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Helena Paparizou - Apohrosis (Album, Jan 29)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, Dec 21, 2020.

  1. If we include Antique, may I throw this into the ring as well? Fuck, it's twenty years old!

    First listen to the new record, the non-single tracks have been a uniform wash of mediocre-to-pretty-good, but some great 80s/disco touches in places, thanks to The Weeknd Effect. I remember "Mi" being great.
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  2. Eh, Pirotehnimata is still my favorite song from her best album, but it was extremely disjointed, I wouldn't recommend it. That doesn't negate how wonderful it is but I've seen a lot of casuals having an averse reaction to it and I can't blame them. It'd be great if it was jumping into each part a bit faster without the dramatic gaps, if it had additional parts for better transitions or if the production helped more in this respect (instead it was fairly minimal and shifted as much as the melody did, so no help at all).

    This also deserves a mention I think?
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Also, a dick move to leave off "Kalokairi Kai Pathos" from the tracklist, it would've been Top 3 on the record.
  5. I'm extremely happy they left it out.
  6. How come? I'm not native, is there something problematic in the lyrics, or...? I thought it was a fairly good summer bop in the vein of "Fiesta".
  7. No, no it's just a fun, success-seeking pop hit. It didn't sound good to my ears considering the rest of the singles from this album are so powerful.
  8. I always found Kalokari Kai Pathos as little flat. It was trying to be a bit Fiesta/Haide but just didn’t quite hit the mark.

    Haide and Fiesta are both great songs, and happy we got English versions for them.
  9. Helena is my European Queen, and all her albums get hammered on my Spotify constantly, especially the Self-Titled/Game of Love/One Love. Can't wait for this!
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  10. Self-titled?
  11. Just heard the new album for the first time and it’s probably her best album for me.

    I hope there are plans to translate some of the songs into English because there are some deserved bangers in it.
  12. So....are the videos out or will those come later? (I haven't checked anything about the album outside this thread, apologies, I just want to experience everything when all videos are out.)
  13. I'm not sure if they're even coming, but there's a teaser, and, uh, the budget was in the decimals for this. I'd suggest not to wait for it...

    I mean, completely understandable, but the other videos were all pretty good.

    By the way, I'm stanning our Balkan Queen because she's basically a high-gloss/poppier version of the local turbo-folk genre I've been exposed to since childhood (and which is substantially less enjoyable). You also wouldn't believe how many of her/Antique songs were plagiarized in the past 20 years... See this recent facsimile.
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  14. Here's the Poundland video for the album closer, "Anamoni".
  15. You know what? After a month, this is absolutely correct. No single was anywhere near her best ones, but it's a consistently great record. Reminds me a lot of my second favorite, "Giro Apo T' Oniro", which had a similar magpie approach to a variety of pop sounds.
  16. This is currently my favourite track from her new album. A certified bop, love the 80s influences and live instrumentation.

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