Hilary Duff

I fear one of these releases won't shift much, and we'll never hear Dignity. *prays they skip Most Wanted*

See, I think this will actually do well. Even the comments on the listing page are already starting with "FINALLY" comments. They've been getting a lot of feedback over the years requesting the rest of her catalog, and particularly for Dignity, so I'm optimistic with this release they're moving forward with pressings at last. BIBO might be trickier since it's from RCA and not Hollywood, but we'll see
Put the pedal down, headin' out of town. Gotta make a getaway. What a chorus!

I've not let myself buy any new vinyl this year, but I'm making an exception for this because I've wanted it for so long. That album is not perfect by any means, but I have a soft spot for it. I'll buy Most Wanted, Dignity, and Breathe In Breathe Out in a heartbeat as well.

I used to stan "The Getaway" and "Dangerous to Know." The latter is definitely narmy looking back, but I loved it when I was younger and wanted her to do an equally dramatic video.
I will not allow you all to gaslight me into thinking that Self-Titled is good! There are individual highlights of course, but as a whole, it's an awful album. I've said this before but she needs to redirect her hate for Metamorphosis to that album instead because it's actually terrible.
I’m sorry but I do think Hilary Duff is even better than Metamorphosis, just for the Who's That Girl > Shine > I Am > The Getaway track order itself. NOT EVERYONE HAS THAT. Also I have a feeling of more raw stuff listen to it and the melodies are way better.