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Hellraiser 2011 remake & sequel

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Right_Direction, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Well it's all a little confusing but New World Pictures / Dimension Films have been trying to do a Hellraiser remake/reboot for about five years now, but it looks as if it's finally happening BUT they have also green lit & now filmed a sequel to the old franchise (the 9th film in the series) called Hellraiser: Revelations.

    Both films are coming out next year, the reboot is going to be PG-13 in the states, which I assume will get a 15 rating here? it will also go to the cinema, whilst Hellraiser: Revelations will go straight to DVD early next year.

    I don't quite get the point of rebooting it but also doing a sequel to a franchise they decided to end with Hellworld 5 years ago. Do one or the other, but both? Very odd.

    Doug Bradley will not return as Pinhead, he opted out of Hellraiser: Revelations for personal reasons over the script & filming schedule, making that the first sequel to not have him star as pinhead, he was always not going to play him in the remake as the studio made it clear from day 1 they wanted a younger actor to play Pinhead in the reboot.

    This is a picture of the new pinhead (though heavily CGI'd) from Hellraiser: Revelations:


    And also an article & interview about that film here: http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/22107
  2. Dag


    They're doing a quick sequel in order to keep the rights to the franchise. I'm not sure how these deals work, but basically, if they didn't do another Hellraiser film soon, they'd lose the rights to the whole thing.

    My guess is that this sequel was greenlit to get a film out there, at a time when the reboot had some trouble getting off the ground.

    What I don't get the point of, is doing a Hellraiser reboot with a PG-13 rating. At one time, they had the director of Martyrs on board, which sounded like a match made in heaven (or hell in this case). They should have stuck with him.
  3. I think they've had about 4 different directors attached to it & Clive Barker in & out as producer. I'm a huge fan of the franchise, though I actually think I will ignore both this sequel & the reboot, because PG-13 & Hellraiser really do not go together.
  4. It's like telling Marquis De Sade to write a book for children.
    This is so fucking ridiculous. Hollywood should just piss off for a while. Moneyhungrey, uninspired bastards.
  5. Well the trailer & some new pictures are up for the new Hellraiser film called Hellraiser: Revelations

    It looks fucking awful.

    Pinhead looks like a fat woman & they look as if they spent about a tenner on the whole film.

    I hope it falls flat on its arse, Dimention should be ashamed of themselves for doing this.

  6. In my mind, Hellraiser was only a duology.
  7. I've liked most of them, apart from Inferno & Hellworld 1-4 are the best ones though, they probably should of stopped after that.
  8. Had completely forgotten about this series... and Clive Barker. I didn't even realise he was openly gay. Good on him (a bit patronising, but there ya go...)
  9. I didn't know he was gay either.
  10. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Oh yes, he's very open. I remember one of the short stories in his first volume of Books of Blood had gay sex in it.

    He's very into S&M and leather stuff though. He has a dungeon in his house, apparently.
  11. Yes. Somehow it all makes sense now... Though It didn't seem that obvious; like thinking JK Rowling was into witchcraft.
  12. Hence the cenobites being into Sadomasochism.

    It sort of makes more sense now I guess.

    I hope the reboot if it ever happens, is better than this pile of shit they are releasing next month on DVD. It will be the only Hellraiser film I wont own.
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