Hilary Duff

This is something I've been wondering for forever - are all the remixes on Most Wanted (aside from Come Clean) all done by the original producers or by the Dead Executives? I've always been confused about this ffff.
I believe the original producers were the remixers.
Rob Chiarelli did the “Party Up” dance remix, though.
Thank you! That makes sense since the booklet pages don't credit anyone new. Including Party Up for some reason, so thanks for that!
I kinda wish every song had been remixed or done differently in some way though. All the remixes slap.

Ugh, I'm definitely in a big Hilary mood again and I really really hope she returns at some point. It's clear she's not very confident in her abilities but anyone who wrote and recorded the entirety of Dignity, like half of Breathe In. Breathe Out. and some other classics shouldn't have anything to worry about.
Joe Bermudez remixed “Someone’s Watching Over Me” for the project, and the label rejected it, which meant they got to keep rights to it and it’s never seen the light of day. Maybe one day he’ll leak it.
I wait for this day ever since it was announced it was scrapped :(