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Hilary Duff - Breathe In. Breathe Out. (Album)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by xluvxduffxmusicx, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Once I receive my custom Girls Aloud - TEN vinyl from intheclouds sometime in August, I'll see if it's worth submitting this as a request for a custom vinyl.
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  2. It's a great summer album. The perfect summer album.
  3. I can't believe Metamorphosis came out 17 years ago... I'm officially feeling old!
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  4. When will they finally upload ‘Outlaw’ to UK music services?

    Geo-based music is so last year zzzzz!
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  5. I purchased the Japanese CD just to get this damn track! Was worth it though...
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  6. The Fanjoy signed editions came with a card to download it too, I believe. Along with the remix of “Chasing the Sun”
  7. So, Heidi Montag mentioned that The Hills was initially meant to have a Hilary Duff theme song before negotiations fell through and they went with Natasha Bedingfield, but she couldn’t remember what song. Was this ever public info before now?

    I’m pretty sure she was referring to either Fly, Jericho, or Wake Up since those are the only songs I can think of that would have been out around that time and (at least vaguely) fit the description she gave

  8. Oh my god, I wonder if it was The Getaway. That would’ve been iconic.
  9. I've been listening to Between You and Me a lot lately. What a song.
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  10. Love her house.

  11. Here's the video.

  12. But where's the next album Hils???
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  13. This is so cute.

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  14. She actually sounds good singing Confetti. I just always expect her voice to be weaker so that was a nice surprise.

    I love the bit where she's singing the chorus of Happy and then realises it's the wrong song.
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  15. Her acoustic 'Tattoo' she did really showcased her vocal ability. She's pretty decent as a singer.
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