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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Andy French, Sep 17, 2021.

  1. More atmospheric dream pop that I found while perusing Bandcamp absentmindedly? Binch u guessed it!

    Their two newest songs dropped today and they are absolutely divine:

    There's definitely some strong trip-hop vibes here, and I'm also getting shades of Bowery Electric and Tamaryn. Their artwork is also gorgina.

    Let the tagging spree begin! @Jonathan27 @Jwentz @Dreampopboy @beyoncésweave @Petty Mayonnaise @fancygreen
  2. Tamaryn teas? Count me in!

    Thank you for the tag sis!

    EDIT: 691 monthly listeners on Spotify?? White Silas found mainstream!
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  3. Oh, this is gorgeous!
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  4. Was vibing with the song and then the ending crashed in and I vibed harder. Woooo.
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  5. They dropped the full EP today!

    I really enjoyed External World and Soften the Blow but it's nice to have a full set to sink into: Bodyworlds is giving adrift in space and I'm living for it.
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