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Hilary Duff

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by xluvxduffxmusicx, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. I love a sleepy look.
  2. Her hairstyle on the Most Wanted cover has bothered me since I first saw it. I remember 15 year old me associated it with the Olsen twins for some reason.

    I got the Collectors Signature edition which is just her eyes.

    Are any of those UO vinyls likely to be released in the UK store? I don’t know if I can justify the prices to import them.
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  3. I get her vibe was being relatable but the Most Wanted cover could be her high school yearbook picture. That’s not to say she doesn’t look lovely. But even by headshot standards it really doesn’t look like a good album cover. Maybe it’s that grey cardigan. It reminds me of the Tiffany/Debbie Gibson days where they just wore their own clothes and weren’t styled. And that’s fine, it’s cute.

  4. Come back already, queen!
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  5. I’m so curious to see how a Hilary Duff album would sound in the new decade.
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  6. Yeah, she was seen in the studio a couple of days ago. I hope we get something out of this.
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  7. Let’s just hope it’s Dignity/Breathe In and not strummy guitar songs.
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  8. You know, I’m completely fine if she choose to make less pop songs now, and go to a similar place of Mandy Moore for example. It will fit her best actually. Based on her recent interviews I don’t think she actually likes her old catalogue too much to do some 2.0 kind of thing, so let's see what we will get.
  9. This Is What Nightmares are Made Of.
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  10. Stream In Real Life next friday x
  11. No one wants her to do acoustic Chasing the Sun type of songs. More Dignity, less that please.
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  12. Her husband writes bops so I doubt he won't save one or two for her.
    But I just saw he has worked with Shania and Keith Urban in recent years dddd.
  13. No Tinder ads as music videos this time please.
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  14. I sense something as a Album (Fan Demanded) maybe coming eventually? Or EP (Fan Demanded).

    If Addison Rae is not releasing her bops, she could sing those and release...
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  15. Hilary Duff singing Taxi.....wig
  16. She’s legendary if you ask me.

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  17. She looks incredible.

  18. Stunning photoshoot! The picture where she's blowing a kiss could've easily been an album cover.
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  19. Fuck, she looks like a goddess!
  20. She is legitimately only getting hotter. I need her secrets.
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