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Heaven Is a Rate on Earth. The Belinda Carlisle Rate. Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. I only gave out 8 x 10s (and an 11), which seems a tad stingy given how hard-wired she is into my musical landscape. Very few <6's though.
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  2. There are 8 10s on Live Your Life Be Free alone.
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  3. Happy Monday everyone.

    Are we all listening to some Belegenda today? I sure hope so.
  4. I was last night. Only have some Extras still to complete.
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  5. I'm over halfway there!
  6. I keep getting stuck in the first halves of Runaway Horses and Live Your Life Be Free.

    The woman was on a fucking roll.
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  7. It's a shame LYLBF contains Emotional Highway. I'd forgotten how banal it is.
  8. I really wanted to love the whole of 'Live Your Life Be Free', given what a monster the title track is. A lot of it just didn't click with me, though. Gonna give it one more shot this week and see if any of it starts to grow on me.
  9. @VivaForever I've rated everything except the following the 5, that I can't find versions of online or don't have:

    - Why
    - Don't Cry
    - Listen To Love
    - He Goes On
    - Kneel At Your Feet
  10. We're now at eight voters, counting me.

    Tempus fugit.
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  11. My scores are finished. I'll double check them tomorrow just to make sure everything is just right and then send them in.
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  14. Currently relistening to Real. I'll get this done, promise!
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  15. I'm almost there! I just have to give the extras one more listen, and get some commentary in. I'll try to have this done by Wednesday at the latest.
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  16. Just got the extras to do!
  17. Apologies in advance to lovers of A Woman and a Man, but that thing was a slag to get through. Except for "In Too Deep" and maybe "Always Breaking My Heart", it's not one I could see myself returning to.
  18. It didn’t click with me until recent years, but I find it quite solid now. Remember September and Kneel at Your Feet are especially fantastic.
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  19. A Woman and a Man is the only one I never renewed from cassette to CD so I've forgotten much of it. The singles were good though. I love California, even if she's at maximum-goat on it.
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