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Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Sam, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. Sam


    On Safari for macOS I’m being asked if I want to like a post every time I try to, and reply box on threads aren’t there? Having to post this from mobile Safari. I’ve cleared cookies and caches and no luck.
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  2. Same, I can’t reply to anything on chrome desktop. Have to use my mobile to post on here.

    EDIT: Oh and post times are now being shown as JUN 17, 2018 rather than ‘10 minutes ago’ on desktop as well.
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  3. Sam


    Yep it’s the same for me! Can’t post anything on desktop at all
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  4. Can't like posts, no reply box and something weird going on with spoilers on desktop.
  5. Oh it's fixed now, weird.
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  7. Well, we have this thread now... it just busted on Chrome for me, same symptoms. Not a new session after a software upgrade or something, I was skipping between pages. Clearing out my browsing history & cache seems to have fixed it, for now.

    Chrome is still warning that the site is not secure despite the https in the URL.
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