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Heaven Is a Rate on Earth. The Belinda Carlisle Rate. Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Literally the only song I've ever heard on Real is "Big Scary Animal", so that ought to be interesting.
  2. Big Scary Animal is amazing, and I don't mind Goodbye Day, but I'm never sure if I like or hate Lay Down Your Arms, and the rest of the album is, frankly, a drag.

    I know I'm potentially influencing results, and I don't care.
  3. I love Too Much Water. It's so breezy.

    Windows of the World, Goodbye Day, and the singles are all great.
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  4. Big Scary Animal and Lay Down Your Arms are two of my favourite Belinda singles, but the whole Real album is wonderful.

    The only song I'm not keen on is Here Comes My Baby. Wrap My Arms, Goodbye Day and Tell Me are utterly top quality Belinda album tracks for me as well.

    It's a grower, but a brilliant album.
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  5. We ostensibly have two weeks from today. Obviously I'll be extending that as always, but how are people feeling about the rate in general? I'm a bit concerned as I've only received four sets of votes.
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  6. Also, I'm thinking of removing Blue Period since Belinda's barely on it. Anyone disagree?
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  7. I'd have liked Voila included but I understand why it wasn't.

    Hope you get more rates coming in. I enjoyed doing mine.
  8. Belinda having a flop rate would be entirely congruous with her recent career though.

    We could just have slight variations on this rate 2-3 times a year too.
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  9. Do it.
  10. We'll just change the title, shuffle the song order around, and always include Shades of Michelangelo for no reason. It'll be great!
    I've done it.
  11. We can rate the Disney Cast version of I Won't Say I'm In Love by accident too.
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  12. I'm on this. I'll definitely get my scores in by 29th, although commentary might have to be done as the reveals happen.
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  13. I'm just about finishing my scores!
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  14. My personal stats:

    Belinda - Low: 4 x 1 - High: 8 x 1 - Avg: 6.40
    Heaven on Earth - Low: 5 x 2 - High: 10 x 2 - Avg: 7.30
    Runaway Horses - Low: 5 x 1 - High: 10 x 3 - Avg: 8.25
    Live Your Life Be Free - Low: 5 x 1 - High: 10 x 4 - Avg: 8.55
    Real - Low: 3 x 1 - High: 10 x 1 - Avg: 5.60
    A Woman and a Man - Low: 4 x 1 - High: 11 x 1 (9 x 1) - Avg: 6.64
    Extras - Low: 3 x 2 - High: 10 x 3 - Avg: 6.33

    Seems right. I'm a little surprised at Live Your Life outranking Horses, but it makes sense actually.
  15. I've rated everything from Heaven on Earth to A Woman and A Man, so I've only got the debut and extras to go.

    My votes will definitely be in #soon.
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  16. Okay. Whenever you're ready.
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  17. My goal is to wrap this up this week, but it may run into next weekend. I'll definitely have it done before the deadline though.

    What I Am Doing:
    • Bopping
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  18. I too will be wrapping up this week. The extras and commentary are all I have yet to finish.
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  19. Live Your Life is completely '90s in the same way Heaven is completely '80s. It's brilliant.
  20. I'm three albums in, but I'm going about this very slowly what else is new.

    God, Live Your Live Be Free-Do You Feel Like I Feel-I Plead Insanity.

    A trifecta, people.
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