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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. 404: Not just Nadine Coyle\'s album sales figure. I love this.
  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Mr. Arroz needs his name back! ARGH.

    I can handle change. I think. I got through four years of college and now this last one outside of it with PJ as it was so I\'m freaking out.
  3. I love how we\'re all acting like survivors of a sci-fi nuclear holocaust, walking into the ruins of a world.
  4. Not sure if someone\'s mentioned already - the Comeback forum seems to display the threads in alphabetical order instead of date order which is somewhat confusing.

    Oh and YAY, now my full name shows up instead of ShakespearsMist.
  5. Also, don\'t know about everyone else but when looking at the forum the \'Last post\' only says \'Today\' instead of the time? I do like to keep on top of things so this will also confuse my little brain.
  6. Ok, just realised the time is there, but it\'s white-on-white. See? You\'re confusing me already!!!
  7. I love the new look site and forum. I like change, especially when it\'s aesthetic. It\'s almost a shame that the same old drivel is going to be posted on the forums when everything is so sparkling.

    BUT why has everyone got different usernames? This is one change I can\'t get behind. It\'s like coming home from school to find your parents asking you to call them \'Ken\' and \'Sue\'. No.
  8. SBK


    Its 190pixels Liam. One click of a mousewheel.

    You\'re making out like you\'re having to scroll for a week to get to the forum content. Its not one of those fansite headers where they\'ve got 20 hq pictures of Nicola Roberts flashing.

    Anyway, it looks like they\'ve included the site CSS file to keep it seamless, but thats cause a lot of the forum functionality to be overwritten and lost (white on white / not displaying)
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  9. I hate to be a nag.. but any update on the K-Pop section? Are we getting a new one? Is it going to be recovered? Or is it going to be gone for good?

    I spend most of my Popjustice time there, that\'s all..
  10. Some forums seem to have done that, just make the below settings look like this, and it\'ll be fixed;

  11. I\'m re-registered at last - the captcha thing kep saying i was typing it wrong when I wasn\'t. Just posting this message to see if my username etc come up as normal.
  12. Well that was hard work. All the notifications/comments as I was logging in were tiny, I had to cut and paste them into word to get direction. Hopefully I\'m there now!
  13. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Well isn\'t this nice? Who are you, you, you and you?
  14. I just posted in the Pop Retail section and note that the threads are indeed coming up alphabetically rather than in the order of the most recent posts.
  15. I like the new look! Although the homepage looks a bit cluttered to me. How do I get my avatar to work (if it hasn\'t in this post)?
  16. Hi everyone, this is the user formerly known as Itty Bitty Piggy. I\'ve had to create a new account just to get in to the forum.

    Does anyone know why my original account isn\'t getting activated? I think I\'d quite like it back.
  17. I posted a solution for this on the page before this, look at the bottom.

    Did you reset your password? All users are required to do so. The second post in this thread (by me) contains the correct link to reset. I\'m not sure if it has been fixed on the Forgot Your Password page, yet. That could be the problem.
  18. I\'m so confused right now. The forum looks lovely though, will take a while to get used to but great job!
  19. I think the link has been fixed because it definitely took me to a password change page. I tried multiple times to enter my email address but after doing that it just redirected me back to the forum index and gave no notification that it had been registered. I\'ve had no emails about it either. Meanwhile it\'s managed to verify me having a new account...
  20. I like, though there is alot of white.
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