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Hey! ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭ The AOA Discography Rate // HIATUS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Oct 20, 2018.

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    Love Is Only You

    Look at me, tell me you love me
    Can you hear my heart beating?

    Average: 4.493

    Highest Score
    : 8.25 (@Oleander), 7.25 (@vague)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@Dangerous Maknae, @GeiPanda), 2 (@Serg., @Vixen)
    My Score: 2.5

    And the first song to leave our rate is the truly unremarkable Love Is Only You. This song is the worst example of a Korean ballad you can think of. It sounds like your typical boring K-Drama OST song, but not even the main one... the one that's released halfway through the show's run, when you've got a bunch of filler episodes and most people have already stopped watching. The lyrics, written by CNBLUE's Yonghwa (sis what u doin) are beyond cheesy and that intro makes me physically cringe. On a positive note, Jimin and Mina's parts are cute.

    Let's see what the good unnies of KPJ have to say about this stinker:

    Slice of Life manages to drag SISTAR's discography with just a few words: "Reminds me of Sistar's album tracks... meaning it's cute enough but doesn't warrant repeated listens." I mean, tea.

    Sunshine of my life, Serg., has selective memory: "Can't remember how this goes after like 7 re-listens." Lucky you!

    vague, one of the song's highest scorers, seems a bit bored: "i feel like every kpop girl group has a midtempo that sounds exactly like this in their discography dddd. like, yeah, it's cute, but it's nothing special."

    So does GeiPanda: "Probably one of the most typical, cliché K-ballads I've ever heard."

    ...and Empty Shoebox: "A bit generic, and a bit repetitive."

    AND RUNAWAY: "wow this song is boring"

    Finally, my fellow French unnie Vixen is not here for this corny mess: "This is a little bit too beige and boring for me. Almost sounds cheesy too?" ALMOST?!​

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  3. ma love is only you.
    I promise you'll get multiple eliminations tomorrow sistren, but a pretty girl gotta get her beauty sleep.
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  4. They have quite a few duds in their b-sides, so I was genuinely wondering which one will go first. This seems appropriate, I guess.
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  5. Temptation better not be going anytime soon though, let’s get that straight.
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  6. Taste. xoxo
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  7. Can't say I'm surprised. I'm a bit of a sucker for ballads, even those slightly nostalgic, sunshine-in-a-bottle ones. I guess the Korean GP jumped out ddd.

    However, there are some excellent ballads, midtempos, and emotional mood pieces here that deserve to do well. If Still Falls The Rain bombs out, then I'm coming for all of you.

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  8. Taste!
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  9. I didn't get my ballot in in time, but I'm Jelly BABY hwaiting!
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  10. Okay... gonna be that kinda rate...

    I'm with @Oleander on the ballad and midtempo issue.
  11. You’ll find many midtempos in the top 10... I mean, we’re rating AOA’s discography ddd.
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    Happy Ending

    If I'm the S magnet
    You're the N magnet that pulls me

    Average: 4.937

    Highest Score
    : 8 (@GeiPanda), 7 (@RUNAWAY, @vague, @Oleander)
    Lowest Score: 2.5 (@Serg., @Vixen), 1 (@ry123)
    My Score: 5

    Our next song to leave the rate is Happy Ending, from AOA's second release, Wanna Be, and I'm a bit shook tbh. Is it a great song? No. Is it a bit bland? Yes. Still, I expected it to do slightly better. It has a nice little throwback feel to it and for some reason, it reminds me of 2NE1 ddd. Like, it wouldn't have been out of place on their first release. I can almost hear Bom sing Hyejeong's and Seolhyun's parts. Once again, Jimin delivers a cute little rap that's nowhere near her best, but fits the song perfectly. One thing I'll say though, is that this track would have benefited from being a minute shorter.

    Understandably, you guys weren't very inspired:

    Slice of Life: "Obligatory filler."

    vague: "nice verses, but the chorus is not it."

    Empty Shoebox: "This could literally be anyone it's so generic." BUT COULD IT BE 2NE1???...

    ...The good sis Vixen seems to think so! "Unpopular opinion maybe, but it has always reminded me of a poor filler 2NE1 albumtrack. Just too bland for me." MERCI BINCH.

    Finally, let's hear from our highest voter and #1 Qrisus stan, GeiPanda: "This doesn't seem like anything particularly special at first, but the part where they harmonize (I think? Not sure if it's just one person singing with an added vocal effect) the "I'll take it take it take it" part is suuuper catchy."

    Anyway, now seems like a good time to learn the names of the girls who aren't ChoA, Jimin or Seolhyun:
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    Yours Mine

    Ttupbappa ttubittuppa ppabappa

    Average: 5.068

    Highest Score
    : 8.1 (@RUNAWAY), 7.75 (@Oleander)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@Slice of Life, @FunkyButChic, @Empty Shoebox), 2 (@ry123, @Vixen)
    My Score: 6.75

    Our next song out is the saccharine Yours Mine (also known as We Belong Together, Mariah-sunbaenim is shaking) which I actually enjoy. It's a very cute song, probably too cute for some of you bitter heaux who have never felt love. JK.
    There's honestly not much to say about this track, it has a slight '60s vibe and is just cheerful all the way through.
    The lyrics do a great job of describing the feelings of a budding relationship, the first few months weeks days of bliss before it all turns to shit and you start hating your SO and vice versa, you break up and you have to move out of the apartment you share together, decide who gets to keep the dog, etc, etc. Anyway, where was I?
    Really, Yours Mine's biggest flaw is appearing on the same release as Confused, the group's first foray into sexy midtempos.

