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Hilary Duff

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by xluvxduffxmusicx, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. There is probably another album in her and it must be a dance pop euphoria.
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  2. Ok but The Math is terrible. She’s not wrong.
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  3. Not me quoting “if you can’t do the math then get out of the equation” still to this day.
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  4. Her cameo in Mandy Moore's new video was really fun. Loved the home-movie touch.
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. I can't see her hating a single thing on Dignity though. And if she does she's wrong.
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  7. Dignity is a really good album but the title track is beyond perfection. I don't necessarily need or expect a Hilary Duff track to drip with sass and personality but her delivery is what makes the song, especially that glorious middle eight. It's criminal that it wasn't a single and more people didn't get to see that side of her.
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  8. 15 years. I'm fucking old.

  9. I watched this whole tour last night, the Dignity songs went off.

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  10. I was randomly thinking of One in A Million last night and played it like 20 times on repeat. The rush it used to give me when the album came out!
    Okay but Mighty Hoopla presents Hilary Duff is kind of NECESSARY after reading this? A sea of gays yelling Wake Up and Stranger back to her is something I need to experience.
  11. Call Tove Lo, daddy Koma!
  12. The way Brave Heart has become my most Hilary Duff track now. She really did that on Breathe In, Breathe Out.
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  13. Random thought but The Getaway is one of her BIGGEST hits that got away. I read on the Pulse boards way back the initial plans to release it as a single and Hollywood Records really fucked up, as per usual.

    The production sounds timeless and has such a strong vocal take from Hilary.
  14. One of the few highlights on an otherwise bloated, joyless album (sorry, but it was). The Getaway’s inclusion on Most Wanted shows the label were aware of its promise, shame they didn’t give it a proper push.
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  15. Tracks to save from her sophomore effort, in no particular order:

    Do You Want Me?
    Underneath This Smile
    Who's That Girl?
    I Am
    The Getaway
    Our Lips Are Sealed (Japan)
  16. I just don’t think she could sell the material. It’s not that all of it is diabolical (although the “lyricism” on display in I Am and Haters says otherwise), it’s just so ill-suited for Hilary. Metamorphosis worked perfectly for her voice and had a sense of lightness and fun. A true masterclass in bubblegum pop. I realize she wanted to shift her sound to something more mature, but Hilary Duff lamenting that she’s “dangerous to know” just doesn’t land. It eschews everything that made her debut such a success.

    Thankfully she course corrected and the material we got afterwards was largely fantastic.
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  17. No Jericho or Someone's Watching Over Me? Those were always my favorite songs along with the songs you listed.
  18. Hilarys voice is just very girly and thin. They clearly wanted self titled to be like Autobiography/Under My Skin but her voice doesn’t carry that attitude.
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  19. A true case of trend chasing + ignoring the fact that they had already landed on a winning formula the first time. I love Avril and Ashlee - Autobiography was a defining album for me - but how anyone could think Hilary’s persona (and vocal, ahem, limitations) could lend itself to that kind of material is baffling.
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