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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by xluvxduffxmusicx, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Ahem...

    I am special
    I am beautiful
    I am wonderful, and powerful, unstoppable

  2. I stan I Am and have since it dropped same with Haters!
    I feel like this whole base hates that album and it literally is up there with Dignity for me...
  3. A Dignity vinyl pressing is long overdue. One of the best pop albums, ever.
  4. Still upset that Urban Outfitters dropped the ball after giving us Metamorphosis. The soundtrack and Santa Claus Lane were cute, but I would’ve so preferred her other albums.
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  5. Ugh what I would give to have her records on vinyl. They're all eye-wateringly expensive on eBay. I didn't even know UO pressed her debut!
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  6. The self-titled was basically an Avril Lavigne album in every sense of the word and Hilary just didn't have the range to pull it off.

    Like Mr. James Dean... I sometimes put it on when I need a laugh. Because it's so bad that it's actually enjoyable.

    Who's That Girl?

    I Am

    Someone's Watching Over Me

    And The Getaway are the only quality songs from that album for me personally.
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  7. I stan Mr James Dean.
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  8. I honestly only think Fly, Jericho, Someone's Watching Over Me and Underneath This Smile are salvageable from the album, and even those have some huge vocal/production issues.
  9. Not even "The Getaway?"
  10. The Getaway and Who's That Girl have potential to be classics but I am not able to overlook some of those vocals like I can on the others.
  11. Well I bought that immediately.

    I hope this means Dignity is coming eventually!
  12. The shipping brings that to more than £60 which I can't justify despite just saying on this page I want her albums on vinyl ddd please UK store stock it soon
  13. Dignity and Breathe In Breathe Out WHEN?
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  15. Fly
    Hide Away
    Underneath This Smile
    I Am
    Someone's Watching Over Me

    That's generally what I take and run with. They clearly don't hold the replay value of the highs from Metamorphosis and Dignity (Fly perhaps being an exception). At least in my opinion.

    From my understanding, Haylie was always the music one, and Hilary needed to find herself artistically. The first two records (Santa Claus Lane + Metamorphosis) were largely products of the Disney machine, and she really needed to break out of that. Most Wanted was a great transition period for her.
  16. I ordered the vinyl straightaway - Mr James Dean has always been one of my favourite songs of hers, so, I'm excited to get my hands on this!
  17. Who’s That Girl, The Getaway and Dangerous to Know. A trifecta!
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  18. RMK


    I fear one of these releases won't shift much, and we'll never hear Dignity. *prays they skip Most Wanted*
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  19. I re-listened to the album this morning after I bought this and I like almost every song?

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