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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by xluvxduffxmusicx, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Article from IMDb:

    I dunno whether I think this is great, or I'm disappointed in La Duff...
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    I don't actually know who that Dunaway woman is so I can see why Hilary said that. But the other comment was a bit rude.
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    To be fair, Dunaway's comment was a bit below the belt.
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    Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    Kids today. Faye is a freaking legend. Hilary better hope she doesn't go all "Mommie Dearest" on her ass!
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    In a way I'm disappointed because Hilary is so clean cut and nice but at the same time I love that she has finally said something bitchy.
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    As much as I love Faye Dunaway, she really was a bit out of order, so I don't see much of a problem with Hilary's reply because 1) it's fucking hilarious and 2) Faye Dunaway has overdosed on the surgery!
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    And the projects keep on coming for Hilary:

    Hilary Duff To Launch Femme Line for DKNY


    As DKNY Jeans’ latest celebrity design collaborator, Hilary Duff is determined to prove her days starring as Lizzie Maguire are long gone.

    The 21-year-old actress-singer-designer showed up early for her 11 a.m. meeting at the DKNY Jeans showroom at 240 West 40th St. to discuss her new brand, which she’s calling Femme for DKNY Jeans. She’d just flown in from Los Angeles, and there were no publicists, managers or entourage in tow. She was staying at her friend’s Manhattan apartment, wheeling two suitcases behind her.

    "One of the hardest things is to come up with a name,†said Duff of her new line, which she was wearing: a gray fringe T-shirt, leggings and a vest. “But I think Femme works really well and explains the line perfectly as feminine but tough all at the same time. It’s aggressive, but in a good way.â€

    This isn’t the first time Duff had to come up with a name for her own fashion collection. Five years ago, as a teenager, she launched Stuff by Hilary Duff, which used to produce everything from T-shirts to bedsheets. That line is now being phased out and, with the exception of eyewear, there is no longer product on the market.

    “I’ve lost interest in it, and I’m ready to move on and do other things,†she explained of the line, which sold at retailers such as Target, J.C. Penney and Kohl’s. “I feel like the brand was for younger girls, and I want to do things for girls my own age now.â€

    The partnership with the Liz Claiborne Inc.-owned DKNY Jeans is a big move for Duff - one she plans to be involved in every step of the way. And while she isn’t the first celebrity to partner with the company - Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz was first and actress Rachel Bilson was second - she’s nonetheless dedicated to it.

    “I’ve been learning so much about how the process happens from how much certain things cost to shipping schedules - it has been an amazing learning experience,†she said.

    The Femme for DKNY Jeans line will launch in stores this fall. And while Wentz’s and Bilson’s collections only sold at retail for one season, the company has signed Duff for two - fall and holiday - with the option to extend the agreement depending on performance.

    “From the feedback we’ve gathered from our customers, they wished these collaborations were available to them for a longer period of time,†said Kevin Monogue, president of DKNY Jeans. “They wanted to see more, which is what led us to working with Hilary and making her partnership last longer.â€


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    For some reason I find this one totally hilarious. I imagine a 6-foot-tall drag queen in a blue feather costume helping Duffster picking fabrics and cuts. "Hilary, I just can't these fringes out of my head!"
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    Re: Hilary Duff - New Album/General Discussion

    She DOES look A-mazing. Although looking at the pics a questions does come to my mind:
    Why do pop stars that started out young and were all "Disney" think that growing up is, taking off your clothes? I just don't really get it. And I'm not a prude, I'm married to an Italian.
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    NEW YORK, Feb. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- New York, Hilary Duff and DKNY Jeans announce their new design partnership and the launch of their collaborative apparel line, pairing an international superstar with a global fashionpowerhouse.

    Multi-platinum recording artist, actress and entrepreneur Hilary Duff is co-designing a collection of special pieces with DKNY Jeans brand called Femme for DKNY Jeans. The collection mixes rocker chic with a soft touch, featuring innovative ideas, unexpected details and multiple functions. Each piece is unique; each look makes a statement. The line will debut in fine department and specialty stores nationwide in August 2009, marking the debut of Hilary's new beauty and lifestyle brand, Femme.

