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Hey, How You Ratin'? - The Little Mix Discography Rate! (Winner!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by munro, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. I just sent in my scores.

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  2. We've gone from the most predictable Top 10 ever to some expected songs not even being Top 20.
  3. Imagine not giving If I Get My Way a 10. What a song!
  4. @munro I'm not too familiar with rates so question: do we give commentary right next to the score of the song?
  5. Preferably yes but as long as it’s made clear which song the commentary is for, I don’t mind x
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  6. #MyImpact
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  7. August fifth is the deadline, I feared it was next week already.
    I am ready to do this in advancement of Pride in Amsterdam. Wew.
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  8. This is before I’ve even put your scores in, kii.
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  9. I've put down the good scores and I'm now trying to find the energy to listen to the bad songs to decide which shade of "no thanks" to award them. There's quite a lot of them.
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  10. I'm on holiday from the 13th to the 20th (hi @HollyDunnSomething see u soon BB) so if you haven't given me scores by then, I will start attacking you until you do. Thanks for understanding x
  11. Listening to Nothing Feels Like You and it’s such a travesty it wasn’t a single.
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  12. I'm studying my Scottish phrase book as we speak. x
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  13. I’ll purposely ham it up to test you x
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  14. Nothing Feels Like You
    About the Boy
    A Different Beat
    See Me Now
    They Just Don't Know

    What a great list of non-singles from one album.
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  15. Good lord listening to Glory Days in full again was a struggle. It must be one of the weakest albums by a British girl group. On the other hand, Get Weird is much better than what I remembered.

    I only have to check the scores for LM5 and then I'm ready to send the scores.
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  16. Get Weird is one of the worst albums of all time.
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  17. Gosh... These opinions are a fucking choice.
  18. Not when it far outclasses both the debut and Glory Days.
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  19. I respectfully disagree.
  20. Oh wow. Now I am afraid to post averages when done.
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