Hello everyone,

I'm pretty sure it's taken me over ten years to sign up (sorry for the delay), but I've been reading these boards on a daily basis forever... can't really remember when I started exactly, but definitely remember being here when Womanizer came out and long before that too. So many times I wanted to comment, not quite sure why I never did.

Anyway, so much to say... this forum has kept me entertained over the past decade, but also helped me so much over the years not feel so lonely and accepting my sexuality, so I cannot thank you guys enough for all of that.

I am originally from Portugal, moved to Wales when I was 17 for college and have lived the past 5 years in California (San Diego, LA and now San Francisco) where I work.
Grew up hearing all sorts of pop, and then shifted heavily to indie rock for a while and more towards the Alternative/Electronic/R&B scene that's going strong nowadays. I go to concerts as much as I can, some of my all time favorites are: Jessie Ware, HAERTS, Pr0files, Superhumanoids, St. Lucia, Gallant. My consistent obsession has been however the one and only... Queen B! Who drove me to register because after so many years of following every footstep she's taken I am finally seeing her live for the first time in September.

I think that's all. I love love California and hope to stay here for a long time. I love series, hiking, beer, soccer (GO PORTUGAL, sorry Wales), traveling and the amazing friends I have made along this crazy thing called life!

I also write/talk a lot, as you can probably tell :)