Hemlocke Springs

Surprised there wasn't already a thread for her on here. She's had like two of her songs go viral on TikTok and has been making fun DIY videos for them. I definitely see her taking off, she's got such a unique, fun, quirky style.

I love all 3 songs she's put out, but Girlfriend is the biggest bop.

And the video:

Love. She's so fresh and I love that with a bit more of a budget this time, there's still an element of DIY in it. And musically, the melodies + production sound like deep cuts from the 80's or something, I'm obsessed. Bring on the EP or album or whatever larger project, I need her to get bigger!
I love her late 00s/early 10s slightly left-field pop girl vibe (the peak of recorded music, one could say). sever the blight sounds like it could have literally came straight out of Santigold's debut album. Definitely one of the most exciting new artists right now, I'm perched for her debut album.