave a Light On - 9.83
    Runaway Horses

    Highest score: 10 x 11
    Lowest scores: 8.75 (@Seventeen Days), 9 (@Cundy)​

    There you have it, folks. Honestly I wouldn't have expected this to outrank Summer Rain and The Same Thing, but I'm not in the least bothered. This was actually the song that convinced me to get into Belinda - in a world before Spotify, I'd listen to track samples on iTunes to decide if it was worth getting a greatest hits, and while I knew I loved Heaven, I wasn't mad about Mad About You, and was generally unsure about whether or not to get Belinda's best-of. Then I played the clip of Leave a Light On and was sold. Ironically, after actually getting the CD, I didn't care for it and only came to like it later, and only came to love it recently.

    Leave a Light On was yet another Nowels/Shipley moment of brilliant whatever, and Ellen appeared on background vocals along with Summer Rain co-writer Maria Vidal, our old friend Donna DeLory, and Bekka Bramlett (IDKH). The video features Belinda in some of her best looks ever as well as some of her worst, and she later noted that the shots in which she walks down the Las Vegas Strip in a bathrobe were the most uncomfortable she'd ever been filming a video. It made #11 in the US - her final top twenty hit here, womp womp - #4 in the UK (as well as Ireland, Italy, and Austria), #5 in Australia, and #6 in O Canada.

    It's been covered by Dream Factory (IDKH) featuring Jessica Palmer (IDKH) and by... Nicki French. Say it with me, friends: ddddddddddd. It also made an appearance in the short-lived and, I assume, terrible teen sitcom Out of This World. In a dream sequence, the main character - the daughter of an Earthling woman and an alien voiced by Burt Reynolds (yes, REALLY) - performs the song to... absolutely no audience. Did Belinda guest star in the episode? No, Tiffany did. An absolute mess.

    Anyway, the song is also notable for a special guest doing a slide guitar solo. As Belinda wrote in her memoir:

    For me, the highlight came during work on "Leave a Light On," another gorgeous Rick and Ellen Shipley song. Rick said we should try to get someone cool ... to play the lead guitar part. I thought for a moment and said, "What about George Harrison?" I had met George briefly a few years earlier in San Remo, Italy, and Morgan [her husband], through his work on Sex, Lies, and Videotape [yes, really], knew someone who was close to the former Beatle and able to get word to him. George responded right away, saying he'd love to help out.

    He had worked with very few artists, so I was honored. I absolutely loved the work he eventually did. After he passed away, his widow, Olivia, told a mutual friend that she had found an old Runaway Horses cassette as she went through some of his stuff.
    ["Some of his stuff." Belinda/ha ghostwriter, what wordsmiths.] She said, "Please tell Belinda that George loved her voice."

    Well, he had good taste in voices, that's for certain. Belinda's taste, as ever, is more questionable, since she followed this with a paragraph saying she doesn't think the album is great. Nicki Minaj making a face dot gif.

    "That middle 8 is the biggest earworm ever" - @Untitled

    "My second choice for 11, such a summery power pop belter of a song with a stunning video. Could never understand why it didn’t do better in the US." - @Hatbar

    "The formula working to full potential. This is a song of hers I learnt for guitar because there’s a ridiculous chord change (and change back) in the chorus, but it has every ingredient I want in a pop-rock song: Sharp, energetic drums (see also: Roxette’s The Look, Joyride), great rhythm guitar, soaring melody. The only thing stopping this being my 11 was that the George Harrison guitar solo isn’t nearly as big as it should be." - @Hudweiser

    "When you wonder how she'll follow up the massive success of the Heaven on Earth album and singles and then this gets released. Such an anthem and equally as strong as 'Heaven'." - @bonnieetclyde

    "Wow what a moment. A moment most pleasing to my ears and vocal cords. Cannot believe this wasn't a bigger hit (though I love it for being one final hit for Belegenda)." - @tylerc904

    "From the intro to the final chorus via that guitar solo this is just a perfect pop record- infectious chorus, lush vocals and perfect to sing along to. How the f**k did this album flop in the U.S.???" - @CasperFan

    "Great album opener. I played the crap out of this one summer when I was younger. The whole album really." - @pop3blow2 (Only one??)

    "This doesn’t sound terribly different from the material on Heaven on Earth, but it’s still a fantastic track. It’s a shame that this single was the beginning of her decline on the US charts, because she deserved better." - @Seventeen Days

    "Her voice has never sounded lovelier than on this record." - @unnameable (In Too Deep says hi.)

