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Heaven Is a Rate on Earth. The Belinda Carlisle Rate. Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. oh no
    Okay, we're good.
  2. Scores submitted! No commentary though. I'll do that as the reveals happen.

    I had to enlist the help of the BF to choose my 11. I'd narrowed it down to 4, but he helped me see sense. Thanks Monkey-Wolf!
  3. The 11s list is down to - Mad About You, Heaven is a place on earth, half of the Runaway Horses album, and Little Black Book.
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  4. That's fair honestly.
  5. This was me!!
  6. Not directly rate-related, but I tore through Belinda's memoir over the past couple days in an attempt to gather some tidbits for the rate - of which there were a few, but only a few.

    I can understand people's frustration with it not covering enough of her solo career, but I think that's down to a couple of things: one, her main audience was people interested in the Go-Go's, given that Americans don't really know her solo beyond Heaven; two, the book is really more about her struggles with addiction than her career; and three, I get the feeling she doesn't remember much about her imperial era because she was always off her head. (A Jacquie O'Bananarama tea.) Like, I don't think it's a coincidence that the album she has the most to say about is A Woman and a Man, by which time she'd started to sober up, though she explains she wasn't truly sober until the making of Voilà.

    Honestly, for me it's a hard thing to have read even though it was really compelling reading material. As some of you know, I really idolize imperial-era Belinda - her style, her voice, and her whole aesthetic - and it's hard knowing that that person didn't really exist and was mostly a projection of junkie Belinda and her management and labels. As a pop fan, I know there's always a disconnect between presentation and reality, but it seems in Belinda's case reality was actually something altogether separate from presentation.

    I enjoyed reading it, but I wish I hadn't read it.
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  7. The differing accounts of the Go-Gos make it sound like they went at it until they couldn't any more. Belinda then has to try and keep career momentum without having time to recover.

    On a lighter note, this rate has me dancing round my bedroom to "Fool for love" like I was fourteen again.
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  8. I'm up for a promotion until April 29th, so rating songs hasn't really been a priority, but I've cleared my schedule this weekend to rate all of Belinda and get these in by Sunday! That's a promise.

    I've always thought this. My mother always told me Belinda was a drug addict, but as a kid you never really believe it, because the woman looked perfect, sounded exquisite and made bops. Growing up and realizing just how much she had lost herself when beginning her music career is a hard things to swallow.
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  9. I think the hardest thing for me in reading Belinda's autobiography was how horribly insecure she was all her life, and how that more or less fueled her addiction. It struck a nerve in me that this woman who I always found incredibly gorgeous was struggling with such low self-esteem behind closed doors.
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  10. I'm SO sorry! I missed it, been so busy with work. Will watch the results with huge interest.
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  11. Tick-tock, ladies.

    I'll let you all slip through till Sunday my time.
  12. I have to plug the last few sets of scores into my spreadsheet, but I think one of two songs I would not have expected to win is currently in the lead.
  13. Thank goodness, because I need to listen to some extras.
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  14. Final hours to get them votes in!
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  15. I've retired from rates, other than very low-key small ones. Will probably follow the results!
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  16. Assuming I don't get any more votes in:
    • Only one song got multiple 11's. It didn't even make the top ten.
    • The top two both got eleven 10's (out of thirteen participants), with the winner getting one 11.
    • The lowest-ranking 11 sits in 37th place (out of 86).
    • The lowest-ranking 10 sits in 81st place.
    • The highest-ranking 1 sits in 71st place.
    • The highest-ranking song with a score below 5 sits in 28th place.
    • Only one song has an average below 5.
    • We only have two ties, but one is a four-way tie.
  17. Fingers crossed my Eleven is at least top 5
  18. Okay, votes are in, so it's time for the official Belinda Carlisle Rate Commentary Drinking Game!
    • Do a shot every time the Bangles are mentioned
    • Do a shot every time Bon Jovi is mentioned
    • Do a shot every time someone calls a song filler (and is probably right)
    • Do a shot every time someone calls a song relatable
    • Do a shot every time a song is deemed "more Go-Go's than Belinda"
    • Do a shot every time someone suggests Carly Rae Jepsen cover a song (okay, this only happened twice, but it's so specific)
    • Finish the bottle every time I learn something is a cover
  19. 86. Don't Cry - 4.44
    Extras (Real-era demo, 1993)

    Highest score: 8.3 (@pop3blow2)
    Lowest score: 1 (@unnameable)​

    Not a lot to say about our first elimination. It was written by Belinda with her former Go-Go's bandmate and frequent writing partner Charlotte Caffey, along with Charlotte's brother Tom. It later ended up on CD2 of Love in the Key of C, along with the demos of Too Much Water and Whatcha Doin' to Me.

    "I guess if this weren’t a demo, it might have been better?" @Seventeen Days (3) reflects. "I dunno, but it’s just really not doing anything for me. I tried listening to it 3 times, and found myself getting bored each time."

    @Hudweiser (4) is "Glad this didn’t advance past demo stage. Dull." @CasperFan (3) similarly calls it "Tuneless and boring!" "This sounds like she’s going through the motions," says @unnameable (1).

    Finally, high scorer @pop3blow2 (8.3) has "no idea why, but this sorta sounds a bit like a Disney song, to me. I mean, that's not a bad thing, at all.... just where my brain went."
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