Does anyone know how to get the time display to standard AM/PM? While it may very well be \"22:57\", my brain cannot process any time greater than 12!
The queen is back. However she is all blurry and I do not appreciate this. At least it seems like everyone is in the same position, though.

It\'s so hard to recognise everyone without their avatars too.
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Does anybody know, how to get from the main page to the forum is still haven\'t figured out..

It\'s at the top of the page with all the other nav links, but doesn\'t show unless you zoom in at 110% on your browser. Yet another problem that needs fixing!
I just noticed something else amazing, all of the new threads always have one more view than the number of replies! (Or is this just me? haha)
Has everyone discussed yet the reasons behind separate \"Profile picture\" and \"Avatar\" in profile settings?

(I can\'t add my avatar, but I was able to add my profile picture. I think.)
This is all very beautiful. I really like the design and the layout and yadda yadda yadda. Well done all concerned. Obviously it\'s all in the developing stages so there are bound to be some teething problems, but the main bugbear I have is that some sections of the forum aren\'t in date order - other than that, it\'s all spiffing. Marvellous.
I love that it\'s all white and I can read the forum anywhere without having to hide all the pink when someone\'s looking at me. Yay.
Maybe this has been asked but I missed it: any new options similar to Unread Posts, Unread Topics? I lived for those two!

And where is K-pop?
Are the threads in all but the main forum appearing in some random order (i.e. threads from 2006 at the top) for everyone else?
He / Him
YAY! I\'m finally back, stupid email addresses!

Well I\'m kind of used to the migraine inducing brightness of the place now, but there are so many things wrong... WHERE is the K-Pop board for a start! And this is so hard to use on a mobile.
I\'m glad the avatars are back and a lot of the glitches are now getting fixed. Hopefully everything, such as the TV section will be back to normal soon