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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by xluvxduffxmusicx, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Jane the Virgin teas from 'Breathe In. Breathe Out'.
  2. "Outlaw" is out there. It's pretty good!
  3. There is something so Xenomania about One in a Million.
  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The clip of Outlaw sounded better, but the song is still a cute little addition to the tracks we've already gotten.
  5. It's the sense of urgency.

    Hilary mentioned that she wants to start working on a new album in her Reddit AMA. Let's hope it doesn't take another 8 years to be released.
  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    She should let this one simmer though, it's too damn good. I just hope the next one (if we get one so soon) is just as well-constructed.

    Also, I've found myself liking her cutesy dance moves she's been incorporating into her work. It's perfect for her.

  7. Island played the title track for me on plug (as much I didn't really want anything spoiled the night before my life-changing purchase)

    Well, everything lives up to the HYPE ...

    Your lying eyes and lips
    They didn't make it.

    Like, slay queen!

    The angel has descended from the heavens to reward all of us fans who have worshipped her for the last 8 years.
  8. It's so hard to pick a favorite song from this album but the title track and Night Like This are fighting for the spot. I think the title track slightly edges Night Like This but it's perfect for sunsets on the beach with your love, try it y'all.
  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Every song is so damn goooooooood. I think it's either My Kind, Arms Around a Memory, Stay in Love, or Tattoo for my favourite.

    Then again, Rebel Hearts is so great too.
  10. I see my name in the booklet!
  11. 'Breathe In. Breathe Out.', easy.

    (But 'My Kind' follows closely.)
  12. Finally someone who agree with me,and yes My Kind and Lies the Baby Don't Lie sound is always a perfect idea for any amazing Pop songs

    And yes "My Kind" need to be next single
  13. Brave Heart is fucking outstanding. The bridge and then the chants in the background as she sings "I wouldn't change a single page of our history. I'm going to keep all the letters you wrote to me." It's like a million pop neurons firing in my brain, I love it so much.
  14. This is on US iTunes now! Go purchase!
  15. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Brave Heart has completely owned me today. She sounds so defeated and reserved in the verses, but that chorus is so genuinely hopeful. I know the entire song is like a mantra in terms of getting back up on your feet but vocally (and sonically), she channels it perfectly. And then everything culminates in the brilliant bridge that you just highlighted. What an utterly lovely song.
  16. I took my time with this. To be honest, on the first listen, nothing impressed me. But after a couple of listens, here' what I think of the album:

    Sparks - 7/10
    My Kind - 8/10
    One In A Million - 10/10
    Confetti - 6/10
    Breathe In, Breathe Out - 10/10
    Lies - 9/10
    Arms Around A Memory - 7/10
    Stay In Love - 5/10
    Brave Heart - 4/10
    Tattoo - 6/10
    Picture This - 4/10
    Night Like This - 4/10
    Belong - 9/10
    Rebel Hearts - 10/10
    All About You - 10/10
    Chasing The Sun - 8/10

    I can do without Picture This, Brave Heart and Night Like This. They ruin the albums overall experience for me. The bonus tracks are great. Its sad that the folktronic section of the album is crammed with fillers, while the better folktronic tracks were left off the main album.
  17. Why do people keep saying folktronica? There is nothing even remotely electronic about Tattoo, Brave Heart, Rebel Hearts, or Night Like This. Or All About You.
  18. I mean, the title track is definitely great! But I would say its at the lower end of the top 10 tracks for me.
  19. Excluding the singles we already got, my top 5 is:
    -Rebel Hearts
    -Stay In Love
    -One In A Million
    -Breathe In Breathe Out
  20. It's #15 on the US chart, currently. I really hope the album surprises everyone and does really well.
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