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Hey! ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭ The AOA Discography Rate // #6 and THE TOP 5!!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. You heathens! This is a disgrace. It is absolutely one of their best songs. It's one of the songs of theirs that I find popping into my head at random times.
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  2. You ready to hate me even more?

    Here it goes!

    I don't even remember this song LOL!!

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  3. Get Out being out is a disgrace. This rate is weird.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Before we continue, I've updated the front page with the rankings of the songs so far, and I remembered I was missing the album write-ups and stats since we now have 2 albums fully gone. I also made graphics for the 2 albums that have already left us, but they were just....too tragique to share with the world, so they have been scrapped.

    Also, I found....that I had already made a top 20 graphic....apparently weeks ago.........the level of professionalism!


    Let's get to the stats for our eliminated albums thus far!

    #9 / 13
    MOYA - 6.693

    #28 - MOYA - 6.965
    #38 - WITHOUT YOU - 6.421

    #13 / 13
    WANNA BE - 6.029666667
    #19 - GET OUT - 7.387

    #49 - MY SONG - 5.765
    #56 - HAPPY ENDING - 4.937

    Alright, back to business as usual. Elimination coming shortly.​

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Fuck, sorry, it's another 11 too.

    * @GeiPanda when he sees he's been tagged *

    Literally I'm so sorry unnie. You don't deserve this.



    LUV ME

    Luv Me.jpg
    Tell me how much do you love me
    Want me I want you too baby

    Average: 7.587

    Highest Score: 11 (@GeiPanda), 10x2 (@Cotton Park, @junglefish), 9 (@vague)
    Lowest Score: 6x3 (@Serg., @Mikl C, @ry123), 5 (@Dangerous Maknae), 4.5 (@Vixen)
    My Score: 8.4
    @junglefish's Score: 10

    And with the elimination of Luv Me, the Heart Attack mini is now down to its final track. Luv Me is a fucking BOP, written and composed by Brave Brothers and I've had a major rediscovery of this song since the rating period. It would get a 10 from me now, and I don't know why I was so stingy with them here. My re-evaluation of the song comes off the back of me watching the Joa Yo! live in Japan performance.....way too many times, with Luv Me being performed immediately before in that video, leading to my falling in love with the song. Again, Luv me comes from the Heart Attack mini album where it serves as track 2. It's also composed with JS (??) and for the Japanese version, the lyrics were re-written by Nakamura Kanata.

    Let's move on to the commentary, as many of you had thoughts to share. @Cotton Park is STANNING: "This was my favorite album track for ages. The jaunty beat, the street corner feels, timeless vocal arrangement, Jimin/Chamni team rap, the little "Sarangaeyo!", triumphant final chorus, and the ageless question, "Do you love me?"" @vague praises the choreography (more on that later!): "ddwcwfeqw i hate the intro/outro, which is why i didn't give this a 10, but otherwise it's a perfect kpop song imo. the choreo is rly cute, too!!" I personally really love the intro. It gets me ready for the boppery to come. @Slice of Life makes another comparison: "Wait this is really nice. Very Sistar again which isn't shocking since Sistar milked that Brave Brothers sound to the fucking ground hdgfksdf. The production is very light and I appreciate that Brave Brothers didn't yodel so much in the background." @FunkyButChic makes a comparison too, but this one I don't agree with: "This is cute but it’s basically an inferior copy of BESTie’s Love Options, isn’t it?" @codecat tells us another story: "The bass....Yuna's "saranghaeyo!"....the ad-libs...I really like this! But I once saw a comment online where this person said that Luv Me should have been the title track instead of Heart Attack and I've never wanted to slap someone so bad through my screen. Poor it." @Empty Shoebox has.....words of praise. My heart almost stopped from shock after reading something actually nice to say: "I like the way this builds in the intro. The rest of the song's okay/quite good, but the intro is the part I like best." Hater ass @Vixen comes back after a good streak of taste: "The production on this is original, but I'm left feeling really underwhelmed by the overall song and melodies." And of course, we will finish with our 11 giver @GeiPanda: "Ok, this 11 might come from a couple of biases. Firstly, recency bias - this is the absolute bop from the mini album that I just discovered doing this rate. Secondly, subliminal bias - the backing track plays at the beginning of the Heart Attack MV, so I guess it's somewhat ingrained into my head? But whatever - this is so damn great. Like any queer boy, I'm a sucker for pure pop songs that have a good pre-chorus, chorus, post-chorus, ad-libs - and Luv Me has ALL of them. PLUS a Jimin rap. I'm honestly quite surprised they didn't hold this back for a Heart Attack album repackage. Please check out the cute, but also ridiculous dance at the chorus:" I love you so much unnie. That was beautiful, you did such a good job of expressing yourself. I'm absolutely loving what you're doing with the T-ara rate, and I admire you so much.

