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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Vonchol, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Hello Popjustice
    I'm Mauricio from Chile,
    I have had this account for years and I had not read this part (so sorry) because I am clueless and maybe lazy I did not know until today that I had to introduce myself, i never understand why after years i could not answer any topic xd
    I'm Mauricio from Chile, my english is not perfect but I can understand and speak it (although I am ashamed to speak and that it turns out badly), my favorite artists are Kylie Minogue, Sugababes, Fangoria, EBTG, Dannii
    of the new Magdalena Bay and Yukika
    I can add that being a fan of Sugababes is very, very difficult and that Kylie is so wonderful
    Love Lara Croft and videogames...if anyone need has problems understanding Chilean or Argentine Spanish, let me know and I will help

    Saludos de Chile
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  3. Hi all. Signed up ages ago...posted on the forum a few time only for them to get deleted so gave up...

    Then spotted someone saying you have to introduce yourself first in here! haha DOH! So here I am.

    I'm Benjamin...feeling following Popjustice since early 2000s. Love all music and can't wait to get posting...now I know what I was doing wrong! haha.
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