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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by WoW73, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. She has some very cheesy songs, but I love her singles output since 2013, esp the remixes (Atemlos, Herzbeben, Achterbahn...). Her live shows are quite fantastic, saw the recent on in Koln.
    She's Germany's only real superstar I guess?
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  2. Don't do Sarah Connor like that, Helene.
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  3. Ah, yes, Sarah Connor... Like her German songs much better than the old ones in English
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  4. Gettin' Kylie-vibes
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  5. Her song wenn du last is so good
  6. Yes, it is a beautiful song!
  7. Tonight is the night, after many years finally a concert in Holland.

    Get ready y'all hehehe

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  8. For those in Europe: her 2018 Summer concert is shown tonight on ZDF.
    Who knows, @Maki or @londonrain might tune in. Pretty sure @Filippa won't hehehe
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  9. londonrain

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  10. Any straight guys on this forum?
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  11. Sis
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  12. Why!?

  13. I wish I could like her even a tiny little bit , me being german n’all , but I honestly feel she personifies everything that is wrong with german pop
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  14. I disagree completely, of course - the comment I made was about Josh hehehe
    Helene is my favourite German pop artist of all time (well, not her early stuff to be honest)
  15. Fully despise her music and whole thing. She is without any personality, too perfect, too mainstream. There isn’t a single edge to anything about her and the music is still Schlager.
  16. I’m sorry, but her existence and whole career is justified by this one piece of amazing Schlager pop! I never tire of it. It could only be improved if there was a key change for the final chorus.

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  17. Her best yet! But, have you heard her 2017 album? That has some bangers, too:

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  18. She’s just so utterly calculated and charmless , and it has nothing to do with the schlager-type music she does - there’s some amazing schlager that is up there with the best pop but her brand comes across as cynical and soulless. She tries so hard to be perfect - as if that’s what makes a great popstar
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  19. I can't deny that Helene does her thing to an incredibly high standard. Who else can sing and dance and put on a three hour Christmas TV show like Helene? Germany is under her spell.

    For me, Helene is not a pop star or even a schlager one - it's all very West-End-show-based-on-pop-hits - that's why it doesn't appeal to me. It doesn't have an edge or challenge anything or anyone.
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