    Here's the studio version:

    The dance practice:

    And the live performance in Japan:

    And in @RUNAWAY's K-Pop corner, we've got a fantastic song that everyone loves....because who wouldn't love this song? Such an incredible piece of work.

    I was going to do another elimination tonight, but it's quite late, and I'm incredibly tired now, but know this. Another album will be knocked out tomorrow. But which one will it be?? Will Red Motion bleed out? Will Heart Attack suffer one? Will we say Ohhhh Boy and goodbye to Ace of Angels? Will ELVIS leave the building taking Angels' Story with it? Will Short Hair encounter an unfortunate accident with scissors? (idk what I'm doing just go along with it....)

    Stay tuned for the messery.

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  6. Love you @RUNAWAY unnie - you have been such a great ball of enthusiasm in both this and the T-ara rate, it's super motivational.

    I actually stand by nearly everything I said in my two-year old commentary, except for the "pure pop" mention - I feel like that term has taken on a bit of a nefarious connotation since then (*cough* Ava Max stans).

    As for the song itself, I still love it. It's such a pastiche of Heart Attack in many ways - to me, it almost has the same instrumental. Not sure how to describe that kind of sound, but it's like the music they play at American football/baseball games? Cheap and blaring, but also gets you hyped up into a good mood. I also love the hand-holding choreography for the post-chorus.

    As an album track, I never felt it would get that far - so #17 is a respectable position for my 11.

    Still, I have to end with being a bit messy. You low voters - I don't need to call you out by name, you should already be feeling a visceral burning sense of shame. I'm singing "luv me, luv me" and stomping on your bad taste:

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    It's time to say goodbye to another single, and an album as well. But what could it possibly be??

    I think there was honestly no other possible option than the one it is because.....DUH.



    (No @aux did not make this, it's my shitty attempt, thank yew.)
    I fell for you Elvis Elvis, the handsome Elvis
    Rub dub rub dub, you are Elvis

    Average: 7.609

    Highest Score: 9.5x2 (@Slice of Life, @codecat), 9 (@Cotton Park), 8.5x2 (@Oleander, @junglefish)
    Lowest Score: 6 (@GeiPanda), 5.75 (@Vixen), 5.5 (@FunkyButChic)
    My Score: 8
    @junglefish's Score: 8.5

    And now we say goodbye to Angels' Story with the elimination of ELVIS? Was anyone surprised? I tried to throw you guys off, but I have no idea if it worked dfghjdgfsdfghj. ELVIS was the debut single from the girls, and was released way back in July of 2012. It was.....a different time, a simpler time. We didn't have these insane fan wars that we have now, and I kind of wish we could go back ddddd. The song was....not a hit in Korea, to say the least. It charted at a lovely.....69. Hehehehe. The lyrics were written by
    Han Sungho, with Kim Do Hoon and Lee Sangho on composing duties. This was (obviously) before the band met Brave Brothers and changed their entire look and concept, and while I love their 2 different sounds, I do wish they had explored the band concept a little longer before abandoning it completely, but it wasn't exactly a big hit with Koreans, as Get Out charted even lower at 77. As stated before, the band debuted with 8 members, and a band concept with ex-member Youkyung being referred to as a half-angel as she would only participate when they needed a drummer sksksksks. Surprisingly, she stayed officially in the band until 2016, and has continued to support the girls through her drum covers. She's also getting ready for her solo debut, and....kinda perched to see if she can sing. Please support her and her solo single CONNECT when it comes out on October 19th, thank you.

