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Hey, How You Ratin'? - The Little Mix Discography Rate! (Winner!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by munro, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. Perfect. Now make the other one realistically Love Drunk.
  2. 63.

    Pretend It's Ok - 6.44


    Highest Score - 10 x 3 (@TheOnlyOne @Untitled @Serg. )
    Lowest Score - 3 x 2 (@GimmeWork @Primrose )
    My Score - 7

    Yet another track vacates from DNA next. Pretend It's Ok is by no means their best ballad moment but it's one of the strongest tracks on the album. Jesy queen of the middle 8 gets to shine on this track before the final chorus snatches my wig. I have a soft spot for this song and I don't think it should be gone just yet but i'll just swiftly move along to commentary where y'all can give your reasoning for doing her dirty like this x

    @GimmeWork (3) - Even pretending it’s ok, it’s still only a 3.

    @Primrose (3) - A strong intro but kinda loses me after that.

    @Bruno Ferreira (5) - Wish the chorus to this wasn't so weak. The verses are actually strong.

    @londonrain (6) - It’s okay.

    @DJHazey (9) - Recruit Brian Higgins for a song gets this, umm okay? But for real there's a little bit of that 'tears on the dancefloor' dna running through it, that I've never been able to turn away from. That "my eyes deceive me" part is what always sticks with me.

    @Laurence (5) - Ah, here we go; a ballad. I love it being piano driven. It's pretty good I think.

    @happiestgirl (4) - Forgettable

    @Music Is Life
    (9) - This song feels kinda…epic doesn’t it? Or bombastic, I think that’s a better word. It’s all about the production here because of that. It feels cinematic, like it should’ve soundtrack a cheesy, guilty pleasure teen movie. I love that. Oh and the melody on the chorus is fantastic.

    @abael (7) - This is well made, but pure album fodder

    @savilizabeths (6.5) - Am I the only one who thinks Perrie’s voice sounds weird on this album? Anyway, the production on this is quite nice. I think the chorus could benefit from more harmonies instead of just having them all on melody

    @Sally_Harper (6) - Featuring Perrie’s old voice! I find it really noticeable on this song in particular for some reason. Love Jade going off at the end.

    @motorbike (4) - I don’t care for this song until it gets to the bridge and the final chorus with all the ad libs. That part is nice but the beginning just bores me.

    @HollyDunnSomething (9) - A favourite of mine although not a typical Xenomania sound.

    @Subspace88 (6) - Kind of forgettable. Nice enough.

    @OspreyQueen (7.5) - The production is very MOR, but the interesting melody and chord progression salvage it. One of the only album tracks from DNA I still use

    @Babyface (7) – This feels like a bit of a precursor to Secret Love Song production wise, doesn’t it? It’s a nice enough ballad, but they have done SO much better since that it seems a little bit unspectacular.

    @Remorque (8) - A nice midtempo. The girls sound fantastic, especially during that chorus and it has a nice epic feel to it.

    @Felp (8.8) - NEEDED. A. LIVE. PERFORMANCE. This might still be my favourite DNA track. A travesty how much it dust it was paid. It seems to me like it’s about someone who’s already gone? It sort of has multiple possible interpretations but the melody’s beautiful. Wasn’t this the only track by Little Mix ever produced by Xenomania? Legends.
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  3. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Okay now get rid of my remaining 4 on Glory Days please.
  4. Just a wee heads up that on Monday + Tuesday there will likely be no eliminations. My boyfriend is home for 2 days and I'd like to spend as much time with him as I can in that time. I'm sure y'all understand! I've kept a steady pace over the last two weeks so if anything it's just a wee breather!

    There will be 2 eliminations as normal tomorrow but I just thought i'd give the heads up in advance x
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  5. Ridiculous. It’s in my Top 3 from DNA.
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  6. Get that d
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  7. Oh sis you better believe it.
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  8. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I underscored Pretend It’s OK tbh. I really love how the verses build tension which is washed completely away with the chorus.
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  9. Catching up and yessss @munro you have some taste!
    Better than I assumed it'd be from you. Good boy.

    I'm not surprised, but am disappointed by some of these eliminations.
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  10. 'Pretend It's OK' should be better than it is, seeing as it's a Xenomania track.
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  11. We don't.

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  12. Stereo Soldier is so underrated.
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  13. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Indeed. Poor it. I gave it an 8 and was hoping for a lot better for it.
  14. Seethe bitch x
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  15. Stereo Soldier being disliked is understandable, but I still think it's great for some reason. Disappointed, but certainly not surprised.
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  16. 62.

    I Won't - 6.45


    Highest Score - 10 x 5 (@Ana Raquel @Remorque @Subspace88 @scottdisick94 @The Hot Rock )
    Lowest Score - 0 x 1 (@JMRGBY88 )
    My Score - 3

    Momentarily back to Get Weird for another elimination. I could smell J*ss Gl*nne's involvement a mile off and that is not a good thing. This song is trash. I think I had a wee kii and a bop to it once when drunk but even that only lasted for one chorus. With this elimination, Get Weird has now lost all of it's Deluxe tracks and is now down to it's final 9 tracks. Let's see what y'all said because it was mostly positive outside of a J*** Gly*** shade or three.

    @Reboot (8) - Cute.

    @MadameX (9.5) - There's something quite inspiring and uplifting about this song. I'll always play it when I'm down.

