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Hey! ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭ The AOA Discography Rate // HIATUS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. I love it.

    There's so many unique things I used to love about about AOA. I wont' go into all of them. When I was first getting into KPop, AOA Black was actually my favorite thing, and I used to love seeing them play instruments, even if not ridiculously well - and Mina can actually play that bass that dwarfed her. AOA also did the rap much different than others did it, with Jimin and Chanmi's styles playing off each other, kind of rapid fire. I just kind of felt, at least in their formative years, they weren't just idols, they were artists.

    And yeah, Choa.... KPop is just a little bit less awesome without her in it.
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    Lily feat. Rowoon of SF9
    Friends tell me I shouldn't be too into you
    But it's already too late

    Average: 5.568

    Highest Score
    : 10 (@Coming Century), 8.25 (@Oleander)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@Slice of Life), 2 (@Mikl C)
    My Score: 6

    I'm honestly struggling a bit with these eliminations ddd. Once again, we say goodbye to a fairly bland album track. Lily, featuring RoWoon of the boyband SF9, is a retro ballad with jazzy elements. It's not a bad song by any means, I actually like its vibe, it's just not very exciting. Jimin's rap is really different from what's expected from her, which is nice, but I honestly miss the bratty voice and over-the-top delivery.

    Let's see what you, my dear voters, thought of the track:

    Slice of Life: "Rowoon sweetie I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry that you were asked to feature on such a shitty, snoozy song." Tell us how you really feel sis ddd.

    Oleander: "This is a lovely little song but it kind of feels out of place on the album if I’m being honest."

    Vixen: "Okay, I'm not entirely loving this...but I just appreciate how different it is to their previous slower numbers, so at least it sounds a little bit different for them. It's not exactly something that I would seek to listen to that often, but it's a decent late album track."

    FunkyButChic: "This is a lovely little song but it kind of feels out of place on the album if I’m being honest."

    Poor vague got die of beaties from this song: "it's a little too sugary sweet for me, i think. i can't really get into this, unfortunately."

    OC's Lizzy would like a word with you, codecat: "Trot legends!"

    ry123: "I cant cope that the song opens with ‘I want your Lily’ Especially when the L could easily be heard as a W." aghdahgdh a mess. Who wouldn't want Rowoon's willy tbh.​

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  3. It isn’t really good, but that definitely shouldn’t have left now... They easily have like... 10 worse b-sides/albumtracks than this ddd.
  4. and who has to write the elimination posts for those uh


    Stay With Me
    Fly me to the moon
    Like we in Hollywood

    Average: 5.596

    Highest Score
    : 9 (@Serg.), 8.8 (@RUNAWAY)
    Lowest Score: 2 (@Empty Shoebox), 1.5 (@Vixen)
    My Score: 6.5

    GUESS WHAT GIRLS? We're losing another ballad/album track. This time, though, it's in Japanese. Stay With Me is your typical J-Pop lite R&B ballad, appearing on their first Japanese release, the imaginatively titled album AOA - Ace of Angels. It's sweet, I like the instrumental, the vocals are nice and Jimin's rap is cringy as hell. All in all, it does its job well, it's not a track I'd ever WANT to listen to, but it's not one I'd skip if it came on shuffle either.
    I can't say anything about the lyrics, because I couldn't find a translation anywhere ddd.

    RUNAWAY: "I really enjoyed this little ballad. A lot better than the other stuff on their first Japanese album."

    Vixen: "(ddddd at the link you gave having only 571 views but being from their official account??? Well, it's what she deserves.) This is too beige, too sweet, and the melodies aren't great, so we just end up with a rather dull product." and all those views were from y'all.

    Serg.: "Rarity for them, a listenable ballad."

    Slice of Life: "A great SNSD-sounding b-side. I can't believe their Japanese material is proving to be stronger than their Korean sdhkfgsdkhfgj." I... wouldn't go that far ddd.

    vague: "i'm usually a sucker for these soft, pretty midtempos - and AOA usually does them so well - but this is a touch too bland for me."

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  5. I'm surprised that this wasn't the first one out dddd. Especially with the way people were calling for Girls' Day's song Darling to leave early on in the #1s rate which is also a throwback 50s/60s girl group inspired song. I think I had commentary for this but might have messed it up when copy-pasting it over ddd. This is a lovely song and my only real gripe with it is that it feels out of place on the album.
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  6. Yes, 'Lily' goes for the 50s/60s girlgroup theme a little bit, which for me, kinda set it apart from their other ballads. It does stick out from the rest, neither in a positive or negative way, which is why my score wasn't as low for that one.

    As for 'Stay With Me'... In retrospect, 1.5 seems a little harsh dddd
    I don't have much of an excuse, should have given it a 3.0 - 3.5 instead, but too late.
  7. Oh hell no to JAOA cuts...if anything that Perfect Strangers s^%^t should've left first.
  8. We've just started this and the host is already censoring commentary............................

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  9. I gave Lily a 10, where's my score?

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  10. Sorry, it's fixed now! Your 10 was counted though, so the song's average stays the same.