    "As a young adult, I've chosen to dedicate my interest in fashion and design to creating a sophisticated upstairs collection," said Hilary Duff. "I took time finding the right fashion house to collaborate with in a design partnership. I have always adored and worn DKNY Jeans, so it made perfect sense to reach out to them. We hit it off immediately, sharing a design vision offering something special for young women like me."

    "Hilary Duff's influence with this particular demographic cannot be overstated. From film, TV, to fragrance, there's an ability to connect with her on so many levels," says Kevin Monogue, President of DKNY Jeans, "The design partnership has been effortless, as our sensibilities are perfectly aligned; she's edgy and still feminine, embraces individuality, and offers a bold, experimental way of interpreting trends. We are so excited about what is being developed for Femme. It has been, and continues to be, a dream collaboration."

    The Femme for DKNY Jeans line takes its inspiration from Hilary's love of feminine elements like poppies, sequins, and shine, mixed with tougher vinyl, menswear fabrics and motorcycle details. Hard and soft, provocative and powerful. A key theme is versatility: sweater tunics with removable cowl scarves, tees with detachable and printed necklaces, charmeuse cozies that layer like scarves, skinny jeans with adjustable belt loops for thin or wide belts. Black denim is the foundation, with vinyl leggings, tissue weight tees and strappy dresses rounding out the Fall assortment. The retail price range for the collection is $39 for a tee to $129 for an outerwear piece.

    DKNY Jeans will support the launch of Femme for DKNY Jeans with a comprehensive marketing campaign, reaching the consumer through all media touch points, including national print, outdoor and online advertising, experiential promotions, in-store events, movie, TV and tour integrations as well as a dedicated behind-the-scenes web series showcasing the design process.

    About Hilary Duff:
    Hilary Duff has two new films being set for release and has recently been tapped to star as Bonnie Parker in The Story of Bonnie and Clyde. Her new network primetime series is currently in development, her single Reach Outhas just topped the European charts, SHE'S WRITING FOR HER NEW ALBUM, WHICH WILL BE SUPPORTED BY ANOTHER WORLD TOUR and she's developing her third fragrance with Elizabeth Arden.

    Just thought I'd post the official press release, which confirms that she plans to do another world tour. Most likely in 2010.
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    TONS of news, pics, & interviews:

    Hilary Duff, Toby Keith film 'Provinces' sets up Wilmington office

    The local film community was in a hushed buzz last week about a new feature film possibly coming to town. Now, it’s confirmed.

    Production offices for “Provinces of Night†were open Monday at EUE/Screen Gems studios’ Wilmington campus.

    “We’re excited to have them,†said Aaron Syrett, director of the North Carolina Film Office, which is based in Raleigh. “They’ve been working on this for a while.â€

    The movie, directed by Shane Taylor and produced by Jay McPhaul, is based on a book of the same title by William Gay. The trade magazine “Production Weekly†earlier this month announced that Hilary Duff, Toby Keith, Pell James and Bruce McGill would star in the project.

    Details of the movie’s plot are unavailable, but the an Amazon.com review of the book says it is about a teenager in 1950s rural Tennessee who finds himself home alone after his father runs off to find and kill his wife’s lover. About this same time, the teen’s grandfather returns home after 20 years away to discover his remaining two sons are an alcoholic womanizer and a Bible quoter who has a habit of putting curses on his enemies.

    Most, if not all, of the filming will take place on-location, said Bill Vassar, executive vice president of EUE/Screen Gems in Wilmington.

    Vassar said local crews will be working on the film for five weeks.

    This is the first commercial feature to be shot in the Port City since “Nights In Rodanthe,†which recently was released on DVD, filmed here in the spring of 2007.

    Most industry activity lately has been for television productions, including The CW’s “One Tree Hill,†HBO’s “Little Britain USA†and “Eastbound & Down,†which debuted Feb. 15.


    That movie is based off a book.

