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Hilary Duff - Breathe In. Breathe Out. (Album)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by xluvxduffxmusicx, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. RMK


    It's interesting because with the likes of Selena or Demi, people became far more interested in them once they'd graduated from being a Disney star. I guess they had more of a hold on the general public, or Hilary lacked the interest to garner a more mature fanbase.
  2. Demi and Selena kept working as adults consistently. Hilary settled down with a Canadian hockey player when she was like 21 and had a baby right away. I also think unlike Demi and Selena, people did associate Hilary with acting more which is why she's once again a successful television actress.
  3. In early 2008, Hilary completed the Dignity tour, worked on a handful of independent films with minor roles and mostly just coasted until late September 2013 (she got married, had a baby, and all that jazz). Reach Out was the only thing she really did musically and that was a music video and that’s it. She said she’d go back into the studio at the end of that year but never did.

    Unlike all her other peers, she was perfectly content with this break and only did minor acting stuff every so often. She is simply not as driven as her peers and those that came after her. She’s still filthy rich and does whatever she wants to do, whenever she wants to do it.

    So we’ll see what the rest of this year brings. Hopefully another acoustic with her husband, Younger returns to shoot for another season. And maybe Lizzie gets picked up, has a big following and she’ll work on music again.
  4. ^The life of a f*cking iconic queen everyone^
  5. If I was that rich at 20 I wouldn't stress about work.
    She doesn't even seem to be a big spender.
  6. Apart from parking tickets.

    Illegal parking icon
  7. I know we forum members are of different stock, but if I literally didn't have to worry about money, I'd sink at least a portion of free time into my music as a hobby. Imagine how nice that would be to just work at your own pace.

    I don't think she likes making music as much as we all do/would... but my point stands.
  8. Time for hobbies??? She's a MOM now!1!!1
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  9. Some Kara demos just randomly leaked.

  10. Scream at them changing "feeling kinda fucked" to "feeling like you suck". Those pure Disney ears.
  11. Supergirl has always been a shameless bop.

  12. What a bop though
  13. The Kara version of Come Clean has now leaked and some of the lyrics are a bit jaring.

    Also leaked is an alternative Demo for what eventually became Confetti

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  14. Yeah the Come Clean demo is certainly a choice as far as the lyrics are concerned, haha. I guess it wasn't always intended to be recorded by a Disney popstar. I wonder who was in mind to begin with.
  15. It sounds like she singing it for Pink to sing. Or someone similar.
  16. I actually really like Kara's take. Nice.
  17. The vocal mixing on these demos being stronger than what landed on Hilary's released albums, I can't.
  18. Also, it's more obvious than ever how much of Kara they kept in the final mix of "Come Clean". Not exactly a Myah Jean situation, but still.
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  19. The most surprising thing is Kerli on "Confetti"'s demo.
  20. Hearing this song with a competent vocalist is a fucking revelation shame it went to Hilary, definitely would’ve been a better fit for Lindsay Lohan’s voice.

    Also, ddddd not the parody I made up in middle school being on the nose for what the song was originally about.
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