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Heaven Is a Rate on Earth. The Belinda Carlisle Rate. Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Eh? What's the connection?
  2. When the Heaven single became a smash, there was a bit of a legal to-do with the writers of the Bon Jovi hit....I remember Belinda getting irked when it was mentioned in interviews around the time. There is quite a similarity in the chorus I guess.
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  3. Huh. Never knew that. Then again, I'd literally never knowingly heard a Bon Jovi song other than It's My Life up till this past weekend when I went to a drag show at Pride and two drag kings did a routine to Livin' on a Prayer.

    I did see on Wikipedia just now that it was actually a rewritten version of Bonnie Tyler's If You Were a Woman... another Bonnie/Belinda connection!
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  4. A Shakespear's Sister rate? But we already rated Marcella's best song in this rate and I gave it my 11!
  5. She looks totally stunning in the Leave A Light On video and I think that's probably why it's my favourite Belinda song.
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  6. I remember reading a 'Roses are read, violets are blue' poem she came up with in one of the pop magazines (I'm thinking Oz Smash Hits - in which case it was probably a re-print from the UK edition, or maybe Number One) around that time that was:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Bon Jovi's beard is weird
    And so are you
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  7. I didn't participate in this rate, obviously, but I'm glad that 'Runaway Horses' and 'Summer Rain' both did well.
  8. Interesting as “You Give Love...” was in itself a rewrite of a Bonnie Tyler flop “If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man).” Songwriter Desmond Child was convinced there was a hit in there and talked Bon Jovi into reworking it with him. Popular set of chords!

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  9. Harrumph! Well, I sort of saw it coming I suppose. I actually think I overscored Heaven as I felt its ubiquity was perhaps making me be more harsh than I should be. But actually, I never choose to listen to it and have been known to skip it when it comes on shuffle and turn the radio off when its played. I probably should have given it a 5 or a 6.

    Anyway, @VivaForever; what a splendid rate! Thank you so much. I'm sorry that you won't be hosting many more as I think you always do a great job, but if it's not fun anymore there's no point eh?
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  10. First of all, we all owe a great debt of gratitude to @Robsolete, without whose 11 Heaven would have tied with Horses at #2. Unless, of course, he'd given it to Horses, in which case the two would have swapped positions.

    Now, as promised, the comparison of results between the two rates. First, here are the songs that appeared in both rates, compared purely by rank. SR is their rank in the singles rate, while DR is their rank in this rate, and DRS their rank in this rate among the songs in both rates. C represents their change in positions.

    As I compiled that, however, it struck me that it may not be a perfect indicator. For instance, it felt like I Won't Say (I'm in Love) stuck around much longer this time than last time, because it beat so many album tracks and extras. So here they are compared by percentile. (For instance, In Too Deep is in the 93rd percentile of this rate, meaning it ranked higher than 93% of the songs in the rate.)

    But either way, In Too Deep is the most improved, followed by Sun, Mad About You, and I Feel the Magic.
  11. Fantastic job hosting, @VivaForever. I'm glad I got to discover some new bops, and celebrate the legacy of Belegenda.
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  12. I've been re-visiting the mammoth 80s rate thing I did in 2014, and I get what you mean. PJ, like pop itself, is an ever-changing beast and while I agree with you that I can't decide if that's personally a good or bad development, it is what it is. Overall, there seems to be a bit of a fin-de-siecle vibe for many users lately who have been around for a long time.

    There are some astonishing rates in terms of knowledge, creativity and depth of debate, but I tend to find them exhausting and the sheer popularity of the the Rates concept only adds to that. I had to bail out of any rate participation (beyond very small, nice ones) myself at the start of this year.

    (Likewise the Song Contests. What could once upon a time be a fairly shambolic, low-key event with maybe 20 people joining in have become massive, Globalised undertakings where the level of scrutiny and detail surrounding the themes, content and rules make Brexit look simple by comparison!).
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  13. Glad to be of service.

    While there are certainly other 11-worthy songs in her catalogue, there was never any doubt whatsoever that Heaven was going to get mine.

  14. After visiting the PJ Forums for 5+ years, I finally started to poke around in this tread a couple of years ago & didn't even take part in my first rate unit last year. As such, I'm still kinda new to it all... (even though I rated my own music in my own in similar fashion, since I was kid!) I'm just now undertaking rate hosting, but I'll see how this first one goes. I'm having fun, even though I know I was really a bit extra with it all & made it more work than it probably needs to be. A lot of the fluff was fun for me though, at least this first time around.

    True story, one reason it took me so long to participate in rates here is I thought you had to be invited by the host. I would see rate threads with 'Reserved' & usernames listed... so I thought those were people 'in the know' who got invited to participate. I was like, 'oh, I'll likely never be cool enough to get invited!' It wasn't until the Taylor Swift rate last year until I finally spoke up asked if I could participate. @ohnotsalgia was like, 'uh, yeah. you're more than welcome to' I was like, 'oh, thanks.' Haha!

    I loved this rate though @VivaForever & will most likely take part in your Shakespears Sister one, even though I really only know their first two albums.
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  15. Happy to have you! It's going to be the two duo albums, the new EP that's coming out, the new album if they put one out, and ten solo songs each.
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  16. I should've said it earlier but I just got a free minute: thank you so much @VivaForever! This was one of the most entertaining rates I've taken part in (even tho the results were wild) and I loved your write-ups. I agree that it can be overwhelming when all the hosts seem to be pulling out all the stops (I have my second rate lined up and, trust me, I'm asking myself what the hell was I thinking all the time dd) so I find it totally relatable to only sign up for artists you're invested in the most. Looking forward to the Shakespears one!

    Also, I did that! Only 0.03 lower than my Hounds Of Love average nńñ
  17. Agreed! I lurked my way through this rate, smirking at some flop opinions, but always enjoying the write-ups and general vibe of the rate. It does feel like change is in the air around here, and that's not always a bad thing. I'm a fan, @VivaForever !! Thanks for running this so well.
  18. This was really an enjoyable rate for me too @VivaForever and I’ve learned a lot about Belinda so thank you!
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  19. I'm sad it's over.
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  20. I've realized I did We Can Change and Fool for Love DIRTY by not giving them a 9 and a 10, respectively.
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