    @The Hot Rock (10) - I can see why this was a bonus track since it's a bit of an outlier but I wish this was slotted in anyways. I liked it more than 80% of the album tracks.

    @JMRGBY88 (0) - J*ss Glynne was involved in this so I just cannot give it any points.

    @Salami (7) - This sounds a bit gospel? I like it though.

    @GimmeWork (7) - It’s kinda basic but just uplifting enough for me to bop every time.

    @Primrose (5.5) - Jess Glynne left too much of a stamp on this one for me.

    @Bruno Ferreira (1) - God this is awful. Fuck Jess Glynne.

    @londonrain (7) - This is... actually quite fun.

    @DJHazey (4) - Cute at first but the 'gospel goes contemporary' angle to it equipped with the incessant clapping you'd expect from such nonsense, wore on me pretty damn fast.

    @abael (6) - Alright, the tracklist at this point needs some tweaking, Love Me or Leave Me, The End and this hit too many similar thematic notes to warrant being all played one after another

    @Babyface (6) – Up until Glory Days their bonus tracks were kind of entirely disposable, weren’t they? Not terrible but just…there. Taking up space, inoffensively.

    @HollyDunnSomething (8.5) - Deserved a place on the standard album, it's that good.

    @Felp (7.7) - I’ve always enjoyed this and have always pictured this in some sort of Sister Act movie.

    (5) - This starts good and then a bit meh and kinda flip-flops its way around.
    @motorbike (6) - As a US fan, I’ve heard this song more in department stores more than I’ve heard all of their singles combined on the radio.

    @Subspace88 (10) - Should’ve been on the standard honestly. The only thing that annoyed me is that they rarely did the ad-libs live (and Jesy never did nn).

    @OspreyQueen (7.5) - This is a cute little bop, slightly boosted by the fact that it’s the only salvageable deluxe track on the album

    @savilizabeths (7.5) - This sounds so rollicking and joyful. How could you not smile while listening to this? It’s not a favourite but it just makes me want to dance around with a stupid grin on my face

    @Sally_Harper (5) - I enjoy how the piano riff in the verses sounds like something off an old Mario game.

    @Remorque (10) - Typically that a bonus track would be one of my absolute favourites on the album. Give me that Sunday-morning-in-church-believe-in-myself-preaching that I need. And can I just @ our good sis @aaronhansome here while we’re at it. Let’s clap and dance and sing, sis!
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  17. 61.

    Love Drunk - 6.54


    Highest Score - 10 x 2 (@Untitled @Remorque )
    Lowest Score - 2 x 2 (@Madame X @Dijah. )
    My Score - 4

    Poor DNA didn't stand a chance, did it? Just like the first album rate that took place, DNA is being savaged. This time we eliminate Love Drunk, a track that is pretty inoffensive but doesn't slap like I want it to. The chorus is cute but I feel like the production is a bit too much and all over the place which makes it sound a bit like a racket. It's definitely a bonus track, let's just say that and move onto commentary, shall we?

    @MadameX (2) - Beyonce's Drunk in Love before Beyonce's Drunk in Love. - So why have we assigned it a 2 then, sis?

    @GimmeWork (7) - This bops and if I was drunk I might actually give it higher than a 7. But I’m not….. yet.

    @happiestgirl (9) - The only genuinely good song on this godforsaken album

    @Laurence (6) - Lovely upbeat track. Never heard it and got a few listens to it before rating. The verses are kind of let down but alrgiht.

    @Subspace88 (7) - Meh.

    (7) - This is a cute bop, but the production’s too crowded and messy for me to give it any more points
    @HollyDunnSomething (5.75) - The best of the deluxe tracks but not as good as the stuff that made the album

    @Music Is Life (9.5) - Bop. I love the pre-chorus melody, and Leigh’s rap verse is such a highlight. As is her part in the second verse.

    @Sally_Harper (7) - I don’t come back to this one often but I enjoy it when I do, although Perrie’s “Tripping out on the floor…” is far and away the best bit.

    @abael (9) - Not exactly poetry, but that chorus is undeniable

    @Babyface (4) – I used to hear “promise I’ve been drinking only lemonade” as “promise I’ll be drinking all your lemonade”. Scream.

    @DJHazey (7) - Harmless bop with fun lyrics, but ultimately lacking compared to their best bops. - sis why have you been calling for her head for like 10 tracks now if you gave her a 7????

    @motorbike (6) - A clear album track but it’s a fun one. This chorus used to get stuck in my head all the time. I also think that Leigh Anne’s rapping works better here than it does in a lot of other instances.

    @Remorque (10) - This is a fabulous little ditty. It has an urgent, but quite happy feel to it and it’s a refreshing song on its parent album. How it was left as a bonus track is anyone’s guess…

    @savilizabeths (8) - This one is so cute and is just a really good little pop song. I can’t help smiling when it’s playing. It feels a little summery. I do wish the mixing was better because as with much of this album, the instrumentation feels more prominent in the mix than the vocals. But this one is really fun. Probably my favourite discovery from the debut

    @Felp (6.8) - It was one of the tracks I listened the less, but it’s quite fun. The production’s a bit... I don’t know, easy to dislike?
  18. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Other songs could’ve left first, but I also don’t care?
  19. Salute and LM5 (bar the intro) skating into the top 60 unscathed, as they should.
  20. 'Love Drunk' worked so well live, but it's a bit flat on the album.

    'I Won't' is a Jess Glynne leftover track, and nobody wants that.
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