    Now that we've paid tribute to the iconic Youkyung, let's move onto the commentary, starting with @Slice of Life: "This is so lit dddd. I'm actually getting major country music vibes sadjhfgsdjh. I didn't like this before but I'm living for it now. We love a dramatic bawp." @Serg. referenced the...interesting choices here: "The iconic sitting choreo and incredibly questionable wig choices" @ry123 likes the song: "They hadn’t hit their stride yet but the chorus bangs." @Empty Shoebox too: "I don't know why, but I've always liked this song, and I think it stands up well despite the age. Not everyone has that." Nice comments from two of our lowest average scorers? Crazy..... @GeiPanda has compares the song to a brillo pad: "Not a horrible debut, but abrasive and kind of annoying dd." @Vixen has an interesting comparison as well: "The video is kind of iconique, but I never really appreciated that song. I mean, are we not gonna talk about the rapping bits sounding kinda like that meme video of Iggy Azalea spurting nonsense at a festival?" @FunkyButChic likes just one part: "Everything about this is painfully average or painfully… painful, but that “sharala” pre-chorus just about saves it." @vague has a story: "i liked this a whole lot when it first came out, but it doesn't quite stand up to their latter material, especially the Brave Bros stuff, to me. still, there's a lot to like here: the vocals are pretty great, the production has some cute and interesting flourishes, and the girl band concept was great, too, and really set them apart from the other kpop girl groups that were active when they debuted." And we'll close out with @codecat, who has something to say, and they want us to know: "Goddammit FNC really wanted to fuck AOA over right in their debut with the goddamn angel names (JIMINEL nnñ) but thank god their unshakable confidence + ELVIS being a massive earworm prevented that from happening! Even though I didn't follow them from the beginning, I'll risk to say that this is a memorable debut. Shalalalalashalow hook? Amazing. Jimin almost collapsing then rising in the beginning? Brilliant. The itchy crotch dance? Set in stone as one of the most legendary ways to relieve a crotch itch. The unexpected guitar strums and the hooks are catchy and sassy and I love how we can't get a single break, it's like they're planting a bomb on top of another bomb! ELVIS is just so good. As for the band version...eh?"

    Here's the music video:

    A live performance:

    And the band version (poor Seolhyun, Chanmi, and Hyejeong)

    Tomorrow we lose.....another b-side. There's not many left.............


    Angels' Story stats coming next, stay tuned!​

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Coming second to last, y'all have determined their "band concept" single albums to be their worst. And I would say I agree, with the exception of the amazing Temptation. Truly a song to remember.

    #12 / 13
    ANGELS' STORY - 6.480666667

    #16 - ELVIS - 7.609
    #20 - TEMPTATION - 7.34
    #57 - LOVE IS ONLY YOU - 4.493
  9. Elvis not making into the top 10 is oddly surprising to me. Maybe that Mr. Saxobeat riff was too ahead of its time for some people?
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    When you see our top 10, you'll understand......sadly I can't say any more than that.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member


    I’m eliminating another song I love fffffffffffff



    Average: 7.656

    Highest Score: 10x3 (@Oleander, @Slice of Life, @Serg.), 9.5 (@vague), 9x2 (@FunkyButChic, @RUNAWAY)
    Lowest Score: 6 (@GeiPanda), 5x2 (@Mikl C, @ry123), 4 (@Dangerous Maknae)
    My Score: 9
    @junglefish’s Score: 8

