Hilary Duff

Her dragging us for saying she can easily record music in her house.

I love how in tune she is with how people see her.

I think Hilary has this idea that if she does music it could be as horrible as it was the first time around for her based on what she said in that interview. But she doesn't have to tour and she doesn't have to do a gruelling level of promo if she doesn't want to. She was over it on release week of Breathe In Breathe Out but really she didn't have to do 10 TV performances of Sparks and she wouldn't have to do that now either if that's not what she wants. As aware as she seems I think her past experience is what's stopping her and she doesn't know how it could work to suit her. But at least she doesn't shut it down and it's something she thinks she will do again.
I haven't watched the interview above yet so this could be total BS, but I've felt for some time that Hilary's view on music is similar to something Cheryl said around her Love Made Me Do It era - that she wasn't going to continue / didn't see a point in doing it if it wasn't successful. I think after giving it a second go with RCA and the Breathe In Breathe Out album and it not really working out for her, she sort of decided there's no reason to put out the bait if the fish aren't biting, so to speak.

I think it's more about diminishing returns for her. She views both acting and singing as jobs somewhat, and there's no reason to return to a job where you're not necessarily succeeding, no matter how much people liked you working there.