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Helena Paparizou - Apohrosis (Album, Jan 29)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, Dec 21, 2020.

  1. Queen of Greek bops is back soon with her 10th album "Apohrosis", which will probably include all of the pre-release tracks from the past three years, but most importantly, she has a new smash called "Déjà vu" feat. Marseaux, out now. "Focus" by Ariana Grande found shaking!

    Previous bops include:

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  2. She's just been so good these past couple of years, a late-career imperial era if you will.
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  3. Her output has been very strong as of late.

    Deja Vu is a bop.
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  4. Eh... I don't like the cover.

    Feels like an inferior "Revival", plus her faceshopping is off. Anywho, still looking forward to the bops, especially after "Deja vu".
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  5. Yeah, literally mentioned it in the last line.
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  7. Yeh her face looks awkward on the cover but I like what I see as a whole. I'm happy with all the singles so far, always excited for new Paparizou.
  8. Do you have any idea why her fifth Greek album is not on Spotify?
  9. I see all of them, if you're speaking of "Ti Ora Tha Vgoume?".

    As for the cover, her second nudey in a row. "Ouranio Toxo" had her topless, covering herself with a feather boa.
  10. Whaaat?
  11. Yeah, some things are excluded from certain regions unfortunately... sorry to see that, it's 2021. Even your "Iparhi Logos" cover is different from the one I see etc.
  12. Strange question time: I'm making up a playlist of songs by people who have been coaches on The Voice (anywhere in the world). If you had to recommend one Helena song, what would it be?
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  13. Baby It's Over was a bop, if you are looking for English language tracks. Definitely others seem to know more about her discography and more recent releases.
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  14. If you want impact, go with her Eurovision win, My Number One.

    If you want a hit bop, Baby It's Over.

    If you want my personal favourite? This masterpiece:

    I can cry if i think how much of a triumph this song is.
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  15. I co-sign what Vas said, "Pirotehnimata" is her best one by a mile.
  16. *robotic voice*
    if you wanna PARTY
  17. Thanks for the suggestions, will have a listen! I was looking to add some international flavour to the list as I'm pretty sorted for the artists who have done the UK/US/Ireland/Australia versions plus a handful of others - if anyone has recommendations from elsewhere, feel free to PM.
  18. Oh my God, ''Pirotehnimata'' is an absolute masterpiece. Also, try ''Love Me Crazy'', ''Baby It's Over'', ''Light in Our Soul'', all great.
  19. Pirotexhnmata is top tier Paparizou

    So its “Baby Its Over”.

    I actually don’t think she has a bad song in her Discography.
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