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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Sometimes, May 5, 2018.

  1. hey y'all. i'm 28 and from germany. britney fan since 1998 & casual PJ reader for years, so this was waiting to happen. grew up in the 90s and 00s, the golden era of modern day pop culture, so standards are HIGH.

    you'll probably mostly find me in the britney threads but i'll try to contribute to every topic.

    let the fun begin!
  2. Please don’t.
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  3. J89


    Wow. Hypocrite much?
  4. I wasn’t the one preaching from my high horse about people being assholes, bullies and meanies after throwing the first personal insult, that was you. I wasn’t hypocritical at all.
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  5. J89


    Come on now, it is clear a lot of Christina and Britney fans still pit the two together and haven’t matured in that sense in years. Including yourself, as evident in your first unnecessary post in this thread. I would love to hear your spin on how they provoked it, considering it was the first post from a brand new member.
  6. I posted that 13 hours after that user had already gone into the Xtina thread and compared the two. Thanks for your concern.
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  7. J89


  8. I know you think it's just a forum and some of you think you can treat people however you like. For some people, like myself, music is escapism and I really like the idea of this place being apparently different to other places. It is exactly the same though. Instead of responses, you just get gifs, Twitter screenshots and words like 'sis', 'gather' and 'drag' as a response.
  9. J89


    Yes. My response just now was sarcasm, since pretty much all the posts you people liked ‘dragging’ me were gifs, Twitter grabs and go to predictable keywords on a forum like this. See how unproductive it is?
  10. I love Sometimes the song! Enjoy your stay!
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