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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Popjustice, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I'd like to say I welcome this change! Trying to keep up with K-Pop with just the general thread in the main section was a nightmare! It'll be nice to quickly locate info about new releases/performances etc but just going to the artist threads.
  2. It's going to take a while for me to get used to it, but at least everything is a bit more organised now.
  3. Does anyone think we should have a K-pop News thread? Or should news regarding groups, idols and general K-pop go in the general thread/ the respective artists thread?
  4. Personally I think the K-Pop general thread should be sticky'd and news get discussed there, but I'm open to anything!
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  5. Good idea~ I second this.
  6. Haha whose idea was this, fine.
    She's very well known in Korea and has a beautiful solo career. May not be in BoA scales, but she's made waves.
  8. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    I think we should be quite liberal with the thread starting at the beginning just to get things going and then see how it goes. One of the biggest problems with the Eurovision section is that people are too afraid to start new threads (it all goes into the 'general discussion' thread, basically). I don't see a problem with, for instance, a Key thread (I mean, what's the point of the k-pop thread without a Key thread?) and for different singles, music shows etc.

    HOWEVER: This is unless the anti k-pop PJ members (we all know they exist, unfortunately) are too bothered with a potentially quite big amount of k-pop threads in the "unread posts" feature.
  9. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    I'm thinking about starting a thread about amazing k-pop boyband trousers. We'll see about that one, though.
  10. That would basically be a SHINee thread.
  11. Interesting to have our own thread! But I will miss having everything condensed into one place...
  12. I bloody won't! Honestly, unless you were glued to that thread, you had no way of following anything really.
  13. I must admit I prefer having 1 single thread as I find it's less work to go through pages than having to visit multiple threads but seems like this is better for people wanting to get into K-Pop so thanks for the specially created sub-forum, Mr. PJ!
  14. 3Xs


    Well this is just a hot fucking mess.
  15. ^Not a fan, 3XS?

    But I saved creating the Kara thread just for you!
  16. We got a K-Pop forum? How random!

    I now never have to see SHINee again. Me gusta.
  17. Is there ANY way possible that we can rename this forum "Asian Pop Section" as previously requested?

    A lot of my favorite artists are J-Pop artists and are going to get lost in the regular Pop & Justice thread, with K-Pop being moved.

    Pretty please?
  18. It could get messy....people have already created a lot of k-pop threads, and in introducing new people to k-pop it would just be confusing for them to have J-pop ones in the mix too, unless this sub-forum is split into sections.

    Plus would threads for your favorite artists create enough discussion or just linger at the bottom? The J-pop thread doesn't seem to be as popular as the K-pop one is.
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  19. I think unless K-Pop, J-Pop and C-Pop are merged into Asian Pop there's going to be requests for a separate J-Pop board down the line and that would be completely pointless as (generalising here but whatever) the people interested in K-Pop are usually the same people interested in the other forms of Asian pop. I would suggest turning this board into Asian Pop and then bringing the J-Pop and C-Pop general discussions over here. Make the three general discussions (K-Pop being the third, obviously) stickys and perhaps keep J-Pop and C-Pop in the general threads if there isn't enough demand for separate threads. To someone uninterested in any Asian pop it would seem bizarre that one type has its own board and the other two are stuck in P&J.
  20. There is like, zero interest in c-pop.
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