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Hey, How You Ratin'? - The Little Mix Discography Rate! (#18)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by munro, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. 'Motivate' is missing something on the chorus, which is a shame as the track is actually good.

    I adore 'Private Show'. The tour performance was incredible.
  2. Please please please be Secret Love Song.
  3. Please leave.
  4. Issa bop.
  5. Reggaeton Lento needs to stay for a much longer time.
  6. Surely Shout Out To My Eggs must be a candidate?
  7. For the love of God be Shout Out to My Ex.

    We keep on eliminating the WRONG LM5 songs. Stop.
  8. Also hoping it’ll be Shout Out to my Ex.

    Motivate should have def been higher and I totally agree that Private Show was probably the best non single on the standard version of glory days.
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  9. Guy


    Hi I’m sure your spreadsheet is accurate and this was just an oversight while doing the writeup but I just want it on record that I gave Motivate the 10 it deserves xoxo
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  10. Black Magic
    Shout Out To My Ex
    Love Me Like You

    All can go.
  11. I keep forgetting Hair was a single. It's certainly a song that exists.
  12. I said TWO xx
  13. Sorry I was stoned when I did the write up sksk.

    If I ever miss a score out/use the wrong one, it’s just me being an idiot. I’ve triple checked the scores and everything is fine, I’m just stupid sksk.
  14. The top 2.
  15. 29.

    Shout Out To My Ex - 7.72


    Highest Score - 10 x 9 (@MadameX @GimmeWork @Dangerous Maknae @scottdisick94 @Ana Raquel @Robert @Sally_Harper @Remorque @Bruno Ferreira )
    Lowest Score - 0 x 1 (@londonrain )
    My Score - 9

    The time has finally come to eliminate the most successful track in the girls discography. Shout Out To My Ex has sold over 5 million copies around the world and has sold 1.6m copies in the UK alone becoming one of the most successful singles of all time. Shout Out To My Ex is Ugly Heart by GRL's little sister and i'm sorry but it does pop all the way off. I adore the video because despite it being relatively low budget it looks SO good and the colours are stunning. The chanty chorus works so much better than the chorus of Black Magic (which I know y'all also hate). Their debut performance of this on X Factor was amazing and their Brits performance was highkey iconic. The one thing that stops me from giving this a 10 is the fact that their annunciation (particularly Perrie) on this track is awful.

    @Reboot (8) - This was such a Moment when it first came out, and I loved the performance of it on the Glory Days Tour. It felt so empowering. One does wonder if the song is still as good once you realise G.R.L did it better.

    @MadameX (10) - The X-Factor performance for Shout Out was their best imo.

    @Dijah. (5) - I love the video and the song is an anthem, but it’s not my anthem.

    @The Hot Rock (3) - I feel like I remembered this being a bop when I saw them open for Ariana (my first exposure to Little Mix) but this isn't very good. :(

    @Verandi (8) - A kidz pop version of Ugly Heart. Ugly Heart is a 11/10 so this cannot be much lower.

    @JMRGBY88 (2) - I generally hate songs where the subject matter goes from “I’m not sure I loved you” to “You broke my heart” - you did love him then. It’s the equivalent of an Instagram post on a night out proving how over your ex you are but you’re crying into a pizza in McTucky’s at 4am after vomiting in the club and being thrown out. The only reason I scored it so highly is because Ugly Heart is a great song. - A wee side note but i've been to McTucky's twice and it's fucking iconic. Their chicken burger is the best takeaway food i've ever had in my whole entire life and that's the tea of that x

    @Salami (8) - I prefer watching it as they look like they have a lot of fun performing. That X Factor comeback was huge. I love the “never bring me down ooooooooooooooh” bit.

    @GimmeWork (10) - This forum does too much to this poor song. It goes off live and its premiere was such a moment. And when you get rid of that fist-pumpy production, I genuinely enjoy the acoustic version with their incredible vocals. And the video is still one of my favorites of theirs.