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  4. It's always a little anticlimactic when the signature song wins these things, but what can ya do? It's her biggest for a reason. Glad LALO did this well though, it's a true classic.
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  5. 1. Heaven Is a Place on Earth - 9.85
    Heaven on Earth

    Highest score: 11 (@Robsolete - Bubbly's in the fridge!!) / 10 x 11
    Lowest score: 7 (@Cundy)​

    I once made a Tumblr post that said "Girls don't like boys, girls like the 1987 Belinda Carlisle hit Heaven Is a Place on Earth." Sadly it got like two notes and then one like when I tweeted it. The reference was not just to the "girls don't like boys" meme but to the song's ubiquity as an '80s classic for '90s kids. Why has it accomplished that over, say, I Wanna Dance with Somebody or Venus? Who can say. But it deserves it. That status has certainly been bolstered by its appearance in the Black Mirror episode and sapphic classic "San Junipero," but I think it was there even before that.

    The embarrassing thing is that I actually knew the DHT cover of it before the original. I didn't even know it was a cover. Look, I was young and sheltered. Nevertheless, ddddddddddd(ht). Though their version was pretty good, actually!

    Speaking of embarrassing, that video, directed by Diane Keaton. Now, I know damn well that @Eric Generic will defend the shots of Belinda running along a wall with her hair billowing out, and fair enough (incidentally, I need her outfit from those shots SO BAD). But the kids in creepy masks with transparent globes, because (one assumes) "Heaven is a place on earth"? The spinning shots that have actually been known to give me vertigo? The weird choreo? Delete it. It's so mismatched to the mood of the song, though the same could be said of the dark, moody single sleeve. And yet Belinda got Diane back in for the I Get Weak video. Well, her taste has always been questionable. To my knowledge, Diane's never directed anything but those two videos. Kii.

    From Belinda's memoir:
    [Rick] and Ellen topped themselves [vers queens!] with "Heaven Is a Place on Earth." I heard the song the day after it was written. Rick sat at the piano, and Ellen sang. It was like they were showing me a newborn baby. I've had few reactions like the one I had after hearing [it]. I knew the song, even better than a hit, was a classic.
    Belinda does like her revisionist history, so I take that last sentence with a few grains of salt, but nevertheless, a moment in her career that is most pleasing to me.

    Belinda recorded an acoustic version for Wilder Bores, which was also included on the 30th Anniversary Edition of the album (only Belinda could get an album remastered three separate times in under a decade's time). While her voice is pretty nasally, I think it's actually rather gorgeous. I'd be down to play it at my eventual wedding someday.

    "It's hard not to give this my 11. It sits firmly among my favourite songs of all time and it's the only one that instantly makes me happy." - @Untitled (Spill some tea!)

    "Classic." - @Hatbar (More tea.)

    "Overplayed to death at every 80s night by now, but still such an anthem. I won a campsite karaoke contest with it once and am trying to get my friend record a version for his bf’s big birthday titled ‘Kevin is a Place on Earth’." - @Hudweiser (Amazing.)

    "How could this not be a 10? A classic song, a Belinda staple and still sounds so good even today."
    - @bonnieetclyde (That gif of a drag queen pointing and nodding in approval.)

    "Obviously a perfect song in every way but I prefer one other over it. As the host, please enjoy dragging me!"
    - @tylerc904 (Oh, I have.)

    "An anthem - surely everybody in the world knows this song! This cannot be anything less than a 10! Only over-familiarity would knock off some points! What a perfect pop-rock song, just glorious, catchy as hell, brilliant vocals and amazing production – really creating the Belinda sound and a template of what was to come. Belinda Carlisle, solo artist, arrived with this song - timeless!" - @CasperFan

    "I mean, possibly the song you could put a satellite heading out of the solar system, so if intelligent life discovers it they are like, 'these creatures seem alright.'" - @pop3blow2 (YES. But also, Out of This World found shaking!)

    "Well I mean, why wouldn’t I give this a 10? It’s an 80s classic, Belinda sounds amazing on it, and it’s just such an uplifting and happy track." - @Seventeen Days

    "An endlessly beautiful classic that defines a certain 80s vision of California, I won’t mind if the PJ masses are overly basic and vote this the winner." - @unnameable

    "We love a global smash containing the mother of key changes, flawless vocals and a video featuring some gorgeous arm- and hairography. Talent." - @Remorque (It really is an incredible key change.)

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  6. Well done @VivaForever - an awesome time was had! xxx

    Belle forever!
  7. Natch! Oh boy....

    But..ahem...yes, everything else I agree with. Awful video concept, badly executed. I couldn't watch all those spinning globes either.
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  8. I forgot to send myself the spreadsheet comparing how songs did in the singles rate to this rate, so I'll post those stats tonight. Probably. And other than that... we are finished. Whew.

    And now, an announcement.