    "What Goes Up" Movie Trailer:


    Hilary being mobbed by the paparazzi a few days ago:


    Bonnie Hunt Show Interview (2/10/09):


    Rachel Ray Interview (2/24/09):

    Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlNLxHccSno

    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-D6_h-jzkkc

    Ryan Seacrest Radio (Short) Interview (2/23/09):


    Hilary talks about charity at "Party With A Purpose" Event (2/22/09):


    Recent pics:



    Also 2/20/09:






    And finally:

    Hilary Duff to visit Tice Elementary to support food program

    Teen pop star Hilary Duff will make an appearance at Tice Elementary Wednesday, March 4.

    She will be there to support Blessings in a Backpack, a program designed to feed elementary school children and their families who may not have any or enough food outside of school.

    In Lee County, more than 62% of students in grades K-12 participate in the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program - a jump of nearly 12% in just one school year.

    Every Friday, students receive their backpacks with food that requires little to no preparation. The program aims to not only to prevent families from going hungry, but to increase test scores, improve reading skills, boost positive behavior, improve health and increase attendance.


    Just thought I'd keep you guys updated. Hilary's set to visit some more schools for all of next week, & the following week or week after, she'll start shooting "Provinces of the Night." She's also going this weekend to a charity benefit & Siegfried & Roy's final show in Las Vegas.
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    I love Hill. I hope she doesn't spend to long in her other ventures and returns back to music very soon. and the idea of a world tour that actually consists of touring the world sounds amazing! I was gutted when the dignity tour was scrapped in the UK.
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    My god, she's stunning. Properly healthy shape too. Go Hils!
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    Hilary's doing plenty, so she should actually continue to get offered work and new projects. As they say, it's easier to get a job when you have a job.
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    Greta Trailer (JUST RELEASED!):


    YES! It came out of nowhere!

    Also Full Style Series Interview (Warning it's LONG):


    Mod Interview (3/6/09):

    Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9-mPuy2oi4&eurl=http://mattlomixes.blogspot.com/

    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nyn2Zf4dKAI&eurl=http://mattlomixes.blogspot.com/

    Here's the current status of Hilary's upcoming movies:

    Greta - Trailer JUST released, special screening on April 2nd.
    Stay Cool - Premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival sometime around April 22nd - May 3rd. Full release later this year.
    Safety Glass/What Goes Up - Trailer leaked, rumored to be going straight-to-dvd later this year.
    Foodfight - MGM will distribute, tentative release later this year!
    Provinces of the Night - Filming begins next Monday, shooting schedule expected to reach 5 weeks.
    Bonnie & Clyde - Filming expected to begin in April, tentative release date according to director Tonya S. Holly, is Christmas.

    & pics updates!

















    Last but not least, Hilary's OFFICIAL TWITTER will be revealed tomorrow & Hilary was seen at an audition yesterday!
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    It's about time Greta gets released. I've been waiting to see it for so long.

    It looks like a good film and very different for her. I loved the trailer.
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    ^ I agree. I'm way excited about it.

    Hilary Duff Heads To Law & Order: SVU; Mariska Returns Monday

    Hilary Duff certainly has good taste in TV. First she lands a guest spot on Ghost Whisperer, and now an NBC spokesperson confirms to E! News exclusively that the former Lizzie McGuire star will appear in an upcoming episode of Law & Order SVU.

    But that's not the only news the rep spilled…

    The rep also tells us that Mariska Hargitay will return to the set this Monday. (Phew!) She has been sidelined due to a collapsed lung. The episode, titled "Selfish," will air on April 28. Hilary's Ghost Whisperer episode airs April 9.




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    Great wouldn't normally be my type of film, but since Hilary is starring I need to see it. As for her music: I don't care how long I have to wait so long as I know that there will be another album some time in the future.
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    Yup there will be. I watched the Style Series Interview & she said herself that she's definitely not abandoning music, just putting it on hold for a while.

    Besides, she's been writing since before her birthday (Sep 28) last year, so I'm guessing she'll just continue to write on her spare time & maybe go into the studio early next year. Since the rest of this year will be jam packed with the promotion of her 4 expected releases, plus the filming of 2 movies & her show once that moves along.
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    I really need to take some time to go through all of Hilary's films - the only one i've seen is the Lizzie McGuire movie

    Good to know she's got lots of stuff going on though - she's looking great in those pics too
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