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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by abael, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone, I have just recently found out about this site, and it seems like the perfect place for both my enjoyment of pop music and arbitrary lists. I am mostly into late 90's and early '00s pop and 2nd gen kpop girl groups. Getting email confirmation was a bit of a hassle, and thanks @Popjustice if you had any hand in getting it resolved. Hopefully you'll see me hanging around the charts and rates forum soon!
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  2. Hello again! I've been away for about a year now, started a new job at a weird time had me off the site for a bit longer than expected. I pretty much exclusively post within the rates section, sorry for everyone running the rates asking for additional commentary and surprise rate-in-a-rate that I ended up ghosting halfway through! Still catching up on how the Perfume and Kylie rates went down. That Whitney Houston singles rate having that workable extension (expect some last minute scores @londonrain ) must've reached me across planes somehow, so happy to be back in time for it.
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  3. Love your avatar, showing Queen of sprock some much welcome love on the net in this day and age!
  4. Thanks! I had to do something to make up for realising I had missed a rate of her work in my absence. Sick and Tired not making top 3? Can't help but somehow feel a little responsible.
  5. Oh mess,
    that's like my fave single by her, it's so different and special in her discography, also a bold single release at the same
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