    Most of you top madams weren't too impressed:

    vague is just not in the mood anymore: "idk why i was expecting any kind of cohesion in a Korean single album from 2012 or w/e, but this is such a boner killer after Confused dhgshdgs. mess."

    Serg.: "They really overdone those type of songs, same shit 4 albums in a row won't do it.."

    Slice of Life: "The fuck is a Christmas song doing here???" ddd I honestly never got Christmas from this song, but now it's all I can hear.

    Empty Shoebox: "The only thing I'm getting from this is 'cute'. That's not necessarily bad, but there's nothing else here and that's disappointing."

    "Honestly a little too bland for me. Typical filler album track to release along your single."

    RUNAWAY: "I think this song is called We Belong Together on spotty fry, so I hope I’m rating the right song. It’s a cool jam. I was expecting another boring bland b-side, but this is much better than that." Well sis, looking at your score, I'm not sure you were actually rating the right song.​

    whew @Dangerous Maknae got moves.
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  14. Drag me a bit ddd. I have seen some line distribution videos but the biggest take away from those I think was that Mina and Chanmi get the short end of the stick in terms of lines. Then again, if your stage name is Mina it feels like you end up screwed over 7/10 times.
  15. I think once they didn't need her playing bass anymore, she kinda became the afterthought. Is there a Korean word for that?
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  16. Well....at least she's not Youkyung.

    According to Google it's 보적 or "bojeog."
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  17. dddd I don't know why, but I didn't expect to be amongst the lowest scorers quite that constantly kii

    I swear, I've not trolled and I do have high scores in there. While they have a pretty near flaw-free singles run, I do think they have quite a few duds in their b-sides which explains some of my scores, I guess.

    Also, YATH at me not being the only one hearing the early 2NE1 comparisons for 'Happy Ending'. I think my biggest issue with 'Yours Mine' is that it's so stupidly inferior to 'Confused' (which is amongst their absolute best) in a way that it's almost glaring when you listen to both in order.
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  18. While we anticipate more results, here are my thoughts on AOA members that nobody asked for:

    To me, it is clear that Choa is/was the face of AOA (with Seolhyun being the CF-snatching queen). Whenever AOA is mentioned, I immediately think of her and ha iconic blonde shorthair.mp3 that she pulls off effortlessly. Her departure has left a huge impact on the group in terms of image and vocals. Yes... she can strain a bit when she sings, but she has such a strong and raw voice with a ton of emotion. It wasn't super surprising when she decided to leave the group - I've always felt she had a mature, outlier personality and wasn't willing to take any bullshit from the industry or other people. Park Choa - a legend.

    This will sound super shady, but I mean it in a positive way - Jimin is so alien-esque in terms of her rapping and her visuals. There's no one else quite like her. Say what you want about FNC, but I appreciate that they allowed this polarizing figure to be such a prominent part of the group. I love that she is brimming with so much confidence. The historical knowledge controversy and Choa's depature hasn't dented Jimin's energetic personality - her section in that tepid Bingle Bangle song is by far the best part.

    I love Mina because - despite her super-cute image - I can see that mask slipping a lot and a shady, nihilistic person emerging from underneath. She seems to begrudgingly do aegyo while rolling ha eyes and generally being over it - Sulli could never. I notice it so much that I thought this was a consensus among AOA fans, but apparently it's not actually a thing (Googling reveals that her biggest "scandal" is a porn site creepily using her image). Her instagram is evident of her persona - when not posting selfies, she's usually posting some (unsettling) enigmatic image that suggests she's more than just a cutie.

    Gorgeous, and surprisingly able to hit main singer high notes: hey

    I can understand she's divisive within the international fandom, with some thinking she's a bit too plain to be such a noted Korean visual. But... wow, her skin is FLAWLESS. Proportions are insane too.

    It's hard not to compare her to Choa, now that she's taking over main singer duties. She's a technically good vocalist, but her voice lacks emotion or warmth.

    There's this underlying trend of KPOP companies putting in young members to lower the average age of a group, and Chanmi is an example of that. As the supposed main dancer of the group, I can't recall her overshadowing any other members in choreography. Her style of rapping seems to be more talk-in-a-fast-manner, which makes her pale in comparison to the motherf**king top madam. Because of Chanmi's lack of vocal talent, I feel like a lot of AOA songs has to shoehorn her in just to give her some lines? And not even in an iconic way like Momo from Twice. To be fair, a lot of my criticism towards her is due to the fact that she doesn't really get any chance to showcase her "charms". I'm kind of shocked to discover that she's only 22, considering that AOA has been around for the majority of the decade. There's still time to debut ha in another group and let her shine.
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  19. Sorry for the lack of eliminations yesterday unnies! I didn’t have time but we’ll hit the top 50 this weekend!

    EDIT: welp we did NOT hit top 50.
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  20. Ditto. I love a lot of AOA songs, but some of their album tracks, especially from a while ago are 100% filler in a kind of "lets put in any song we can get our hands on" way.
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