    I added your commentary, unnies. Bear with me, it's my first rate nn. I just got lost in all my opened tabs.
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    Now that my soulmate has left
    My heart is crumbling
    Average: 5.715

    Highest Score
    : 9 (@Cotton Park, @vague), 7.5 (@Serg.)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@FunkyButChic, @Empty Shoebox), 2 (@ry123)
    My Score: 7.25

    Another ballad bites the dust, and this time it stings. While Soulmate, from AOA's Short Hair EP, isn't different from your usual K-Pop ballad, it really showcases the girls' vocals. Yuna and Hyejeong sound fantastic and even Chanmi, who usually gets the short end of the stick, gets to shine. Yes, her part is short, but it's the most memorable of the whole song, in my opinion. Jimin's rap in this is probably one of my faves. The lyrics are... heartbreaking nn.
    I gotta confess I had actually never heard this song before starting this rate ddd, but I'm so glad I discovered it.

    RUNAWAY: "this song….she’s a cute girl, but next to the previous 3 bops, she’s gonna get DEVOURED. And that’s the tea."

    Heartless wench Vixen: "You know for their first proper mini-album, they really didn't try to release something decent, did they? This is just too bland for me, and the melodies not strong enough."

    vague: "i thot this was a happy little love song just listening to it, but the lyrics are actually pretty sad?? deceptive queens." Well, you thot wrong sis.​

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    Really Really
    I know it's not going to work
    But my heart still wants you

    Average: 5.721

    Highest Score
    : 9 (@Cotton Park), 8.5 (@vague)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@Mikl C, @Vixen, @Empty Shoebox), 2 (@Slice of Life, @ry123)
    My Score: 7.5

    Okay so let's get this out of the way: yes, the intro is cringy as hell. The rest of the song is very good, though. I absolutely love the production in this, it's full of little things that make it interesting, even a bit... weird? Those synths make the whole song sound so unique. I love it.
    Once again, Jimin steals the show, her rap and her shared parts with Mina are the clear highlight of the song. Lyrically, it's more of the same, with a girl missing her former lover, telling him she really, really loves him and reminiscing of their past together.

    I think at this point Slice of Life was starting to regret participating in this rate, but she loves me, so: "Ugh I hate this type of songs. They sound super off-key and the song just goes on forever. Make it stahp."

    vague: "very mellow and relaxing."

    Cotton Park: "AOA had a string of "obligatory K-Pop mini album ballads that were easily the most memorable of any K-Pop artists. I think a lot of that has to do with the amazing honest and emotion that Choa and Yuna can deliver. The weeping guitar off in the background just adds to the wistful texture of this one."

    GeiPanda: "Um... does the instrumental sample Kanye West's Runaway?" Um no. Kanye-sunbaenim obviously got inspired by this masterpiece.

    Vixen: "I just think this doesn't go anywhere. It plods along without barely any switch-up at all to the chords, and or the production. It's just a very boring listen? Some of the vocals are great, I guess."

    Serg.: "WINNER did it better" And they say KPJ hates men!​

  14. I think I won't have any memory of listening to any of these songs until the top 20 dddd.
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  15. Both are pretty beige and bland, so I don't mind. xoxo
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  16. I don't even know you people.
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  17. Hi sweets,

    I put on the KBS song festival a few minutes ago and guess who was performing? AOA! Which reminded me I still had a rate to run. JK I didn't forget about it, I was just ignoring my responsibilities.

    With ELVIS
    Without change, I'll think of you today
    And happily sing

    Average: 5.725

    Highest Score
    : 10 (@Oleander), 7.6 (@RUNAWAY)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@Empty Shoebox), 2 (@Coming Century)
    My Score: 7

    And just like that, Angel's Knock loses its second track. An acoustic ballad, With ELVIS is not actually dedicated to thick icon and peanut butter aficionado Elvis Presley, but to the group's fans, known as Elvis (or AOE - Ace of Elvis, for trademark reasons.) To tell you unnies the truth, I don't know why I gave this a 7. In retrospect, it's more of a 5 ddd but I can't be bothered to change my score so there you go.
    There's not much to say about the song, it's pleasant enough and does its job just fine as the last track on the album.
    I'm sure the fans appreciated it!

    Or maybe not.


    vague: "i was wondering what the weird obsession with Elvis was about, but i guess that's what they call their fans? okay. still weird, but w/e. i always hate these cringey "we love our fans!!" ballads kpop groups love to do, and this is no exception ddd. i mean, this is cute, but i won't be revisiting it outside of the rate."

    Empty Shoebox: "I can't see anything appealing about this. Bland."

    Vixen: "Well...It's a song for the fans. With that in mind, it's surprising how not-so-awful it is. I mean, it's hardly groundbreaking, but for a group with a rather small (and honestly poor) ballad catalogue, this is not half bad. "

    ry123: "Boring but cute."

    Surprisingly, Slice of Life actually likes it: "Prettier than most fandom songs so that's something. A ballad that I can get behind."

    this is literally a post-disbandment MV ddd.
  18. I hate these kinda "thank u fans <3" songs so much......they're always bland trite.....
  19. Okay, admittedly the 10 for this song might have been a bit much but it is a very lovely song. I guess I'm just a big sap when it comes to ballads but I have accepted the fact that despite being in my early 20s, I am a nostalgic, old man on the inside ddd.
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  20. I think this rate needs to skip just to the top 25 or so, so many of the songs are on a similar level before that point
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