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Hey, How You Ratin'? - The Little Mix Discography Rate! (#18)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by munro, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. Both are decent songs that were greatly improved by the girls charisma and talent when performing live.
    It is interesting that that actually happens a lot with Little Mix. They are so talented that they can basically sell any live performance, and make the songs better than they actually were
  2. Never even thought about Shout being some kind of "Ugly Heart 2.0", like ewww, no. I'm so sorry G.R.L.

    Hair is definitely one of their best visual moments but I'm not angry at its lost at this stage.
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  3. Hair overstaying Shout Out is a choice. Also glad to see Monster in Me still here.
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  4. I never really caught the Shout Out To My Ex/Ugly Heart connection, probably because I never listen to Shout Out. Ugly Heart is obviously much better.
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  5. I think I have a couple 7's left but mostly 8-10's. This top 30 is going to be painful.
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  6. I've still got two 5's (I know one of them isn't going anywhere) and a few 6's to get rid of.
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  7. Looks like for once that taste wins!
  8. This is a shout out to my ex
    Heard he been fucking some model chick
    Yeah, that shit hurt, I’ll admit
    But fuck that boy, I’m over it
    I hope she gettin’ better sex
    Hope she ain't fakin’ it like Hadid, babe
    Took four long years to call it quits
    But fuck that boy, I'm over it

    Imagine if they kept these as the original lyrics. I would live for the mess.
  9. It's cheap and obvious, but 'Shout Out To My Ex' is a great pop track and deserved better.
  10. Two of my 10s leaving back to back. Ouch.

    Hair is about the only single of theirs where I prefer the single version with feature above the album version.
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  11. I've never listened to Ugly Heart so I never understand the comparisons.
    And I don't understand preferring the remix of Hair to the album version. Sean Paul doesn't add anything to the song.
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  12. Listen to Ugly Heart, it’s a true 10/10.
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  13. We do not disrespect Sean da Paul in this community. No ma'am.
  14. But Shout Out sounds pretty much the same as Ugly Heart so I fail to see where your hatred for Shout Out comes from. It's not as good as Ugly Heart which is an 11 but Shout Out is so inoffensive, teebs.

    Y'all do a lot over it. I feel like if instead of being their most successful single, it was a nice wee Platinum, Top 5 only single then you guys would appreciate it more.
  15. It's cute.
    I liked the music video, but I prefer Shout Out, by a small margin.
  16. Shout Out sounds nothing like Ugly Hear to me, it's not even in the same room.
  17. I heard it immediatly, they're definitely similar at least production wise in the chorus.
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  18. Maybe so, but even if it does have similarities in a moment of production it's not as successful and the rest of the song is meh.
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  19. The choruses are identical y'all. Ugly Heart though has bite, something that Little Mix usually don't have.
  20. *Sheldon voice* That's your opinion.
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