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Heaven Is a Rate on Earth. The Belinda Carlisle Rate. Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. For me it's Do You Feel LIke I Feel-I Plead Insanity-Little Black Book but I've never been all that crazy about the title track.
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  2. Clearly it's Live Your Life Be Free/Half the World/Little Black Book/World of Love.
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  3. World Without You is the one today. That chorus key change, whew
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  4. Bumpity bump.

    Seven days until the supposed deadline. Who wants an extension, say aye.
  5. Elsewhere on the Internet, I'm turning the population of a Carmen Sandiego forum into Belinda fans.

    As one does.
  6. I was really stanning her during 91-93.

    Her run on my chart at the time:

    91 Live Your Life Be Free #2
    91 Live Your Life Be Free album #1
    91 Do You Feel Like I Feel #1

    92 Half The World #4 - my favourite
    92 Little Black Book #2
    92 The Best Of Belinda album #1
    92 You Came Out Of Nowhere #5
    93 Love Revolution #4
    93 World Of Love #5
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  7. I always think Loneliness Game is sorely underrated. It's heartbreaking
    as well as being a prototype for the subject matter of Britney's Lucky.

    It would have made a great single. The melody and hooks are undeniable.
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  8. Let’s try this again. WHO WANTS AN EXTENSION, SAY AYE.
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  9. Yes please!!!
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  10. Wow, I totally wasn’t planning to do this, but due to overwhelming public outcry, I guess I’ll have to extend the deadline!

    The new Fan Demanded Deadline is April 12. Be there or be square.
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  11. ...y'all.

    LOOK WHAT I FOUND TODAY. and it was only $5!

  12. Oh my goodness... jelly!
  13. I've only got the extras to do, but with PJSC and PJ00s to do as well then the extension definitely helps.
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  14. I'm glad you got Belie Cal and Chantts Calfour to sign it!
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  15. Yeah, thanks for the extension @VivaForever. I wanted to do this, but got a bit behind on some other PJ stuff launching my rate, so I wasn't sure I'd get to.

    Went through the thread to get caught up & I listened to Belinda all morning. Got 30 of the songs rated... I mean it was her earlier stuff which I know pretty well, so that made it easier. Excited to get to some of the later stuff & extras, as I'm not as familiar there.
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  16. Anyone have the faintest idea why Demon Music Group have felt the need to arse about with the track listing of Live Your Life Be Free on the youtube upload of the full album?

    Starting with Emotional Highway is…. a choice.
  17. Thanks for the extension!
  18. Thank you for the extension! I meant to get this done this weekend, but I had an unexpected visitor and kind of lost track of time.

    In related news, I can safely say that "Valentine" and the single mix of "(We Want) The Same Thing" are my top two favorite discoveries in this rate, so far.
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  19. Not me listening to Real > opening eBay to find a copy to buy > and seeing this listing (thus, highly considering dropping some cash)

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