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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by xluvxduffxmusicx, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Hilary Duff Talks New LP, Depeche Mode Backstage At 'Total Finale Live'Former Disney star says she'll be working on new, edgier LP next month.

    By Jocelyn Vena

    Hilary Duff was just 2 years old when Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" was released, but that didn't stop her from building a new song of her own — "Reach Out" — around it. The song is featured on her greatest-hits LP, Best of Hilary Duff, which hit stores last week.

    " 'Reach Out' is a sample of a Depeche Mode song, 'Personal Jesus,' " she told MTV News at the "Total Finale Live" on Sunday (November 16). "It's different for me. It's a little dancey, and there's a rapper named Prophet who's on it who's really cool and kinda fresh."

    In addition to "Reach Out," Duff has another new song on the album, called "Holiday," which found her working with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder. She describes the song as "a really personal [one]."

    Duff isn't just giving her fans her greatest hits — soon the singer/actress will be back in the studio recording new material. "I'm going to start working on a new album in two weeks," she said.

    These days, even with a NBC development deal in the works that will bring the singer back to the small screen, she's spending her days "hard-core writing and figuring out what direction to go in."

    And the former Disney star said she's looking to go edgier than the music she's done in the past. But she can't help but embrace her feminine side.

    "I like so many different kinds of music," she said. "Something poppy and catchy — I'm girly but I think I'm kind of tough, so maybe a little rock influence."


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  2. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    If it sounds anything like Holiday I'll be very happy indeed.
  3. paul lekakis

    paul lekakis Guest

    Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    "a little Rock influence"?!

    First Tisdale now Duff. I'm gutted.
    Girlie-Pop should never go "Rock". It's the most ridiculous and dated thing ever.
    If I want Rock I go listening to dem real bands, not Demi Lovato or Jonas Bros.!
  4. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

  5. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    Oh, Hilary, no more rock. You did it for two albums already. Embrace the electropop (classy)slut within!
  6. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    Im not to worried about this "rock" nonsense she is talking about.

    Im expecting her future stuff to be like "play with fire" and "dignity", even "reach out". pop songs that make use of guitars but are still pop. She once described aspects of the dignity album to be "indie" and it was hardly indie wasn't it. And the new tracks for "most wanted" were inspired by the killers and muse - again, wtf - sounds nothing like them. As long as she still uses the word "pop" I think thats exactly what we'll get.

    I doubt she would ever go back to her pre "Wake Up" days of bubblegum brat rock
  7. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    ^ Precisely. I love Hilary, but she always mislabels the genres.

    Anyway, Hilary will be on the Ryan Secrest Radio Show on Friday. She'll most likely talk about her album, new TV show, etc.
  8. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    She's said so many times before now that it's electro pop music she wants to make.

    Hopefully her definition of 'rock' is 'Reach Out'!
  9. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    I hope so too. She wouldn't suit anything else.
  10. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    Although in fairness, I actually did like her first two studio albums. They just pale in comparison to the phenomenal Dignity.
  11. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    Yeah that's how she first described it, so I'm sure we can expect the same amazing songs from "Dignity" with more drums or electric guitars, whatever. lol
  12. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    It just baffles me why so many of these former-Disney girls go for the faux-rock route musically (i.e. LiLo & Hil). They have enough trouble being taken seriously as popstars, let alone rockstars!
  13. Dag


    Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    It's not rock, though. It's pop with rock instruments, and they do it to appeal to teenage girls who think they're rock.
  14. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    Yeah, I know it's Pop/Rock but I do wonder sometimes if they actually thought they were gonna be taken an credible rock singers, y'know? Which I find a little sad, for some reason.

    Maybe I gave this too much thought...
  15. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    Hilary will remain pop, no matter what she does... Fly, Girl Can Rock, Rock This World, and many songs on dignity feature guitars, but they're all well produced and a little upbeat, along with a whole lot of other sounds fused with the song... its going to be pop, a little more guitarry... i'm thinking something like Reach Out and Dignity era... although, i'd love for her to stick to stuff like Holiday, Come Clean etc., she sounds amazing on upbeat ballads with mature sounds...
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  16. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    Yeah Hilary did pop/rock back in 2004, right before it even became big in the states... a little late to be pondering about it now. lol All the other former-Disney girls or actress turned singers followed the pop/rock sound after it became huge thanks to Kelly Clarkson in early 2005. As usual Hilary chose not to follow the crowd & in the middle of 2005, was already testing out dance music with "Wake Up," "Beat Of My Heart," & "Break My Heart."
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  17. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    Hilary was on Ryan Seacrest today & talked about her new album!

    - She has a few songs that she'll record in December.
    - This will be her first time doing an album alone.
    - She first starts thinking of producers she wants to work with, then the genre, & writing.
    - She carries a recorder so whenever she thinks of a medley, thought or line, she records it on there.
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  18. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    I don't care what people say; I genuinely think Hilary gives a shit about her music and is steadily becoming more involved in it. I doubt she'd lie about this stuff.
  19. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    I hope she continues to work with Kara DioGuardi though, there is some magic when the two of them come together even harking back to Come Clean. They have done some great songs together, I adore Fly and the whole Dignity album is genius.

    Are we meant to believe that she is actually going to release this album off her own back?! On an independent label? If she is then good for her, I really hope it works for her. And you know what it proves that music is what she really wants to do because if it wasn't she would give up now, she's had enough success and has probably achieved the goals she set out to do; She's toured the world, countless music videos and number one albums.

    I hope that it isn't too long until we hear the rewards of this project because it will be two years in March since Dignity. I'm guessing it's going to be at least another year though especially if this TV project is going to take up a lot of her time.

    I just want her to come back here and tour again, it was such a shame we never got the Dignity tour...or even a DVD! Her G-A-Y show last year was great though even if she did only do three songs and her most wanted tour the year before was the biggest shock ever that she actually came over to do a mini tour.
  20. Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    I read the first part of that and thuught they meant Hilary was playing a recorder everytime she thought of something. I immediately burst out laughing.
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