    When I started hosting rates in 2014, there were three in particular that I wanted to do: Belinda Carlisle, Bananarama, and Rachel Stevens. In the five-ish years since, I’m delighted to say I’ve accomplished all three - Belinda twice, once as a singles rate (my first rate ever) and now as a discography rate. I’ve also hosted the X Factor Losers rate, the 1989 Part 2 rate (after assisting @Jeffo with Part 1), and my beloved Corrs’ discography rate.

    And the truth is, while I’m enjoying Popjustice in general more than I did for a while there, I’m enjoying rates less and less, particularly when it comes to hosting. There’s a real pressure to perform and make rates not only interesting but iconic that I don’t think was there in 2014. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or not. But it’s definitely different, and I certainly feel under more pressure as a host, hence the lack of enjoyment. So I’ve decided that it’s time for me to retire from hosting rates. (Will this be a Cher/Alcazar/Go-Go’s style “retirement” that I’ll end up springing back from? I’m not planning on it, but hey, I don’t think Cher or the Go-Go’s did either.)

    There are a few more rates I’d love to run. Billie Piper and the music of Pose come to mind - I even once got as far as making an elaborate gif for the Pose rate before deciding to do this one instead. I’ve also bounced around the idea of a “modern-day synth-pop girls” rate, featuring Taylor, Carly, Diana Vickers, and Betty Who. But the ideas will keep a-coming, as proved by how long it took me to get to that Bananarama rate when I pre-empted it for Rachel and XF. I’ve decided that it’s time for me to get out of the whole hosting game while the getting’s good.

    But first.

    I’m putting one last rate in the queue to go out with a bang. Now, if present circumstances were different, I’d end it here and now, with the discography rate of my #1 musical idol, the same one I started with five years ago. But present circumstances are what they are, and well, there’s one act that feels even more appropriate for me to end on than Belinda.

    An act that I’ve bopped to, cried to, lulled myself to sleep to, cried myself to sleep to, cried while bopping to… An act that I’ve analyzed, an act whose videos I’ve watched like a mini-film festival. An act that I never expected would be in a position to garner enough attention for a rate, let alone one to end my career on, but an act that, like Belinda, closes another loop with my rate history, ending my career on a self-referential high.

    And so, friends, here is the trailer for the last-ever VivaForever rate, coming #SOON (early 2020) to a Popjustice near you.

    I know, has anyone ever made an actual trailer for a rate before?
    Remember who the real extra queen is around here.
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  9. You are so valid.
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  10. You can't drop all these bombshells at one time @VivaForever! I'm in the the middle of my Mandy rate & my emotions are already being tested!

    I feel like I to formulate an outline now, to address the ending posts of the Belinda rate > the news of your next rate > & the fact you're saying it's your last. Wut?!

    Seriously though, hopefully just taking a break after Shakespears Sister would restore your host juices. You're fantastic at it. I can't tell anyone how to feel, though, especially since Mandy is my first rate. I want to do more in the future maybe, but also went into hers with the notion she might the only one I ever do... and since she's my fave I'm going all out! Rates should be fun for the hosts though... so if you're feeling pressure I understand your concern. Rates aren't a competition. I've seen some other people mention similar concerns as you, so I hope they don't become that way.

    As far as Belinda, there was never a doubt in my mind Heaven would win or deserve to. It's one of those songs that just is what amazing pop is to me. That Tizzy version is something. (Degree OMG Jams - *scream!* )

    Thanks for hosing a wonderful rate & being as nice as possible in the draggings of my 'excitable' scores.
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  11. If I understand correctly, it was some kind of promotion where if you bought Degree Girl products, you could redeem codes for free downloads of Heaven, Time After Time, Never Gonna Give You Up, I Wanna Dance with Somebody, and... that well-known megahit Too Many Walls. Fucking incredible.

    Actually her version of Too Many Walls is pretty good.
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  12. Yeah, I've heard that. Her vocal was pretty good on it, but there were some production choices made there. Some real choices.

    You know how I feel about 'Too Many Walls'. whew.
  13. Also, your rate trailer!



    (See you dropped too many bombshells at one time, now I'm firing off multiple messages!)
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  14. Thank you so much @VivaForever for hosting this rate-it's been so much fun and a worthy winner (even though my 11 only hit number 16!)
  15. I just realised, @VivaForever 's write up for Heaven.... mentioned everything except this:

    The elephant in the room (c) Alexandra Burke.
  16. Heaven is the best song of all time, so it's only natural and fair that it won. Well done everyone, I was worried we'd have a repeat of the singles rate where people disgustingly voted it in 4th. What a fucking song.

    Thank you for honouring Queen Belegenda @VivaForever.
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