Heidi Montag

I'm glad songs as good as Body Language and Blackout are A) well suited to Heidi's voice and B) in the hands of two fame hungry and persistent people.

I have faith in Heidi and Spencer. I always hate seeing a great pop song go down the drain, and I have a feeling that they won'l let that happen (mainly out of their own delusions), especially to Blackout and Body Language.

I am now on Team Heidi. Hope to hear Body Language on a night out soon!
coldmanilk said:
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scandipop said:
How is this not top 100 on US iTunes yet?!

I was just going to post that! Surely people can see past Heidi and realise its an amazing song!

No I don't think ANYONE can see past Heidi.

Hate to agree...but I do. The fact is shes is not generally liked, and is not a particularly good singer or dancer, so no matter how good (Body Language) her tracks and production are, I cant see how she'll ever get anywhere as a singer.

Oh well as long as I get the tracks and shes happying doing them, I guess it doesnt really matter how successful they are.
Let's all consider for a minute how interesting Heidi Montag would be without Spencer.

She'd go from a Category 1 bore to a full-blown Category 5 coma.
Tafkap said:
If it wasn't for Spencer, Heidi wouldn't have had half the Pop career she has now.

He really has been the driving force behind her career. Compare where Heidi stands in terms of tabloid coverage (albeit not all favourable, but all publicity is good publicity, right?) to, say, Audrina...
He's still a major dickhead, though - moreso than Heidi herself. She should use and abuse him, then people may warm to her ever so slightly... Stress the may.
If Ryan Seacrest cared what Spencer Pratt said than he is "disCusting". Besides who's the one with the REAL money, Spence? That's right.
OK so what an earth is happening with her iTunes releases?! Now she puts out another EP 'Here She Is' with the same songes she already released, but no Body Language? Her supposed first big single?? Crazy!! And annoying, why cant we just get a normal bloody album!