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Hilary Duff - Breathe In. Breathe Out. (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xluvxduffxmusicx, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Last night I ruined/saved (depending on how you look at it) a really "cool" party by playing "Come Clean" the second i was handed the aux, and then refusing to give it back. It was a good way to find the other few gays because they went wild.
  2. You should have played Gypsy Woman so that you could truly separate the wheat from the chaff.
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  3. The only thing I’ve had in my head all day is “You’d show up to the opening of an envelope...”
  4. I'm blind at work here, what's the tweet say?
  5. Dddd awesome. Its a video
  6. This is the quality content I look for on the internet.
  7. She should take a vacation to get away for a while.
  8. Her Instagram stories had me wheezing last night.

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  9. Never piss off a sleep deprived, rich white lady when she is away from her natural habitat.
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  10. They're both dicks here. He should be more conscientious of his neighbors and she shouldn't use her instagram with millions of followers to put him on blast. Thats what a 16 year old does, not a 30 year old woman.
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  11. You also just know that Hilary is the type that would like to speak to the manager.
  12. I can't wait for him to sue her just to see other stories.
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  13. He's already hired a lawyer and the police were called to the building yesterday regarding an altercation in which Hilary's boyfriend allegedly hit him.

    If only things escalated like this for Hilary when it came to her music.
  14. Wait Matthew Koma hit him??
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  15. Hilary sis

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  16. You mean a Holiday?
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