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Hi guys

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by rick, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Hey everyone.

    I’m Rick. I’m a new member so I’m just saying my hellos. Hope everyone is well assuming anyone is reading.

    I love pop music. It’s the soundtrack to my life starting all the way back in the mid 90s with my first ever album (Whigfield - please don’t judge me too harshly). I had the Gina G and Louise albums too and pop music was fine if a little drab until that magical moment in 1996 when everything changed. The Spice Girls happened and everything transformed. Pop music went full force stratospheric and it was unashamed and unapologetic. I feel quite lucky to have experienced the full Spice Girls phenomena first hand which led into the Smash Hits type of pop star that I loved (Billie Piper, Steps, Five).

    Being a popjustice lurker for many years I’ve learned to have a knack for loving bands/artists destined for failure. Girls Can’t Catch, Dolly Rockers, Mini Viva etc) because despite my best judgement I can’t help but love unabashed pop music. It doesn’t matter to me that it charted at 135 if it makes me happy I’m fully on board with it and I will stan that artist forever. Case in point I made an album full on Dolly Rocker demos and leaked tracks and have it saved on my phone as Dolly Rockers album #1. Still waiting album 2 obviously.

    Nowadays I’m here for Little Mix, Pink, Nadine, Robyn and discovering new artists.

    Anyway that’s me pretty much. To the moderator reading this I’m sorry to assault your eyes with my messy rambling and to anyone else who reads it I just want to say Hi and I hope we can strike up a conversation on the board somewhere. Let’s talk about pop music!
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  2. Welcome! If you love 90s eurodance, please be sure to check out the 90s eurodance rate that just opened. The link is in my signature.
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