    @Xander (7.9) - A pretty great pop song, dwarfed by the following singles

    @tylerc904 (7.5) - A bit corny and a bit of bop.

    @Joe. (8) - Not as good as Ugly Heart, but a fun, euphoric bop nonetheless.

    @Primrose (8) - The premiere of this on X Factor will go down in history a_moment_i_will_never_forget.gif

    @londonrain (0) - Why is this monotonous hen party shout-along one of their biggest hits? Oh wait, I probably answered my own question...

    @happiestgirl (8) - I remember when this came out that a lot of people were very upset with their smear campaign against Zayn when really the only issue with this song is that it's a direct rip off of Ugly Heart? But such a bop and a deserved smash

    @DJHazey (4) - The chorus is okay well actually quite good but please oh please why couldn't it have been added to a better song. The rest of it is a wet paper towel and always will be. I was extremely disappointed when I first heard it and further puzzled when I saw it get a generally good reception from others.

    @HollyDunnSomething (7.5) - I don't dislike this as much as others but it's not top tier Little Mix for me and it's a shame that this appears to be their signature song for many people.

    @Laurence (9) - A lovely song, I think it does miss a bit of depth in it to not be a 10, but a great lead anyway.

    @Felp (8.3) - Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. The chorus is inescapable though and the release was a moment with the live debut

    @motorbike (9) - Shout Out largely benefits from that first performance for me. Every time I hear Perrie start the song I am transported back to watching the X Factor debut. Not to mention it’s catchy and it’s feel good and it’s the song that has helped convert many of my American friends into Little Mix fans and for that I am grateful.

    @abael (7) - Production again has improved here, whereas lyrics and vocals are at a bit of a low

    @Music Is Life (9) - This is still a total, joyful, jam. I bop constantly listening to this. I prefer the verses to the chorus, but as a whole it’s all really good. I love Perrie’s middle-8, and the music video is gorgeous.

    @OspreyQueen (6) - I’ve never been as enamoured with Ugly Heart as y’all are, so this is just a lesser version of a song I’m not overly keen on in the first place. I got a bit of use out of it when it first came out, but the novelty wore off quickly

    @Sally_Harper (10) - Brilliant. The last minute or so, from when the oohs come in after the second chorus, is just euphoric. Jesy’s powerful “You’re really quite the MA-AAA-AAN” adlib is a highlight as well, I didn’t even realise it was her at first! My favourite lyric is “Yeah yeah that hurt me I’ll admit”, I think just for how direct it is.

    @Subspace88 (5) - Sorry. I actually like the verses, and the production under Perrie’s intro verse reminds me of Move a little bit. But that chorus. I get they were gunning on the path Black Magic had set the on, but it’s so close to teeny-nop-Disney-theme territory that I just can’t a proper fan of it. Plus, it could literally be anyone singing/shouting that chorus, it’s too faceless. Which is a shame because it’s the one big thing letting the whole thing down.

    @Babyface (8) - The verse may be just a teeny bit too sickly sweet for my personal preferences, but this is a bop. They shine on the verses and pre-chorus, and the new mix they played of this at Big Weekend was transcendent. We need a studio version of that, girls.

    @savilizabeths (9) - You can’t deny that this is fun. Sure, it’s Ugly Heart 2.0 (and I prefer Ugly Heart, I think) but it’s such a propulsive kiss off with really cute, cheeky lyrics. It’s far from my favourite single from Glory Days but it’s a ton of fun so I’m going to bop
  16. 28.

    Hair - 7.78


    Highest Score - 10 x 5 (@Robert @savilizabeths @Subspace88 @happiestgirl @GimmeWork )
    Lowest Score - 2 x 1 (@JMRGBY88 )
    My Score - 7

    The next single to exit is from Get Weird! Hair is a bit of a bop and it's one of those songs that sound better when they're loud, it pops off in the clerb. Hair is one of the girl's many Platinum certified singles and helped keep their momentum up before Shout Out To My Ex came along and pushed the girls into their imperial phase. I will say, the Sean Paul feature elevated the track so much more but the fact they censored the word dick really made the song feel juvenile. The production knocks and they sound strong, though.