    And now we’re down to just one RUNWAY track left with OK!’s elimination. That’s right, the iconic Ai wo Choudai (Give Me the Love) is the last track left from AOA’s second Japanese album, and…..I completely agree with this choice. I know they don’t really have that many original Japanese songs, but Oh BOY and Ai wo Choudai are by far their best, so I’m glad that they’re both still in. WOW WAR TONIGHT is a bop though, and definitely deserved to go further, as well as RUNWAY (the song), but that’s just the way this rate has gone. Weird choices all around. Onto the song! OK! is the second track from AOA’s second Japanese album RUNWAY, and was composed by Galactika, Chang, and PRAY, with lyrics by LITTLE. There’s also literally NO translation of the Japanese lyrics, and there’s not a single English phrase to use under the artwork, so I did what I could ddddddd. I love this song so much, and I’m so glad to see it rank so high.

    Starting off our commentary with @Slice of Life: “The fuck??? What is this disco wonderland??? I am in love. Produced to the nines and the girls sound much more confident with their Japanese. I love it.” Agreed. RUNWAY was such an improvement music wise and pronunciation wise from the Ace of Angels album. More praise comes from @Serg.: “AOA kinda has the best Japanese discography post SNSD.” That’s a bold statement, but I think you’re forgetting someone: AFTERSCHOOL. Playgirlz and Dress to Kill are both all killer, no filler, and I won’t have my girls disrespected like this. @codecat's up next: “ddddd at me discovering this gem because of this rate!! I'm a sucker for a slick nu-disco track with some woooos, so let me shower this with some POINTS.” To be honest, I owned the RUNWAY album but only gave it one listen until the rate happened, so this song was kind of a new discovery for me too. @vague has some more praise: “the backing track has a nice disco-esque groove. i like this a lot.” @Empty Shoebox has some nice things to say: “This shouldn't work, but it kind of does? At least, I think so.” And finishing us off is @Vixen: “It's a pretty decent song. I don't really have that many positives to say, but I don't have anything negative to say either. It's a cute little bop!”

    As usual, no live performance.......so let's have another compilation of footage from the Angels World tour set to the song:

    And in our throwback K-Pop corner, we've got even more bops to reminisce about:

    I might be back with another elimination tonight, but in case that doesn't happen, here's another *member of AOA waving goodbye.gif*

  12. This journey to the Top 10 keeps getting more and more brutal.
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  13. In another world, OK! would have been a massive single for them. It even sounds current in 2020 with the disco revival. A missed opportunity for sure.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    No eliminations tonight girls.....work today was just ROUGH, but I'll see how I feel tomorrow morning. Maybe we can reveal our top 10 finally.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I don't remember if I gave any hints towards this elimination....but it's not like anyone's guessing anyway.

    Here's one:

    It's STILL not Good Luck.


    Super Duper.jpg

    I dream about you, think about you
    You’re like an awesome leader

    Average: 7.681

    Highest Score: 9.75 (@vague), 9.5 (@Oleander), 9.25 (@Vixen) (jeez literally no one felt strongly enough about this to give it a ten....)
    Lowest Score:
    7 (@Coming Century), 6.5 (@codecat), 6x4 (@Cotton Park, @Empty Shoebox, @Mikl C, @ry123)

    My Score: 7.4
    @junglefish's Score: 9

    And the cuts keep coming for poor Bingle Bangle. This song served as the second track from the band's 5th mini album "Bingle Bangle", and was written by
    Han Seong Ho and Jimin and composed by Mats Tärnfors and Simon Jakobsson. I do not have any strong feelings about this song, and obviously no one else here did either. Look at the lack of 10s and the lack of low scores! Average was the word that literally almost everyone came up with for this song, and....good for it I guess? I can easily think of 10 to 20 songs more deserving of this placement though. No shade against the song, but when I saw it was top 15 I was kind of just like...."HER?"

