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Hilary Duff - Breathe In. Breathe Out. (Album)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by xluvxduffxmusicx, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. If this isn't essentially Sex & The City but woke then honestly what are we doing ladies?
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  2. ddd werk.
  3. Hon, it was just a dig at how bad of a vocalist Hilary is. Lindsay’s not the greatest but at least her debut proved she wouldn’t have sounded so flat.
  4. Apparently Twitter is saying Hillary Duff has been exposed as a child trafficker that is selling her own children?!
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  5. I legitimately cannot make sense of any of this.
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  6. I can for you if you’d like? I’m a member on Lisptick Alley, I know the thread very well and it creeps me out the way a lot of the members on there speculate things about various celebs. I mainly joined to just trash talk reality tv shows.

    Anyways, a few months back someone was going through Hilary Duff’s story and Hilary had posted a montage of photos of her kids and one of the users noticed that there was a closeup shot of Luca naked and it looked like he was being restrained to the users.

    between this and her having several Insta stories where Banks was also running around naked, they started speculating if she was involved in, well, a pedophile ring.

    Someone on LSA forwarded the information to Los Angeles CPS.
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  7. The way Cindy Crawford did a similar thing years ago is pretty sus though... It’s crazy.

  8. I really appreciate you breaking this down, as I’m completely unfamiliar with how Lipstick Alley operates.

    The speculation makes me deeply uncomfortable, though.
  9. Apparently CDAN did a blind item about this situation too late April


    And I fully agree with you. Lipstick Alley has a lot of wild conspiracy theorists on there or people who claim they have wild tea. The Doja stuff going out now has been talked about there for months and only until video proof came about was it leaked out.

    It’s insane.
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  10. Most likely a stan while looking for more Doja Cat tea stumbled across this post and spread it to Twitter today.
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  11. These seem like messy conspiracy theories that we shouldn't be discussing.
  12. I hope the Duffster gets that site shut down.
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  13. I hope she sues!!
  14. This is a reach if I’ve ever seen one.

    Yes, of course she used her child for sex trafficking and then used the photo as part of a montage to celebrate his 8th birthday.

    Conspiracy theories are wild!!

    She should sue and shut them down.
  15. This just seems like another pizzagate nn.
  16. QAnon are all over this on Twitter nn.
  17. Twitter finding out about LSA is going to be so damn messy.
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  18. New quarantine activity: finding celebrities to cancel (even though some are warranted... Hilary's not one of them).
  19. Anyone who thinks Hilary Duff runs a child sex ring has a serious case of brain worms.

    It's not unusual for a parent to have nude pictures of their kids. She just didn't realize she posted it to Instagram, then deleted it as soon as she did.
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