    @Reboot (8) - Not sure if this is actually a good song or whether I just love the video.

    @Dijah. (6) - Love the dance break in live performances but that’s it.

    @The Hot Rock (7) - One of their catchier songs.

    @JMRGBY88 (2) - the less said about this, the better.

    @Salami (9) - I loved this when it first dropped and Sean Paul only improved it. Definitely my favourite added feature of theirs.

    @Xander (8.9) - The video takes this song from a 7 to a 9.

    @tylerc904 (8) - A bop, for sure but I recoil every time those last 3 seconds play.

    @Primrose (8) - I regularly try to recreate the video for this whenever I hear the song. Dancing up the stairs realness. Sean Paul also elevates the song a lot, when you compare this version to the album version.

    @sapnu puas (9) - I like Sean Paul version more. What about it

    @abael (4) - There can be lyrically empty songs, but the production team needs something to fill those holes, but they also seem MIA

    @motorbike (8) - I would rate the album and single version pretty much the same. I don’t think Sean Paul really adds anything but he doesn’t ruin it either. This is just a fun song and I’m not ashamed to admit that I play it all the time when I’m getting ready in front of the mirror.

    @Felp (8) - The remix enhanced it a lot. Sean Paul’s opening verse is almost essential to the song now, but it bops.

    @Laurence (8) - Great song. I love the confidence the girls bring with this one. Yes selflove, yes friendship over fuckboys, yes yes yes!

    @Music Is Life (9) - This goes off quite a bit doesn’t it? Love the middle-8.

    @Sally_Harper (8) - A bop. I love the video as well, especially the bit where Leigh is crying into the pizza, it’s so funny

    @Remorque (5.5) - The sass is there, the ‘dust yourself off and forget about him’-lyrics are present, but something about the delivery and the production just puts me off this. It definitely ain’t a track I revisit ever so often.

    @Subspace88 (10) - A close second for my 11 tbh - the most played song on my iTunes. For me, this straddles the pop line without going into Kids Bop territory that other songs of their fall into. It was also up as one having the best guest verse from their discography - Sean Paul takes an 8 and along with the tiny production tweaks makes what would be an 11 if not for strong competition elsewhere.

    @Babyface (8) - Both versions pop off, but I slightly prefer the remix I think? Sean Paul did what he had to do.

    @happiestgirl (10) - This has the dumbest lyrics but it's such a bop

    @HollyDunnSomething (8.75) - Should have had a higher chart placing. Really love the video.

    @savilizabeths (10) - This is just such a fun sleepover bop. It’s such a cute take on a breakup song. I’ve never had a breakup so I’ve never gotten a breakup haircut but I know plenty who have and it’s apparently very empowering so go them. The bridge is just so great and the censoring in the chorus is actually cute

    @OspreyQueen (7) - He was just a *ding* and I knew it” is iconic, but other than that this song is just…fine

    @DJHazey (9) - First of all have it be known that "he was just a dick and I knew it" is one of their most iconic lines. I hadn't quite warmed up to this song the first time we did this rate like I did after because I found a new love for it especially when combined with the video.
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  17. YES! Hair is finally gone. Sad about Shout Out To My Ex, though I thought it was gonna be my 11 going.
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  18. Yas at Woman Like Me surviving another day! The bop that never stops.

    Monster in Me still here? Love to see it.
  19. I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.
  20. Mmm I'm not sure about Shout Out To My Ex to leave this soon, it is probably over preached but it's a great bop and remind me of a time when I decided it was time for me to move on from my ex and I used to sing this screaming with my tearful eyes...gosh I'm such a joke.
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