    Almost no commentary here either, so this writeup will be a short one.... Let's start with our high scorer @vague who had lovely things to say: "second best kpop song called Super Duper, after Son Dambi's . this was my fave on the mini at first, but i've seriously overplayed it now, so i took a quart point off the score dddd. the chorus is a serious earworm still, tho." @Empty Shoebox was complimentary too: "Basic bop but sometimes that's all you need." @ry123 has a minor complaint, but I ultimately agree: "Would’ve been better without the ‘Super duper duper super duper doo’ lyric." @Slice of Life was left...whelmed: "It's really great hence my score of an 8. It just doesn't reach that climax moment. Maybe because my fave Choa's voice is absent. T___T" And finishing off with Miss @Vixen: "I honestly like this just as much as I like the actual lead single, if not maybe a little bit more. I don't think it would have been THE lead single they needed to comeback, but I certainly feel like it could have replaced 'Bingle Bangle' and it would have been just as good. I like both, though." You stan Bingle Bangle, so I'll give you a pass for now.

    The song was used in comeback stages for Bingle Bangle, with Yuna doing her best Choa impersonation (which we won't blame her for. That was all FNC's doing.)

    Let's also pay tribute to a K-Pop icon, Miss Son Dam Bi (who @vague unnie already referenced)

    And after this super short writeup, I'm feeling whelmed as well, so we'll pump out the results today!

    Stay tuned, another b-side is next.
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  16. Ha!!! You girls wanted to see her DEAD but she's still stepping her shoes in the land of the living!!!! The little single that could! Good luck girigiri you like ME!!

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Girls Heart.jpg

    Because of you, my heart is in torture
    Spending this night with open eyes

    Average: 7.737

    Highest Score: 10x2 (@GeiPanda, @vague), 9.5x2 (@Oleander, @junglefish), 9x3 (@Slice of Life, @Cotton Park, @codecat)
    Lowest Score:
    6x2 (empty shoebox, @Mikl C), 5 (@serg), 4 (@ry123)
    My Score: 8.8
    @junglefish's Score: 9.5

    See, now THIS is a b-side. I'm so proud to see this song get so far, and this has always felt under-appreciated in terms of AOA's discography, but we stanned talent here. The song was the 3rd track on the Sappeun Sappeun mini album, and while it wasn't used for promotional purposes (Time was instead), it still got a Japanese version, and was performed a cute couple of times (one of which I will post below.) The song was written and composed by Brave Brothers (tbh their best producer, but I don't think anyone would argue with that), and co-composed with Elephant Kingdom. The lyrics to the Japanese version were written by CHIEMI, and the song was used as a b-side to Ai wo Choudai alongside the iconic Still falls the rain (which should still be here -_____- )

    All of you that left commentary were complimentary of the song so....LET'S CELEBRATE THAT! Starting us off is @Slice of Life: "Very, very good. The hook is so simple but so effectively used. They should've saved this as a single." Agreed. This would have made a great single if they had managed to release something in between Like a Cat and Heart Attack. @vague gets his wish: "very pretty and ofc a lil bit dramatic, but like in a different way than their other melodramatic midtempos. i like that everyone gets a verse or w/e, too. hope this does well in the rate!!" @GeiPanda is SHOOKETH: "This is f**cking unexpectedly incredible. The beat kicking in after Jimin's rap is a beast, and reminds me of the way Miss A's Hush unravels (though Girl's Heart is a bit less subtle in that regard). The guitars are fantastic. The A-O-A hook is lush." @Cotton Park is left speechless! The power of AOA: "God, I love this song and I don't know why." @Empty Shoebox: "Perfectly servicable, but suffers a bit from its position in the running order." That counts as praise, fight me! @Vixen: "Brave Brothers, huh............... Well. It's certainly a step-up to their previous poor and very boring b-sides, but it's still a bit bland, isn't it? As a b-side, I guess it's all fine." Another lovely comment, and a 7.5 score. Sounds like a compliment to me! And finishing us off is A STAN, the iconic @codecat. Take it away sis: "I don't know how the man does it but this is, again, another flawless Brave Sound Drop it production - stunning vocals and harmonies, great instruments all around: the drums elevate the chorus, the quirky organ popping up in the quieter parts is a lovely addition but the best thing about this song is, without a doubt, the meta AOA hook."

