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Hey Hey Hey!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Sean_ius, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. "You think that I'm a little ba"- okay we're not singing "Hey Hey Hey", but maybe we should be because it's a right ol' bop?

    Hello! My name is Seán. I'm 23, from Ireland, and currently living the unemployed life. When not applying for jobs, I'm listening to music. Mostly Katy and Carly ("E•MO•TION" has a very special place in my heart). Although today I listened to Selena's "When the Sun Goes Down" for the first time in years and it's complete trash but also very good.

    Anyway, my favourite pop artist is easily Katy Perry. I've been a fan of hers for years, I've seen her four times, and most of her music is always a comfort. So recently, dealing with the backlash against her and the wonderful "WITNESS", I started reading the related forum here on Popjustice. It's become a daily thing and I decided it might be nice to interact with it so I've created an account. Also, in general, pop music is having a pretty good time of it right now. Lots of new, great stuff is getting released. Especially from Kesha (I mean have you heard "Woman"!?). So it'll be nice to keep on top of all that and I'm sure the forums will help.

    Sorry for the rambling, thanks for reading and I look forward to talking with some of you!
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  2. This forum has way too few true Katy stans so welcome!
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