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Heaven Is a Rate on Earth. The Belinda Carlisle Rate. Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. How about Change?

    (I noticed earlier that the Real demos were missing but didn't want to be neurotic about it. But now that you've added the other two, my OCD is like porque no los tres?)
  2. Ah, didn't spot that one - I'll add it now. I only noticed the other two because they were in the CD singles set (which... I now see Change is too). Flop fan.
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  3. My 11 shortlist:
    • Heaven Is a Place on Earth
    • I Get Weak
    • Half the World
    • In Too Deep
  4. La Luna could well get mine. I always play a fantasy video in my head where she's running around narrow streets, and during the final chorus and outro there's mucho sexy tango couples dancing in sync.
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  5. I've started my scores.

    I'm praying we don't get a repeat of the single rate, where people mark down Heaven Is a Place On Earth just because it's so iconic that they assume it's going to win. Belinda didn't record the greatest song of all time for you to underscore it.
  6. I already know my 11, and it's definitely from Heaven on Earth.
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  7. Agreed. The bubbly was NAUXT in the fridge.

    What's worse is I don't actually think people marked it down thinking it would win. I think people genuinely didn't like it as much as The Same Thing and Summer Rain. God willing, those who have come since have more sense...
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  8. There's, like, 10 or so songs that could take the top spot here and I wouldn't mind actually...
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  9. From Belinda's memoir:
    She follows this up, by the way, with an anecdote about Brian Wilson recording his parts for California in between "burps and farts from whatever he'd eaten earlier," and opens the next chapter with an anecdote about stalking her new neighbor, Tracey Thorn.
  10. Hello. This is very exciting, I may take part. I am perhaps alone then in thinking Voila is amazing. I quite enjoyed some of Wilder Shores too...
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  11. Going to try and do this. I’m only familiar with her singles and the Runaway Horses album so this is the kick up the arse I need to delve deeper.

    Any recommendations as to what to start with?
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. An interesting thing I just noticed: the two Live Your Life-era B-sides have titles that don't appear prominently in the songs. "I need to breathe the air you breathe" is a brief lyric in one verse, and although "Life is only a dream" is a line in the chorus, I wouldn't have picked it out as a title. I'd have thought they were called Die From Love and Make a Wish on a Star, respectively.

    Annnnnnnnnnd I just spotted another song I left out (because it wasn't on the Edsel reissues!). Bless the Beasts and the Children is now in the extras. I'm still leaving out the Christmas songs (Christmas Lullaby, Silver Bells, and Do You Hear What I Hear) because we know what happens to those...
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  14. I need to jump into this.
  15. Same here. I'll do my best!
  16. Why did I never realise how strong Live Your Life Be Free is?! I always put her second and third albums miles ahead of anything else but revisiting it today I'm like "wow, this is right up there with her best."
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  17. I prefer The Air You Breathe to 90% of the album actually. Such a great tune.
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  18. I probably will at least submit scores for this, as the debut and extras aside, I can pretty rate everything from memory.

    The difficulty will be choosing an eleven though. There are at least five songs that spring to mind.
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  19. I prefer Only a Dream to probably 60%-ish of the album. “Lavender, tangerine” is so random but also a moment.
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  20. I'm not gonna lie, folks, Real is still hard to get through.
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