    Here's our lovely live performance:

    The studio version:

    And for our K-Pop throwback is a song I don't particularly like, but we'll put it here anyway!

    And I'm still determined to keep going, so keep your eyes on this thread unnies. It's gonna be a busy day.

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  18. Okay, so two things:
    • Bingle Bangle is their second best release and their most cohesive body of work*, so I’m glad to see two tracks from it in the top 15
    • Girl’s Heart is better than three of their singles still in the run
    Thank you and see you next time.
    *not counting New Moon because we didn’t rate it.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    An album is leaving us.

    I think you know what that means.

    It's still not Good Luck.

    OH BOY
    Oh Boy.jpg

    A boy you know how you do
    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

    Average: 7.812

    Highest Score: 10x2 (@Vixen, @Serg.), 9x3 (@vague, @ry123, @junglefish), 8.5x3 (@Dangerous Maknae, @Slice of Life, @RUNAWAY)
    Lowest Score:
    6.5 (@codecat), 6x2 (@GeiPanda, @Coming Century), 5 (@Cotton Park)
    My Score: 8.5
    @junglefish's Score: 9

    That's right, Ace of Angels, the band's first Japanese album is finally out. I'll always kind of have an attachment to this album, as the Japanese version of Joa Yo! is on it, along with Lemon Slush (which was my second elimination here after taking over the rate.) Oh BOY was used as a promotional track for the release of this album in Japan, and was later included in a Korean version on the band's first Korean album ANGEL'S KNOCK. Fun fact, in the music video for the song, the girls wear the outfits seen on the various covers of the Ace of Angels album. We love a consistent campaign! The song was written and composed by the same team of Han Seung Hoon, Lee Sang Ho, Andreas Ohrn, Chris Wahle, with additional lyrics by Carries'M and LITTLE (which again makes me think that the Korean version was the original....)

    Starting off with our commentary, in which @codecat makes me laugh: "YIKES AT THE TOXIC MASCULINITY 4:06 REAL MAN COURSE AT THE OH BOY ACADEMY's (sic). I like the School of Rock outfits. Everything else? Hmmm." @ry123 keeps it simple: "One word… Bop." @Empty Shoebox thinks it could be better: "Lacks punch compared to a number of their other singles." Tbh, I actually kind of agree here. Hence why I only gave the song an 8.5. @Vixen points out the....iconically bad English lyrics that I was forced to use under the artwork: "See that's the thing with AOA, though. In general, they have a fairly bland discography, but God, their lead singles always feel like a SUCH A MOMENT. Like, the video, the routines, how the girls look... Everything just feels so perfect and immense? They're also the queens of iconique sexy choreography making the most of whatever they're wearing. When will our faves? Anyway. The production is a tad dated in 2018, but God, the chorus is just too good to deny... (Jimin, tho... "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe"... really good sis?)" @vague unnie has the same issues as I do with the chorus: "i love this way more than i probably should, considering how limp the chorus is compared to the rest of the song. those verses are fantastic and the vocodered pre-choruses feel like they're leading to a huge chorus, but nah. they look amazing in the video, too." And closing us out is @Slice of Life: "I believe this is their first original Japanese single? It's really cute. I love that they kinda gave a new spin to their sound here. A refreshing debut." Again, tbh it's kind of funny that this was their fresh and new Japanese debut when it was originally a Korean song....ddddddddd

    The actual Japanese version of the music video is literally impossible to find, so you're stuck with....Korean audio over the top of it fffffff:

    A cute live performance:

    And let's give SNSD another throwback corner placement:

    And with that, we say goodbye to Ace of Angels (the album!! I'm not abandoning the rate sksksksks) You only had 3 songs here, and 2 of them were hated, so....good job?

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    #11 / 13
    ACE OF ANGELS - 6.511
    #12 - OH BOY - 7.812
    #42 - LEMON SLUSH - 6.125
    #53 - STAY WITH ME - 5.596
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2020 at 9:04 PM
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