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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by xluvxduffxmusicx, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. I wouldn't say the album is bulletproof, but it's certainly wearing a vest.
  2. I hate Picture This.
  3. I'm now known on Twitter for loving Hilary and tweeting about her album multiple times a day. Not ashamed.

    It would be great for her to lock a top 5 spot.

    I still can't get into Night Like This at all.
  4. It sounds far from finished.
    Someone put Christian Medice on a blacklist
  5. Its safe to say this has a top 5 position locked in! Hopefully the success can hold on for a second week. I oddly want to see Arms Around A Memory as the next single
  6. Listening through and it feels a little...late. Or dated. But at the title track now and it's giving me TAYLOR and I am in love.
  7. The title track, My Kind and Stay In Love are probably the only things I'll be keeping from this album. Arms Around A Memory mebé when I need that EuroVision-esque bawp.
  8. Every single "One in a" is Hilary literally breathing life into my lungs.
  9. That's not the official chart, it's kinda like America's mid week chart.
  10. ADM


    I always want to be 3 or 4 listens into an album before I've even given it a spin. I find it so hard to get through the first listen of many, many albums and couldn't commit to this. I'm only on One In a Million and I've been well and truly sucked in.
  11. Brave Heart just hit me! What a lovely song.

    I noticed this was No.45 on UK iTunes earlier, I wasn't expecting it to be that high.
  12. Late to the party but I really like Outlaw. Would've happily had it on the album in place of a few songs from the second half. Does it contain the first ever curse word in a Hilary Duff song? Foul mouthed little vixen!

    As much as I liked All About You (and even Chasing The Sun) I really think her strengths lie in pure pop, as opposed to the 'folky' vibe she tried. Though saying that I'd be happy with acoustic tracks here and there; I much prefer that acoustic live version of Tattoo to the album version.
  13. Brave Heart though.
  14. I relate to this.
  15. BEST to WORST (still good, duh)

    Breathe In. Breathe Out.
    Night Like This
    My Kind
    One in a Million
    Rebel Hearts
    Arms Around a Memory
    Picture This
    Stay in Love
    Brave Heart

    This looks appropriate.
  16. The chorus melody for Picture This is pretty grating...but Tattoo, Brave Heart, Night Like This and Belong all elevate the 2nd half of the album.
    It really is such a strong body of work.
  17. 'Picture This' is great. I don't get y'all
  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  19. Don't look at me, that song is a 10...like at least five other songs so far.
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